Emaciated dog surrendered to rescue

Owner surrendered emaciated dog

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On Tuesday, an emaciated dog was owner surrendered to Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue in Colorado. According to the rescue agency, the dog, dubbed “Spartan,” was in such pitiful condition when he was surrendered that he was near death – the group stated, “The owner never sought vet care and now he is barely hanging on.”

The skeletal dog is being forced fed and given fluids – the rescue agency stated that he is being taken to get an ultrasound to see if there is an underlying medical issue at play. Blood work has shown no issues. On Thursday, the rescue agency updated Facebook followers about Spartan’s current condition:

Spartan was able to keep some food down last night and this morning, but is still not eating on his own. We are still waiting to hear whether he’s recommended to have an ultrasound.

According to 9 News, the local authorities are investigating the situation to determine if charges are warranted. Donations to help the rescue group cover Spartan’s ongoing veterinary needs can be made at this link.

(Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue images)


18 replies
  1. Kathleen Drude says:

    Why? What the fuck is the point? These things I need to get out in the field and just handing out justice!

  2. Linda Patton says:

    That human needs long prison time for starving that poor dog like that. Prayers for the innocent dog to make it sand fully recover.

  3. linda says:

    So the owners didn’t bother to take him to the vet and instead surrendered him to a shelter for them to take on the responsibilities? POS owners. Charges should be made against these horrible people!!!!

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    So why do people let their dogs get to this shape without taking them to a Vet to be looked at? It’s good to know they are “investigating the situation to determine if charges are warranted”. Someone allows their dog to get in this condition then passes it off to a rescue to pay all the medical bills they need to “determine if charges are warranted”? If you can’t afford to take the dog to the vet how about turning the dog over BEFORE he is almost dead!

  5. pennysdachshund says:

    Holy cow! maybe the poor dog ate something and has a blockage!!! Would you let your child go without food or fluid for weeks on end…without having a medical checkup!!! What a moron…to allow this animal to suffer this long without assistance!

  6. Bob says:

    OMG What the heck needs to be determined so that charges are made. YOU KNOW THE PERSON THAT NEGLECTED THIS POOR DOG – HE BROUGHT HIM TO A SHELTER IN THIS CONDITION. Or are you considering giving him a gold star in credit because he brought him in!! Start doing what you can when you have evidence to do so instead of sitting and doing nothing as an example to others that they can get away with anything!

  7. Lesley says:

    Poor baby even if there was an underlying issue they should have take him in soon then this letting him be near death. Jail time with being starved to near death should happen. If nothing happens then we have so assholes in charge.

  8. Darla says:

    “IF charges are warranted”??? Are you effing kidding me? The POS should have been detained while the cops were called and have them arrested on the spot.

  9. Frances Mehan says:

    Of course charges should be filed this is cruelty there is no question. This dog didn’t put himself in this condition it was the owners responsibility to ensure his well being.

  10. Cynthia Como says:

    YES! Charges are warranted!! But the sad truth is when these scum bags are arrested and charged they are ALWAYS given a slap on the wrist! A fine and probation and sent on their merry way! No wonder the crime of animal abuse/cruelty is so rampant EVERYWHERE!! Where is the punishment that would make these animal abusing criminals think twice about repeating this horror? Until these jerks who commit these horrific acts are appropriately punished we will never slow down this rampant crime! THE GREATNESS OF A NATION AND ITS MORAL PROGRESS CAN BE JUDGED BY THE WAY ITS ANIMALS ARE TREATED❤


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