Penguin kicked and slapped while forced to entertain shoppers in Chinese shopping mall

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At the famous upscale shopping area located in Wanda Plaza in Hohhot, China,  three penguins were put on display during the mall’s mid year sales to attract attention. Shocked eyewitnesses were irate last week, when a worker was seen kicking and slapping one of the penguins in the glass enclosure where the animals are kept.

According to the Daily Mail, a video showing the abuse was recorded by a woman on June 15 who has released her name as He. She reported she was so shocked and offended by the abuse that she decided to film it. She send the disturbing footage to an animal rights group the same day as she posted the video on her own Weibo  social media. The video showed a man attempting to feed the two penguins in the glass enclosure as shoppers look on. When the penguins refused to eat the fish, the man forced the food into one of the animal’s mouth. And then he kicked it to prevent the penguin from leaving. When the terrified penguin spit the fish out, the man slapped it.

Ms. He was so upset by the apparent mistreatment of the animals, she also sent a message to Wanda Plaza through her social media account complaining about what she had witnessed. The next day she received a message apologizing to her for the “unhappy” experience. The spokesperson from the company that organized the “penguin show” explained the animals were Magellanic penguins – a South American breed found in Argentina, Chile and the Falkland Islands, and therefore lived in the warmer climates; not like the ones most people are familiar with that live in the Antarctic. In addition, the worker was allegedly trying to feed the penguins small fish and helping them adjust to the local environment after a lengthy travel experience; explaining to the woman she didn’t understand the feeding procedures for Magellanic penguins.

In the Beijing News, the penguins were reported to be reluctant to eat and were not used to being surrounded by people. Meanwhile animal lovers from all over the world have condemned the mall’s decision to put these animals on display.

“… just for the sake of entertaining customers, the man threatens the penguin to eat by kicking and slapping,” stated PETA Asia’s Keith Guo. “It’s not a machine but animals like you and me who have feelings of happiness, fear loneliness. Taken away from families and habitat, that poor penguin couldn’t swallow any food because of psychological and physical suffer.”

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(Photos via Ms. He)

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  1. Oh how I hate this country! I wish it could be obliviated over the face of the planet! God bless Ms.He for exposing this awful abuse! Shame on the company’s horrible stupid EXCUSE which is filled with wonton lies!

  2. There is nothing entertaining about watching penguins being abused. Why does a shopping mall need such “entertainment” to begin with!

  3. I wish China would be banned from ANY and EVERY kind of animal. They have no freaking clue that they have feelings just as humans. THEY ARE NOT SOME STUFFED ANIMAL that you can mistreat. I don’t get it, why is it China can not be good to animals????

  4. Stupid fucking once again chi___. Always doing something to harm once again more animals. Are they dropped on their heads at birth or just plain born evil and ignorant. I’d love to shove my fist down that fuckers throat and pull his ass hole inside out ????????????????????????????????

  5. Absolutely no place for any animal!!! Laws need to be put in place for these countries that think it’s ok to use and abuse animals

  6. just another roadside zoo with animals stolen or poached from another country, stolen from the wild and their family, lost forever and treated horribly by handlers with hearts of stone and absolutely no legitimate animal experience. Still Happening.

  7. asia peta mr. keith guo, this is clear abuse of the penguins. Please take appropriate protective measures for these animals. Thank you.

  8. Like any other high end mall in the God dammed world,
    People come to the mall for a overpriced western pocket books and some over priced time sensitive “fashion”
    This can barely be considered a mall in china but a china mall Filled with retched american and western europe crap.
    maybe those companys should know of animal exploytation and make a condition in there contracts to not be in any way affiliated with mall side show deporable zoos.

    In dealing with asian mentality unlike america and europe its
    its more effective then a gun to the head.
    you learn how to use it against them and you can start slowly change the culture.
    all the lets kill china and i hate that country, lets not by from them i hope they all die…etc
    you all sound like a bunch of children . im embarassed by you all.

    why not write a letter ? and really make a change instead of blathering on about not bying china goods. Your house is full of china and you will contiinue to buy china.
    why dont you personally find miss hes facebook page and tell her shes awesome. and offer her love and your help.
    Maybe even offer her your friendship.
    you will find a rising of hope in people of china . they are making changes on the home front. They have not had it as good as us here in the states. You should remember that.

  9. Just another example of China and its total lack of ANY soft of animal welfare – penguins are tiny little beings who deserve protection. It is imperative that ALL that care about the horrific abuse animals suffer in this vile country BOYCOTT ALL IMPORTS FROM CHINA!!

  10. Sorry to be prejudice, but they tend to be cruel and heartless people. They torture and eat dogs for a good time. sickos. makes my stomach turn.


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