Owner who zapped his dog twice with stun gun arrested

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A Rochester, New Hampshire man has been arrested after police alleged he purposely zapped his dog twice with a stun gun. On October 15, authorities responded to a citizen complaint about animal cruelty in the Amazon Park area. According to the NH1News, Gage White, 22, had negligently mistreated his dog by delivering two electrical shocks with a stun gun.


Police seized the dog name Cario, which they believe to be a Mastiff cross mix. She was brought to the Rochester Veterinary Clinic and remains there.

“It could’ve been some form of discipline to the dog, but, again, we feel that it was a negligent act,” Rochester Police Capt. Jason Thomas told WmurNews.“The dog was timid around Mr. White. It would cower down when he tried to call for it, tail between the legs, ears down, so that led them to believe that he’s been mistreating his dog.”

That same evening, police were called back to White’s home where he allegedly threatened to use the stun gun on one of his neighbor’s. On Monday, White surrendered to police; he has been charged with animal cruelty and simple assault.

As for Cario, she was voluntarily surrendered by White to the Cocheco Valley Humane Society and will be available for adoption later this week.

White  has been released on $1,500 bond and will be arraigned in court next month.

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(Photos of owner who zapped his dog twice with stun gun screenshots via NH1)

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9 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    It is apparent that Cario has been cruelly treated previously by this hunk of sewer sludge and Gage White needs a severe dose of street justice since he was released on a lousy $1500. bail and most likely is only charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty – this maggot is a danger to all, human and animal – his ass needs to be sitting in jail where HE can become a victim of some predatory inmates. I hope Cario gets the safe loving home she obviously never had.

    • Jill says:

      Sooo happy dog is with a loving person !!!! And just to add.. this evil derelict deserves the taser on his private parts and thrown in jail with dog lovers.

  2. Helen says:

    Idiot! Deserve to be fried to death. Throw the POS in a tub of water and drop a plugged appliance and say good-bye to his sorry ass. One less animal abuser to deal with.

  3. Red says:

    I can’t believe this monster has been released…… when are the courts going to realize anyone that can torture or abuse an animal WILL EVENTUALLY hurt a human. STOP RELEASING them with a swat on the hand…….make them PAY!!


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