Parents arrested in death of 4-year-old mauled by family dogs

In El Paso, Texas, two parents of a four-year-child mauled to death by the family’s starving dogs have been arrested. On Friday, detectives arrested Brittany Brooks, 27 and Ashley Brooks, 29 charging them with causing injury to a child – a second degree felony. On July 27, the child Jacob Brooks was killed after four family dogs attacked him. The dogs have all since been euthanized.

According to KFoxNews, Jacob had been in the backyard at a home located on Morelia Road where the dogs lived. The little boy had been left in an enclosed trampoline when the dogs allegedly attacked. Three of the dogs were German shepherd mixes and one dog was described as a pit bull mix. Neighbors and relatives stated the dogs had not been fed and would cry at night. El Paso Animal Services stated the dogs were emaciated and had not been socialized, although family members stated the dogs had never shown any aggression.

The El Paso police found the child’s battered body in the yard.

Both women are in custody at the El Paso County Detention Facility in lieu of $7,500 bond. The women also had unrelated warrants pending.

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(Photos of parents of mauled child via screenshots of El Paso Police)

Rest in peace Jacob.

Rest in peace family dogs. You never had a chance.

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