Owner tied weights around dog’s neck to keep her from jumping the fence

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If you’re gasping  for breath in disbelief at the photos of a young female dog surrendered to the Nelspruit Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Lydenburg, South Africa, you are not alone. According to the animal welfare organization, the owner said the dog had jumped the fence, and so they decided to tie multiple weights around her neck to keep her home and less active.Nelspruit SPCA

“I didn’t expect the dog to come in with the actual weights still around her neck, lock, chain and all. I had to leave the office as I was unable to hold my tongue,” the shelter staff member posted on Facebook. “Needless to say, we were told about the love that they had for her with tears in their eyes.”

And the story continued awakening an intense anger in even the most stoic animal advocate, who may have said in the past they thought they had seen it all. Rather no one could imagine this dog eating, sleeping and playing with those weights around her neck.

“I always ask and explain to people especially in areas where dogs are ‘just a dog’ if they would do something like that to a child?,” the shelter staff member continued. “Usually I get the same shocked look and they will say, no never. So can you imagine a three year old child’s energy being kept low due to weights like this around the neck? There would be a public outcry.”

Tragically, this is the fate of too many dogs trained for competitions, dogs that owners are too lazy to train and teach, or dogs who should never been turned over to the negligent humans claiming they “love their dog.”

This dog is now safe. Under South Africa’s Animal Protection Act 71 passed as law in 1962, it is illegal to attach any equipment, appliance or vehicle to an animal that can cause suffering. Veterinarians will be examining this dog and will continue from there. The photos posted by the Nelspruit Society SPCA on their Facebook page Monday has garnered nearly 3,000 “shares” and more than 2,000 “comments” condemning the owner of this dog who appears to have recently given birth to a litter of puppies. Our hearts cry out for justice.

Photos of the dog with weights tied around her neck courtesy of Nelspruit SPCA.

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Puppy Fiona, with her mother, two year old Labrador Millie, owned by Elaine Cooper, who runs a motorhome business in Chorley, Lancs. Fiona was born with a rare but harmless condition that gives he temporary green tinge; it has faded significantly from birth. February 06, 2017. Dog owners in Chorley were astonished when their two-year-old chocolate Labrador gave birth to an actual green puppy. See Ross Parry story RPYGREEN; Elaine and Mark Cooper were by Milly’s side all night as she went into labour at midnight on Thursday, January 26. Nicknamed Fifi after Princess Fiona from Shrek, the little bright green ball of fur was born the next day at around 7.30am. “She came out in the sack so we thought that it was the placenta that made her look very dark. We thought she was a black Labrador. “But when Milly started to lick the placenta off she actually had a green tinge. We were laughing and saying no, this can’t be green. All the others are golden and this one’s green.


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  1. Emma williams says:

    They said they loved her?? Really cuz it sure the hell doesn’t look like it. They are lazy and stupid I’m happy she’s know longer with them. Now let’s pray that she gets a home with someone who will show her the love that she rightly deserves.


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