Owner dumped Coco because he ‘no longer plays and wants to sit around’

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At the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter, Coco’s owner of ten years, surrendered his Shih Tzu mix on Thursday because “he no longer plays and wants to sit around.” Shelter manager, Brooke Bourgeois so hoped the dog’s owner would have returned for his dog – that is after thinking that giving up a loyal friend isn’t the right thing to do. Sadly, that never happened.

“We put our personal feelings aside, took his sweet dog and watched a 10-year-old bond crumble before our eyes,” Brooke sadly explained on her Facebook page. “Coco is a Shih Tzu terrier mix and reportedly housebroken and good with kids.”

When led to his kennel at the shelter, Coco whimpered in his kennel as his missed his person. He hasn’t eaten since he arrived.

“Coco gets along just fine despite having a little arthritis in his hind area,” Brooke stated. “He also seems to be hard of hearing which is another NATURAL part of ageing.”

Coco needs to be in a foster home or adopted quickly. It is not known at this time how he is with other dogs, but he has ignored the cats at the shelter. He will be given a thorough veterinary health examination on Monday, but this boy is ready to go home and be reassured that he is loved.

If interested, please stop by the shelter at 2701 Lapalco Boulevard in Harvey, Louisiana or call 504.349.5111.

(Photos and video of Coco via Brooke Bourgeois)

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Posted by Brooke Bourgeois on Saturday, December 16, 2017


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17 replies
  1. Christine Brown says:

    I am so angry with the owner in fact i am steaming. How dare she get rid of coco just because “he no longer plays and wants to sit around.”
    When you take on a dog its for life FFS. not to be discarded because its getting older and does not play and wants to sit around FFS.

  2. Linda Szymoniak says:

    There are SO many things that can help a dog with arthritis. If this sub-human owner had just talked with their vet, I’m sure something could have been done. The generic for Rimedyl would only be about $20-25 a month, depending on the dosage and frequency used. Sharing with prayers.

  3. Laurette Giardino says:

    What is the owner teaching their children when something gets old dump it. I hope when they get old their children will remember the lesson and dump them in a nursing home walk out and never look back.

  4. Barbara Garabedian says:

    What a jerk he is a asshole why did he do this poor doggie is so scared & older senior he will have a difficult time being adopted I pray he will be adopted by some kind caring family & not evil creep like you. I hope someone dumps you & puts u on out on the streets & die I pray he will get adopedbasapn&!forever home bg

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    O yes, I would like five minutes with this lousy example of an owner – to dump Coco because she is a senior is beyond my comprehension and infuriates me – I hope when this bottom feeder of an owner gets old and unable to ‘play’ anymore – they get their just reward – dumped in a 3rd rate nursing home and left to wallow in their own filth – THAT would be justice for Coco. In the meantime, PLEASE some kind person step up for this little dog and give her the safe loving and FOREVER home she was denied.

  6. Beth says:

    Is there a facebook page for this pup so I can follow – the link to Brooke, the volunteers facebook doesn’t show coco today. Thank you!

  7. starr says:

    To the author – please supply the dog’s id number so we can check on her status at the shelter and share her on Facebook.

    Thank you

  8. Red says:

    The owners name needs to be on a national directory….NEVER ALLOWED another pet. THEY AGE JUST AS WE DO!!! This is horrible. I pray this sweet senior is rescued.


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