Outrage on social media of students feeding opossum beer and abusing it

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In Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, photos of young men abusing an opossum by forcing it to drink beer, kissing it and then throwing it into a trash can has caused outrage on social media. An investigation is currently underway by Bloomsburg University and the Pennsylvania Game Commission after the photos emerged over the weekend.

Snapchat photos, posted by at least one student attending Bloomsburg University, showed the group pouring beer down the throat of the animal, but then tossing the animal into a garbage can. A statement on Facebook by the Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania commented on the disturbing situation. As per the sequence of the posted photos, two young men picked the frightened possum up by the back of the neck, doused it in beer, kissed it and then threw it in the trash:

“We are aware of the photos posted to social media showing animal cruelty. One of the individuals pictured is a BU student and therefore subject to the university’s processes pursuant to the Student Code of Conduct. We take this matter very seriously, and the Dean of Students Office has already begun at investigation.”

According to WnepNews, one of the young men involved is a student at the university. When the photos hit the Internet on Monday, they quickly went viral, and it didn’t take long before students expressed their disgust regarding the apparent animal cruelty depicted in the video. Charges from the Pennsylvania Game Commission could range from animal abuse, illegal possession of wildlife or disturbance/harassment of wildlife.

The animal’s location and condition is currently unreported

There has been no shortage of students speaking out against the heinous display of cruelty on the university’s Facebook page:

“These pieces of sh** better be charged with something serious. This is beyond disgusting so please share and get their names out there. They want to post stuff like this, then let’s make them famous.”

“Do not waste your time applying to school…this is what they do there…torture animals…AND…neither the school or police do anything about it. This is so disgusting…what is wrong with you people that you would allow this and that you also support it through your inaction. SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Bloomsburg University “a great place to be”??? Not if you’re a defenseless opossum. Please find out what happened to that poor animal and take whatever measures might be necessary to ensure it remains safe and well. Then censure every single one of those students who abused the opossum– including those who stood idly by and did not stop it. As people have been noting on this thread– it is now well-established that people who abuse animals often go on to abuse other humans. Do something proactive and of benefit here!”

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9 replies
  1. pamela bolton says:

    I will be VERY SURPRISED of the university does anything at all. It is easier to ignore the abuse than to put yourself out there and make a stand against it. I hope you make the students lives miserable from here on out. Bloomsburg University and the Pennsylvania Game Commission need to get off their butts and take care of this Now. If this is how you allow your students to treat wildlife, I am glad I moved out of the state when I did.

  2. Adrienne says:

    College students, the future of this country?God help us!! What the hell is the matter with these kids, so bored that they could even come up with something like this?Their parents should be proud of what they produced and these kids should be given community service working with groups that deal with the most horrific animal abuse cases there are. Then maybe, they might have some empathy for the opossum and other animals they have or wanted to abuse. Parents need to be more proactive with what their college students are doing with the money being spent on them.

  3. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Plaster their name all over the internet as abusers, then the parents should pull them out of that school never to go back unless they can pay for schooling themselves, after that charges should be filed and they should spend some time in prison.

  4. Lisa Pisano says:

    I am part of a worldwide animal advocacy group who are beyond outraged over this heinous act against a defenseless animal. We will not rest until justice is served. These cruel, sadistic, poor excuses for men, need to learn a very harsh lesson in life, starting with expulsion from the University. We are watching, Bloomsburg. You better do the right thing here!

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    If this school has any backbone these punks names would be printed and their useless asses be thrown out – their cruelty towards an innocent opossum shows exactly what they are – nasty abusive maggots who have no respect or consideration towards other species. Their pictures are plain to see and people know who they are – they need to be arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty – step up Bloomsburg we expect action.

  6. