Owner let 6-month-old puppy roam freely until he was hit by a car

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In Dallas, an irresponsible owner allowed his 6-month-old puppy who weighed less than eight pounds, freely roam around the family’s trailer park home – that is until the pint-sized pooch was struck by a car on the nearby busy highway. Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC was called on Friday night; no one else stepped up to help, and Stacey was not about to say no.

“Well one too many times of Oreo running on his own and his luck just ran out, because this last time he was left unsupervised to fend for himself, he ran into the highway and was VIOLENTLY hit by a speeding car. Keep in mind he is only 8 lbs,” Stacey posted on the group’s Facebook page along with the puppy’s photo and a brief video.

According to a witness, the person driving the vehicle that struck the puppy stopped, saw what he did and instead of helping or calling the police, rushed back to his car and sped away. It was the driver behind the person who hit Oreo who stopped, picked up the nearly dead puppy and called for help.

“We were asked to help and we had two choices to decide in the middle of the night,” Stacey explained. 1) Either turn our backs on this desperate situation, because Oreo clearly needed very expensive medical care OR 2) HELP OREO or he surely was going to die a painful death.

So obviously we had no Choice but to help. We had Oreo rushed to the emergency hospital where he was in shock from the hit. He was put on IV and stabilized; X-rays taken showed, as suspected; a SERIOUS outcome. Oreo had a shattered pelvis that snapped in two and a broken leg.”

On Saturday morning, Oreo underwent surgery to repair his pelvis and to put a plate in his badly damaged leg if he is ever to walk again. Sadly, he had to go through this agony because his owner just let him wander around with no supervision; Oreo paid the ultimate price and remains at the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center in North Dallas on intravenous pain medication.


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(Photos and video of 6-month-old puppy courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)


13 replies
  1. jeanette says:

    of course, this guy can have kids, oh joy! I wonder what kind of responsibility he shows to his kids? he is nuts, allowing any animal to roam freely. I hope he does Not get his pup back.

  2. vicki hood says:

    Dallas dumb? Owner should be ordered by the court to pay the bills, He should also be charged, fined and maybe even imprisoned for being so cruel. Get well quick Oreo and go to a home that cares.


    I hope this flith owner gets hit by a car and die! I bet if it was his infant child, he probably won’t leave the dogs unsupervised. It’s this kind of irresponsible owners that poison this planet.

  4. Cynthia Como says:

    My question is why aren’t the owners of this beautiful little puppy not being held responsible? Is it not illegal to let your dog roam around? The owners take the prize for stupidly and in no way care about the well being of a dog of any age or size,my God this pisses me off! I feel that this poor puppy is better off being away from these idiots just too bad he has to suffer in order to be away from them,that is if this precious tiny fur baby ever survives these horrific injuries! This truly breaks my heart and I pray and pray hard that this little baby can survive this! I don’t know if I can watch the video,the pictures are heartbreaking enough! OMG! How awful and sad! PLEASE GET WELL SWEET PUPPY❤️

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    Some people shouldn’t own a pet rock and this is one of them. Why get a puppy if you are going to let it run loose and get hit by a car. This was negligence, not an accident! Thank you again Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, without you this pup wouldn’t have a chance!

  6. tina says:

    Thank you RDR. Hoping Oreo will find a loving home where he is appreciated for the loving dog he is. Make the owners pay for his care.

  7. Nancy Raymond says:

    This ignorant skank of an owner should be sitting in jail awaiting trial for animal abuse – to let any animal run freely is an invitation for disaster – but this is Texas where animal care is minimal and conviction for animal abuse is nil. If not for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC this puppy would be dead. And to the driver who did NOTHING – a fatal car accident is in your future you maggot.


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