Owner of severely neglected ‘stray’ wants dog back

Owner wants neglected stray back
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A severely neglected dog, who was picked up as a stray and then taken to the Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas, may be returned to his owner. The dog, dubbed Gabe, arrived at the facility last week and was taken under the wing of the Reggie’s Friends rescue group.

Because the official stray hold was not up when the rescue stepped in, the group does not have full ownership of the neglected dog. According to Click 2 Houston News, someone claiming to be the dog’s owner has come forward and the person apparently wants the dog back.

On November 20, the rescue group addressed the concerning situation:

Judge Emmett has ruled that Gabe must be returned to the shelter for possible identification from the potential owner once he is healthy enough to leave the vet clinic. We are *crushed* by this decision and really thought we were going to be able to bring him home after we got him healthy. Thank you all for fighting for Gabe, I’m not really sure where we go from here…

For now, Gabe is still receiving veterinary treatment for his multitude of health issues, including parasites and skin infections. According to the rescue, the person who allegedly owns Gabe has claimed that the dog was missing for months before being picked up as a stray…because of the claim, there is no investigation into abuse or cruelty.

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  1. So make this SO CALLED OWNER pay for all the vet bills. If they will do that, then they care enough to have their pet back. If not….they do not get him back. The condition he is in did not happen over a couple of weeks!!!!

  2. Someone investigate this judge! The only way he could come up with the decision to return this poor dog to his abuser would be undue influence or total incompetence!

  3. The Judge is a MORONIC SOCIOPATH!! Why in God’s Green
    EARTH is this public official blind to multitude of health issues from neglect this poor animal presented with… and the MORONIC FOOL is considering returning the pathetic mistreated dog to the former owner!!!

  4. O please – this owner has NO right to ever get Gabe back – make her pay the medical bill and see how fast she walks away – hasn’t this poor dog suffered enough? Wake up Texas, Gabe will only be mistreated again.

  5. When will the judicial system stand up for the well being and justice for the innocent,voiceless,cruel,abused and neglected dogs in society…….WHEN??? Don’t these judges take an oath to do right by the victims of crime instead of always giving second,third,forth chances to the criminals??? AND OMG GENA HAS HIT IT RIGHT ON THE MONEY……GIVE THE UNDESERVING OWNER THE VET BILL AND WE WILL ALL SEE THIS OWNERS TRUE COLORS ABOUT HER/HIS LOVE,CARE AND CONCERN ABOUT GABES WELL BEING!!!! I for one don’t really believe the owners story about Gabe…..I would LOVE to be kept updated on Gabe’s case!!!! I will be keeping this poor dog in my prayers???????? ❤️Get well soon GABE❤️

    • Unfortunately, Many states laws regarding animals, especially abuse/neglect, are NON-EXISTENT and in need of change / reform .
      I’m proud of Pennsylvania for finally passing stricter laws & punishment for dog abuse/neglect. More people need to stand up, support and fight for new legislation. Speak up and contact officials in your state, demanding a change on this issue. If there’s enough interest, They’ll take notice, and hopefully enact.

  6. Please don’t let this horrible person have the dog back….the poor thing is going to be nursed back to good health and then what, let the previous owner have it back to let it happen all over again?


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