Outrage over video showing dog chained to top of cage on Florida Interstate 95

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A video on Facebook posted late Wednesday afternoon has animal advocates outraged and rightly so. In Flagler County, authorities are now investigating the driver of a vehicle that showed a dog chained to the top of a metal cage traveling down Florida Interstate 95 headed toward Flagler in Florida. Within 21 hours the video garnered over 264, 000 views and 4,500 shares from the Facebook page of Brenna Cronin who originally posted the disturbing event with the following comment:

“Just saw this asshole driving down 95 with a dog with the letter S carved into his leg chained to the top of a cage….does anyone know this vehicle? Got off on 100 going towards flagler ( wasn’t able to get his plate).”

A person did respond to the video on Facebook Thursday morning with the following response: (spelling errors as written and copied)

“It was yesterday and that is my vechile. The reason the dog is not in the cage is because he prefers it on top. Also the brand on him isn’t the way them branded them before. Our dogs ad well taking care of. And there is nothing illegal with anything we did.  We hog hunt you don’t have to like or agree with what we do. He is also is unable to fall off the dog box.’

According to First Coast News, the owner of the dog, Jeremy, stated he had already been in contact with the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office as well as Flagler County Animal Control and explained he uses dogs to hunt for hogs. Jeremy also stated his dog likes to ride on top of the cage, and that the dog is harnessed and chained so he will not fall off. As to the “S” carved on the dog’s leg, the dog’s owner states the dog was branded as a puppy.

Animal Control is currently investigating.

(Photo and video of dog chained to cage via Facebook Brenna Cronin)

Check out the short video. Who wouldn’t be upset seeing that?


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  1. Of course he is an A.H. He HUNTS!! Hunters have no heart or soul….. all they care about is the kill. Want to shoot a gun….does that make you feel like a true sportsman…. Try skeet, try clay pigeons…. try ANYTHING that does not bleed.


  3. Throw the book at this asshole. Tell me what state permits transport like that. The dog does NOT look happy to be there !
    It’s a danger to other motorists as well, should the dog fall off, and the visual distraction.

  4. I cannot even believe this!!! The dog LIKES it??? He doesn’t look like he Likes it? And how the Hell would the dog even know how to go on the top of a car unless he was placed there!? Seriously, humans need to have their heads examined! Too much abuse going on with our animals!!!

  5. Why would anyone put a dog on top a a cage while driving? He trained a dog like that??And He said the dog likes it!!! The dog looks terrified in the video. Why didn’t he train the dog to ride inside that Big Vehicle he drives?? He is a sick individual and shouldn’t own any dogs if that’s the way he treats them.

  6. The monster “owner” needs to be banned from EVER having another dog – or other animal – in their care. Dogs used in hog hunting get hurt, and sometimes even killed. It should be outlawed. Actually, I think ALL dogs should be banned from being used for hunting. Two of my three rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds were likely used for hunting (before being dumped at high-kill shelters – my Kyoko was nearly starved before going to the shelter and my Seiji shows signs that he was likely abused). Dogs deserve to be treated as the loving, loyal, intelligent beings they are. This story has me ready to pop a fuse, I’m so angry! I hope the monster is charged with animal cruelty and banned from being around animals ever again.

    • What do yall think dogs were domesticated for????? To hunt … I hunt with my dogs. They love it . as hunters we dont make our dogs do anything all i do is open my dog box and they WILLINGLY go find a hog for me because they love to do it. So before u go judging anyone have the mental capacity to see it from our angle. All yall do is state ur point of view before even tryin to see it our way

  7. I guess by the response from the owner Jeremy, we can see the intelligence level they are dealing with. So the dog is used to “Hog Hunt” doesn’t make it right to chain the dog to the top of a cage while traveling the interstate. I don’t care how secure this idiot thinks the dog is or how much he thinks the dog “likes it” one quick stop or misstep by the dog, he is gone! I hate to tell you Jeremy, your dogs are NOT well taken care of if you think this is the way the dog should ride!

  8. Dumfuk, ignorant, inbred hick!

    ANY emergency maneuver, and that poor dog is dead!


