After owner died, relatives free tiny dog loose in the woods to fend for himself

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In the area of Bear, Delaware, a tiny dog was tossed out into the woods to fend for himself. In an inexcusable and heartless act of animal cruelty, relatives of the Chihuahua’s deceased owner, reportedly threw little Sebastian away when they let the tiny dog loose in the woods; in a selfish act as if he was no more important than the worn out belongings and old tax records of someone who recently died.Sebastian the Chi

Finally captured and in partnership with the Cecil County Animal Services, Renee’s Rescues, Inc. couldn’t say no when asked if they would help. When caught after months of hiding and eluding strangers, the six-year-old Chihuahua remains extremely friendly and just wants to be loved despite his condition and the abandonment he must have felt. On the rescue’s Facebook page, Sebastian’s story began to unravel:

“…He was finally caught. Look at his nails! Despite this, he is very friendly with shelter staff and just wants love. He is currently at the shelter and heartworm positive. We couldn’t say no. I’m seeking a foster ‘PAWrent’ near Bear, Delaware willing to give Sebastian a safe haven.”

The rescue organization will supply food, a crate, toys, treat and veterinarian care for the dog; the foster must supply love. A two-month commitment to take care of the dog is preferred – that is until he is feeling better and can be placed for adoption. If  interested, please apply here.

No information has been made available whether charges of animal cruelty will be pursued against the family. At this time, the emphasis is on helping Sebastian. Get well soon little guy.

(Photos of the tiny dog loose in the woods courtesy of Renee’s Rescues, Inc.)

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    There are no words for the POS relatives of the deceased person that did this. It constantly amazes me how people can be so heartless! I do hope they pursue charges against these people. You don’t turn a dog out to fend for themselves, it’s beyond cruel!

    • Lynn Abutaha says:

      People can be very heartless. Not only was he neglected, he was thrown out like yesterday’s trash. He would have made a loving little addition to the relatives that turned him loose into the unforgiving woods. He could not have fended for himself very long. Thank God for the kind, caring humans who rescued this gentle soul. Sometimes I lie awake in bed and wonder how the demons of the world sleep at night. They knew they were condemning him to certain death, but they didn’t care. I hope someone returns that favor when they get old, or when they’re in need of help. Be safe, tiny dog-may you find your forever home soon:-D

    • linda says:

      Ann, I feel the same way. I have 3 cats and 1 dog and not much of family members. I dread what would happen to them if I’m not around.

  2. Darla says:

    POS relatives. I’m sure they didn’t turn down any money left to them by the decedent….or maybe that’s why they threw out Sebastian – because they were expecting to inherit money and they didn’t get it.

  3. maxiemom says:

    Monsters! I bet they went through the person’s things and took what they wanted, sold the rest, then did this. I hope their relative is haunting each and every one of them.

  4. Bunny Peters says:

    SMH: can’t believe that the family would do this to a helpless, loving family member…… have to wonder how they “cared” for their relative (who passed away)…… These so-called relatives are total POS who deserve to be jailed and fined for their cruelty……

    I would love to adopt this special needs baby.

    I tried to complete the online adoption application but it crashed on me…… not sure how to contact the rescue group…..

    I live in Northern California & am willing to pay transport costs for Sebastian to join our family.

    • Chelsea says:

      Hi bunny! Thanks for offering! At this time we are only capable of approving adopters within a certain driving distance of northern Delaware. He’s in good hands!
      Chelsea, VP of Renee’s Rescues

      • Bunny Peters says:

        Hi Chelsea:

        Delighted to learn that Sebastian is in a good home.

        Hard to be on the other side of the country & learn of sad situations.

        My husband and I adopt special needs animals (& sponsor at rural shelters) near us……

        When my Dad passed away, I promised him I would take his furbabies into my home & care for them. All they want is to be loved and give love back (Chihuahuas are tiny and not difficult to care for).

        I can’t understand how people can be so cruel (& live with their conscience).

  5. Carla Gaylord says:

    I think that’s down right cruel about what they did to the little dog how can people live with themselves and still be humans too.atleast the little dog is somewhere where he’s safe.i couldn’t do that im a pet lover!!

  6. Red says:

    These family members wouldn’t have done this is if truly loved the deceased!! Just curious, how did you get the back story on this poor dog?

  7. susispot says:

    How on earth did he survive for so long in the winter weather? He is one brave little guy. I hope his future is better and one his deceased person would have chosen for him. The callous relatives need to be charged. What they did is inexcusable. A shelter would have been a better option than the scary and dangerous woods.

  8. Marnie says:

    So very sad, he is a cute little man and hope he finds a loving foster or adopter soon. Please see that charges of animal abandonment are filed against the relatives who threw him out, they need to be jailed and fined for this cruelty.
    Thank you to his guardian angels for saving him.

  9. Cherryl Gallo-Trapolsi says:

    Cherryl, the other Cherryl here…I LOVE U, & ur stories of HOPE & PROMISE, but I’m shocked at the F’N MONSTERZ walking this planet! I don’t PERSONALLY know people that do such disgusting things! ??? Anyway, I take a LARGE part of my EVERY DAY 2 make the lives of animals better. This SHIT doesn’t help…

  10. Eric Barnes says:

    Most likely because the new animal control in Delaware Office of Animal Welfare is a joke. They Do Not Accept owned surrender animals. This is what happens to animals when there is no shelter that will take them in!!


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