Outrage over teen’s photo showing dead dog posed next to rifle

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In Sheridan, Arkansas, animal advocates continue to express their outrage after a photo and video were posted onto social media showing a teen kneeling in the bed of a pickup truck with a rifle and a dead dog strangled by the neck.  The photo originally posted on SnapChat was later posted to Facebook with the following caption:

“You’ve been a very bad dog.”

And if that photo of a  dead, small white fluffy dog wasn’t upsetting enough, there was more. Another short video showed a different teen throwing a cat by the tail into a fan about seven feet away. In the video, the screaming and terrified cat runs away after landing on the unforgiving concrete floor. No one knows if the cat died or if he needed veterinary attention.  According to KhTv11, Grant County Sheriff Ray Vance states an investigation is going on, but was unable to comment on the situation at this time. Investigators say they will turn the evidence over to the prosecutor’s office, who will make the final determination. Both suspects are listed as minors.

The post showing the cat being tortured made its way to the desk of Shelter Cat Rescue founder, Carolyn Criner Shuff. A report has been filed with authorities. Facebook posts claim the photo of the dead dog had been taken during the summer and not posted to social media sites until November, and that the dog was already dead. Nevertheless, the two incidents remain under investigation. Follow up on this developing story will continue as information is made available.
(Photo of outrage over teens’ photo via Facebook and KhTv11 edit)
Following is the video as the teen tortures the cat. Be warned that this video is very disturbing:
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  1. rieann says:

    i doubt that dog was dead before these monster came along can’t be hard to do something about this get them off the streets next time it maybe be worse or someone child sick sick people and the parents are to blame watch your monster

  2. Linda Szymoniak says:

    Even if the dog was already dead (and not at the hand of this monster), the act of tying a rope around its neck and posing next to it with a rifle is beyond sick. If this guy would do this to a dead dog, it’s not a big stretch to think he’ll do something similar with a living dog. As for the cat – praying the cat survived (and is okay) and that the monsters involved with abusing it are caught and given proper punishment.

  3. Mary Ann Clark says:

    We really need a better way to track down these deviants and get them the most severe punishment ! Wouldn’t you think that someone with expertise could track them down?

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    People that do this sort of thing need to be put away and put away for good! They aren’t fit to walk among humans. I hope something is done about this before they do it to their little brother or sister or some other unsuspecting human!

  5. pennysdachshund says:

    This Buzzard Vomit Bastard has the Audacity to wear the Gold Cross of a Christian around his neck while holding up this poor dead little dog, bragging while sitting next to an assault weapon!!! Proud of your Sicko Son out there in OLE Sheridan Arkansas! Are you!!!!

  6. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Il faudrait dans le monde des brigades spécialisės pour rechercher ces monstres, assassins, et les mêmes condamnations que la barbarie qui est faite sur l’humain. Un crime est un crime, les animaux sont des êtres vivants, sensibles, il serait juste que les condamnations soient les mêmes que pour l’humain. Il serait temps que les lois changent.
    Pauvres bébés.


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