Overlooked and depressed, help needed to save Shorty

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Shorty is a ten-year-old miniature Doberman pinscher who has been overlooked at the Inland Valley Humane Society. His plight has been labeled “red alert” for two reasons: one the dog has become extremely depressed and barely raises his head when potential adopters walk by, and secondly he has been at the shelter for over a month.Shorty the dog 2

Click here for Shorty’s adoption information:

Sex Male
Available on:
(Subject to change)
Feb 13, 2017
Rescue Date:
(Subject to change)
Feb 21, 2017
Control Number: I1267640

A Facebook page for Shorty can be found here. Share this dog’s information with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Photos indicate he gets along with other dogs. Why he hasn’t been adopted remains tragic – the video indicates he’s a friendly little dog. Additional information can be followed here. Contact the Inland Valley Humane Society located in Pomona, California at 909-623-9777 for fostering or adoption information.Shorty the dog 3

(Photos  courtesy of Lolys Menchaka)








Check out this boy’s video here:

RESCUED SHORTY IS THE LAST DOG LISTED ON THEIR WEBSITE. HE HAS BEEN IN THE SHELTER FOR OVER A MONTH. HE NEEDS OUT NOW!PLEASE SHARE FOR PLEDGES/RESCUESHORTYMiniture Pinscher / MixedAge (approximate): 10 yearsSex MaleColor RED/WHTAvailable on:(Subject to change) Feb 13, 2017Rescue Date:(Subject to change) Feb 21, 2017Control Number: #I1267640The shelter does not disclose updates to me after the dogs are no longer in their care. Please contact them for any INFORMATION and/or UPDATES. Adoptions have to be made in person. Potential adopters have to bring their other dogs (if any) for a meet and greet. Im only a net-worker therefore, i do not have pulling rights. I name the dogs for my own way to identify them, the shelter doesn't know those names so always make sure to ask for a dog by their control number not by their name to avoid confusion.http://ivhsanimals.org/#/animal/966235INLAND VALLEY HUMANE SOCIETYPOMONA CA 909 623-9777PHOTO THREADhttps://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1787361988250813&set=a.1454924388161243.1073741829.100009310861488&type=3&theater

Posted by Dolores Menchaka on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    PLEASE some kindhearted person adopt Shorty – a senior dog is so highly adoptable – they are more docile and so ready to sit on the couch w/you and snuggle. They make excellent pets and will be so grateful to be in a loving home. Senior dogs are super pets for an older person and I believe enhance anyone’s life. Please choose Shorty – you will never regret it.

  2. Solveig Pettersson says:


  3. Kathleen Drude says:

    Dogs are very people oriented cats too but with dogs there is a different dynamic! Dogs need to be with humans! As time goes by dogs can become very depresssed! We don’t know the whole history on this cute little kid! Older dogs can start suffering sundowning which is early form of dimentia just like humans! Shorty may be having either both or at least one of these issues! Shorty needs a nice stable home so that he can feel warm happy and secure! Shorty you’re going to be just fine little man! On you I bestow kisses and my protection!

  4. Margie Downing says:

    RED LISTED Sad Sack SHORTY A 10 Year old Mini Pinscher mix was last dog listed on Inland Valley’s Euth list but was Rescued 3/13/17 in time by The Animal Debt Project wh found he was suffering from Diabetes. Now with a two week long stay at our Vet’s, including 1 emergency run Shorty is back in his loving foster’s arms! Can you help ADP to continue the on going medical care he needs plus pay off his Vet’s invoice & pending dental by donating any amount to our non profit The Animal Debt Project, Inc. 501c3?


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