Pathetic excuse for a human painted dog blue and forced it to drink solvent

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A detestable and pathetic excuse for a human painted a dog blue, forced it to drink solvent and then stabbed the tiny pooch with an ice pick. The disturbing photo had been posted on social media last week by a man who calls himself ‘Carlos Manuel Jimenez’ although it is unknown if that is his real name.

According to Metro, the suffering little terrier was found abandoned in a warehouse in  Morelia, Michoacan, an agricultural region of Western Mexico. The photos of the dog named  Muneca (Doll) were later deleted by Jimenez as furious online viewers notified authorities insisting they find the person responsible for such egregious cruelty. The dog later died in the care of a veterinarian.

A petition to arrest the person responsible identifying the effort as “Blue Dog” garnered thousands of signatures directing authorities to track down the culprit and punish him for making an innocent dog suffer. A reward has been offered in the small town, however there have not been any reports of an arrest yet.

“Michoacan is one of the states with the worst violence against animals; we need to make people aware of that and to respect animals,” the petition read. “We seek justice for Muneca, she was painted and also forced to drink solvent and paint, stabbed with an ice axe and abandoned. We ask that the culprits should be punished, today it’s a dog but tomorrow it could be a person.”

(Photo of man painted dog blue screenshot via CEN and Facebook)

Follow the Pet Rescue Report on Facebook. Rest in peace Muneca. We are sorry that a human was so cruel and inhumane. We hope you find justice.

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  1. You sick Fucken worthless sorry excuse for a human; your not even that you pathetic piece of trash
    Hope karma gets you back 100 fold Fucken asshole

  2. What kind of sicko does this to a dog! I hope the POS rots in Hell! Somebody know where this monster is, do the right thing and turn him in!

  3. I hope you find who did this and treat him the exact same way as he did this poor little baby. He does not deserve to see the light of day again. If he can do this to this innocent baby, he can do it to a child!!!!

  4. What a disgusting POS…….

    Hope he is arrested & locked up forever with animal lovers who can give him “special attention”…….

    Hope the rest of his useless life is filled with pain and suffering. Execution would improve our planet since this POS is a waste of resources……

    RIP angel. The monster who did this to you will burn in Hell forever for his cruelty…….

    • I saw a snapshot of this POS in a news article. He was wearing a very large cross….. How dare he insult Christians by wearing a cross. He is NOT a “good Christian”…… He is condemned to burn in Hell for what he did to that precious furbaby {& who knows how many other innocent beings…… he could just as easily do horrible things to a child or frail elderly person….. abusing animals is how serial killers get their start}……

  5. The fear and pain that dog must have endured. RIP sweetie. I’d like to take an ice pick right through the hole of his small penis!

  6. hi every. first. i take my. ooo and piss alk over him. then i take 100 percent. sulfuric acid and poue it down his throat then take dry ice chips and put them in his eyes and. blind him. then the best for last spray paint him and it will clig his pores and sufficate

  7. Carlos Jimenez – I truly hope you get exactly what you deserve – no jail sentence is sufficient – may your life end painfully, may you suffer horribly, and may no one care and leave you dying in the street – you are not worth taking one more breath – a pathetic excuse for a human – you are lower than worm shit.

  8. Build the wall…! keep these FN cockroaches in their motherland. Mexicans have no compassion towards animals, cock fights, tormenting bulls, and now little dogs.

  9. OMG!! Why oh why? The cruel treatment of this little,helpless,innocent dog is off the charts! I feel sick in my stomach,heart and soul,I’m crying tears of anger and heartache and the tears I shed over this use and abuse of helpless innocent dogs could fill a ocean! How I wish this baby could of been saved and shown what love and kindness is! This is in Mexico so there will be no justice for this little angel! I hope and pray the people of this town hunt this tortured down and give him a little street justice! The killer of this poor dogs does not deserve to breathe air! I feel absolute horror over this cruelty!

  10. these kind of miserable cunts will keep living in their shit hole and defending one of their kind.. RIP poor puppy, go to the rainbow. that cunt will get his lesson soon


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