    828.12. Cruelty to animals

    (1) A person who unnecessarily overloads, overdrives, torments, deprives of necessary sustenance or shelter, or unnecessarily mutilates, or kills any animal, or causes the same to be done, or carries in or upon any vehicle, or otherwise, any animal in a cruel or inhumane manner, is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or by a fine of not more than $5,000, or both.

    There is NOTHING “HUMANE” about chaining a dog atop ANYTHING in a moving vehicle!
    For there safety – as well as that of the vehicle operator and other drivers – dogs MUST BE transported in closed kennels, SECURELY mounted to the vehicle, PERIOD!

    Mine are transports INSIDE at all times, within kennels which are themselves securely tied to anchors that prevent them from moving – even (particularly) in the event of a rollover!

  9. I hope somebody rescues that dog! I can’t believe the police did not do their jobs and stop and arrest this idiot and get this poor dog to a no-kill shelter!

  10. I don’t see a harness on him only a collar. If there was a complete stop the dog’s neck could snap. This is legal in Florida? Not where I live.

  11. I don’t care what the “owner” says about the dog liking it. I’m pretty sure the dog was terrified. That asshole needs to be arrested and the dogs rehomed. Idiot!!!

  12. Put the dick on the same trailor and drive down the road at 100k, beacuse the wind picks up behind the truck and blow wild. Ass hole.

  13. Okay I get it your dog wants to ride on top. He’s chained so he doesn’t fall off. Now who is the boss here.If he won’t ride in the cage maybe he should ride in the car you stupid bastard.What if you crash or roll over, I’m sure you’ll have a seat belt on, what’s happens to the BAD dog whose stupid owner lets him do whatever he wants. God forbid his kids want to ride on the cage. Whose smarter now.

  14. My dog likes to ear shit, doesn’t mean I am going to let him or feed it to him. Why because because it is disgusting and dangerous, not to mention cruel.
    This dog should be taken away from him, and he should be slapped with a huge fine.
    I know a lot of hunters and not one of them thought this was acceptable.

  15. What a prick! The dog is not comfortable…whether the dog likes riding on top or not is not the issue….it’s responsibility to a pet….for basic needs and comfort is one of them as well as safety. It’s BS excuse and horrible and anyone who has that kind of a brain CV should not own any kind consideration of animals.

  16. this is animal abuse i dont care what you say one accident hes not protected and a tattoo really why i hope something is done because how does he know the dog likes it really they dog told you your a redneck idiot and all the dogs should be pulled,Florida get with the program seriously,we continue to let animal abusers do this so now its hog season in January?thousands have seen this with the same comments if they let this go you honestly dont care for animals

  17. Inhumanity 101, I am appauled this is considers safe travel, so I assume since it’s safe, well with two tethers, her son or daughter could ride up their, with of course two tethers. Surely that would be acceptable. Remove those dogs, and charge the owners with malicious endangerment.

  18. Owner states the dog is in a harness, I do not see one. He can fall off to one side or the other, but his neck and head would stay where he is chained. Just plain ignorant and dangerous for the dog. What if someone rear ends him?

  19. Oh so now he is able to communicate with animals and this dog said he likes to ride on top of a crate chained to a metal crate doing 65 plus miles an hour? What a friggin idiot. Those dogs need to be taken away from this lowlife!

  20. This poor dog looks scared to death 🙁 This breaks my heart. There poor helpless animals who can’t speak for themselves. This has to be illegal 🙁

  21. I know the guy who owns the dog he would never hurt his dogs and maybe if you knew more about what was really going on you would understand.
    some dogs do not like it in the dog boxes I know mine didn’t they like to ride on the back of truck or on top of dog box.
    MAYBE you need to stop the real animal abusers like the dog fighters and the people who shoot dogs .

    • My dog likes to chase cars, that doesn’t mean I should let him. No some dogs don’t like “boxes” When this guy or you have an accident someday, or have to stop quick and the dog goes flying then what will you say. “It’s ok, he died doing what he likes to do?” No way is a dog riding like this on an interstate safe!


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