Owners tell shelter that they don’t want their dog back – now he needs help

Owners did not want Otto back
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Update 5/19/17: Rescued!

On May 10, a handsome dog was picked up as a stray and taken to the Baldwin Park Animal Services facility in California. Fortunately, the dog, named “Otto” had a microchip which allowed shelter staff to contact his owner.

Rather than expressing relief and happiness that Otto had been found, the dog’s owners told the shelter employees that they didn’t want Otto back – now he is alone and in need of help.

On Monday, a woman who volunteers her time photographing the homeless dogs at the shelter posted a picture of Otto, along with a bit of information:

Otto is a very friendly 3 yr old male black/white Siberian Husky came to the shelter as a stray on 5/10/17. He is microchipped and his family was notified on 5/11/17. They don’t want him back. Otto weighs 80 lbs.

Otto is undoubtedly confused about his current situation – nobody that he knows will be coming to his rescue. Please share his adoption information and help him find a new, committed owner to take him home.

Petharbor link here.

Los Angeles County Animal Control – Baldwin Park at (626) 962-3577
Ask for information about animal ID number A5059375

Facebook thread here.

(Image via Pat Gregoire/Facebook)

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    • And I so agree with you. Some humans are just the bottom of the cesspool in behavior. But every once in a while someone really is an angel, and my faith is restored. I pray that Otto will find the right person to love him and make his future a happy one. Hope his former owners never consider getting a pet again. They clearly show they do not deserve to have one.

      • If someone could bring him to Oklahoma I’d take him. As long as he’s good with kids, at least I have a three month old baby, a chihuahua (right off the street) and a blue healer/aussie mix that was a throw away.

    • You nailed it Pamela Bolton – these owners should be dumped in a shelter and left – their cruelty is so nasty and I truly hope some kind caring person adopts Otto so he can get the safe loving home he sure never had before.

  1. This is SICKENING ANOTHER CALIFORNIA GUPPY COUPLE !!! It is so UNFORTUNATE POOR OTTO had the PISS POOR LUCK to have this POS FAMILY FOR HIS OWNERS instead of someone that Cherished HIM!!! HOPEFULLY he will find a Rescue or Family instead of making the ONE WALK BALDWIN is so FAMOUS for TAKING MISPLACED PETS DOWN!!! It sure in the HELL isn’t the Famous Signature STAR’s Sidewalk in Hollywood!!! I HOPE FOR THE BEST FOR OTTO TO FIND A HOME!!!

  2. I am sharing him in tweeter and face book for his life and freedom.. I guess his owners were not responsible people , they did not have the guts to take him to a shelter, so he became a stray. How sad is that. I wish they had the decency to find a no kill shelter. How irresponsible

  3. Poor baby….. his worthless excuse of a family apparently just open the door and pushed him out, why else wouldn’t you be glad your fur kid has been found? Please someone help this gorgeous baby!

  4. So many assholes in this world!! Otto is a stunning dog! Are there any Siberian Huskie rescues out there? Praying this gorgeous boy is rescued! What a shame! Pisses me off!

  5. This is so sad. Too bad we can’t tell the Owners we don’t want them and throw their dumb asses in a cage!!!! Rotten ASSHOLES!!!!

  6. You truly are a cruel heartless fur baby owner. How could you do this to a member of your family. Maybe you just deserve him to begin with. I’m sure he’s scared and confused, how do you sleep at night. Hope someone dumps you in a home one day.

  7. No excuses for irresponsible people. Guess they weren’t raised right. Lots of them now a days. Get a grip ” people”. Respisibility. He doesn’t. Never deserved You. Grow up He deserves a good life

  8. I wonder if POS’s owners purposely release their dogs to rid of them and force them to fend for themselves. Did the owners ever tried looking for Otto? Think not since they don’t want him back.

  9. I live in New Jersey with my dog Cesar the two of us would love it so, that Otto could come live with us. Plus, I know for a fact once he is with us. I will never give him up like the pieces of shit owners did to him. He’ll have a warm loving caring tiny family. Never be treated badly always have me and CESAR to love him unconditional.????????????????????????????????????


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