Dog's owners wanted her euthanized but strangers saved the day

Owners asked animal control to euthanize her, but then strangers stepped in

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On July 29, a gorgeous German shepherd named “Luna,” was dropped off at the Carson Animal Services facility in Gardena, California. Luna’s owners requested that the facility euthanize their dog, who is suffering from cancer.

After Luna was left at the facility, the Saving Carson Shelter Dogs Facebook page wrote about the sad situation:

LUNA has CANCER her owner wanted her Euthanized but the Shelter Vet was already gone and now she has to wait until tomorrow to see what will happen to her. Tonight she will feel so alone and scared and this is not what she deserves. Please SHARE and keep her in your thoughts.. the staff and Volunteers were all visibly upset when they left her at the Shelter…

Fortunately for Luna, strangers were willing to take her on, and take care of her for what time she has left. Luna was rescued by Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue – the agency has vowed to be by her side when it is time for her to be released from her cancer-stricken body, something her own family failed to do.

Thanks to kind and compassionate strangers, she will not be alone.

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Unless a dog or cat are in such pain and discomfort and they can’t go on, an animal should be able to decide, just like humans, when the time is right. Precious Luna has a chance at a longer life and thanks to Marley’s Mutts.

  2. Mary Ellen Pollock says:

    You have to wonder if her people tried to help her before she got this bad? She certainly doesn’t look like she is ready to die yet. God bless Luna and Marley’s Mutts for taking her in.

  3. Bunny Peters says:

    Senior furbabies are treasures…….. I would give anything to have had more time with my precious little treasured prince MacKitty. I can NOT understand how anyone can abandon a senior treasured family member……. WTF is wrong with people???
I am glad she was rescued (& can enjoy her remaining years as a beloved and treasured family member)…… 
All furbabies deserve to be as loved and treasured as my precious MacKitty………
Breaks my heart to learn of abandoned seniors who are spending their last days in a shelter (afraid and alone AND worst of all, unloved as they die)………
    POS owners deserve to burn in Hell forever for their cruelty…… hope they get there sooner than later…… and after an excruciating, painful and terrifying death alone and unloved………

  4. Helen says:

    Shame on the owner. Thank you Marley’s Mutt for giving Luna a chance to live her remaining time with people who will care and love her.

  5. Kathleen Drude says:

    Thank you to the persons involved in allowing this beautiful girl to be calm and protected! Cancer in dogs if left untreated is always a death sentence! If it is treated in the early stages it can be cured or put into remission! Luna should be treated with love and kindness now!

  6. Marisol says:

    No,No,no. I can see that she loves life I’m pretty shure it is not her time yet. All what she wants is someone who can give her love.

  7. Cynthia Como says:

    What a heartbreaking post! Thank God and GOD BLESS MARLEYS MUTTS!! For easing the heartache of this situation! Too many in our society have evolved into heartless,unkind,insensitive,self centered,inhumane,and selfish beings and it’s unconscionable! GOD BLESS BEAUTIFUL,PRECIOUS LUNA

  8. Ilona Brost says:

    She looks like Liam Neeson. That’s not a bad look at all. Thank you to
    Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue. I disagree with euthanasia in general and know that far not everybody shares my point of view but leaving dog in Luna’s condition to be put down is no good. Agree with Ellen Cottone – somebody has to be there to hold the hand. For however short or long it will be. Looking at Luna I think it might be even quite long. She sure earned that much. But it NOT ONLY about the dog. The owners had chance to become better people and they had chosen not to. Their children are learning from it.

  9. maureen trant says:

    Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue
    1 hr ·
    This is not the post I was hoping to write. She did not make it out of her vet appointment this morning. I hoped she would be well enough to head with us to prison tomorrow (Pawsitive Change) and spend a day being pampered by us and the inmates. I really wanted to give her a bucket list day. She was far too sick though and we had to let her go.
    The maxillary tumor in her head was very obstructive and causing her great difficulty. She couldn’t eat and was vomiting up blood. She was clearly in pain and our vet insisted humane euthanasia. So, Amy laid with her, loved her, spoke softly to her and helped her transition with dignity, feeling loved. She passed very peacefully in Amy’s lap. I wish there was more to be done but if you’d have seen her–how skinny she was, how troubled she was–you’d have understood. Sometimes the best option is to let someone go honorably, so we did just that. Thank you @carsonanimalcarecenter for advocating for her and allowing us to try and help her. And to all of you for sharing in her last day.
    Please don’t let Luna’s end bring you down, instead let it bring you light and purpose. Purpose to live everyday with vigor and dedication. To cherish those you love and take deep, full, grateful breaths. Our dogs are always teaching us lessons, what has Luna taught you?

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      Bless you for doing what the owners should have done for this precious girl. Luna was fortunate that you helped her and she didn’t just die alone and frightened among strangers. She knew someone was with her that loved her and let her go with dignity. There is a special place in heaven for you and all that are rescuers.

  10. Betty says:

    The person that own this pup Shame on you form bring her here on her final days
    .When my pup get cancer I never leave him I hold him to his last breath
    I hope someone do the same to you if you ever get sick
    And thank you soooo much Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue for showing her love and happiness

  11. ellen cottone says:

    Animal Hospice,
    impartial and intense.

    Anna with Light
    and luna lays down to sleep in the lap of love and luxury.

    The only way Luna could be there was to fall thru the cracks.
    from a family that couldn’t bear it.
    Into the lap of someone who could.

  12. Merri says:

    Bless all who saved Luna….SHE IS BEAUTIFUL !!!! The people who abandoned her did not deserve her….they are “CRUEL AND HEARTLESS !!!

  13. Star Shelley says:

    Rest in peace my darling, I know you are in a better place, where you will be running free of pain. Know that a stranger was there with you till you gently went to Rainbow,Bridge. Sorry the people you love were not there for you. Just know that strangers like me, loved you very much in my heart, soul and mind.

  14. Sherry says:

    Luna, glad you have no more suffering. The owners should have been by her side when she got in this condition and apparently, they were too cheap and callously dropped her off for strangers to deal with. One of my dogs is dying of bladder cancer now. She was diagnosed six month ago and the prognosis is usually they last 6 month or a year after diagnosing this type of cancer. The type of cancer and how far along it is has a great deal to do with the outcome of course. I will NOT watch my dog in pain, bleeding, and suffering. I am closely monitoring her quality of life and when I feel she is hurting too much, I will bring her to the vet for euthanasia. Will be one of the very worst days of my life…but letting her linger in discomfort/pain isn’t an option.

  15. Red says:

    Thank you for now allowing this sweetheart to leave this world all alone….as her wretched excuse of a family was willing to do. Bless you.


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