Crowded animal shelter lobby amidst homeless pet crisis

People packed into lobby of animal shelter amidst homeless pet crisis

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The lobby of a Houston area animal shelter was recently packed full of people – thankfully, in this instance, the people in the animal shelter were there to help with the current homeless pet crisis. On July 8, the Harris County Animal Shelter Volunteers Facebook page commented on the photo of the crowded shelter lobby:

A lobby packed full of people. Not people wanting to surrender an animal. Not people wanting to shop for a dog. PEOPLE WANTING TO SAVE A LIFE. Today we can say WE ARE SO PROUD OF HOUSTON!

There is a serious crisis happening in the Houston, Texas, area right now – according to KHOU News, an “enormous” number of people in the area are surrendering their pets this summer. According to the local news agency, the BARC animal shelter currently has over 600 dogs and cats in their care – a staggering number of unwanted pets. BARC foster program coordinator, Taylor Klein told KHOU News,  “Right now we’re getting well over 100 animals a day.”

The individuals who packed the Harris County Animal Shelter lobby wound up adopting a record number of homeless pets – but it’s not enough to halt the unwanted pet crisis. Shortly after the heartwarming post commending the residents who showed up to adopt, the same Facebook page wrote about the animals who were left behind:

Although there were a record number of adoptions yesterday, there still are so many wonderful animals waiting for their forever homes, or temporary fosters so they can be transported out of state.

All of these dogs were passed right by even though hundreds of people came to adopt…

Let’s not stop now, Houston!

Until everyone makes an effort to spay/neuter their pets – and until people are fully committed to offering their pets loving homes for all of their life, the problem of homelessness will continue.

Don’t shop – Adopt.

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  1. Jossephine Frazier says:

    Finally, angels sent from God! This is the kind we should see everyday, people want to help the voiceless!

  2. Cynthia Como says:

    Great thanks to all trying to help with this very sad horror! I cry every single day over the plight of dogs in the world because I can’t make it better,I can’t make it stop and I can’t save every dog in existance like I wish I could! It’s so painful and is forever on my mind! I have no shame in admitting that not a day goes by where I don’t shed many heartwrentching tears for the abused,neglected,tortured,dead and unwanted dogs and cats!


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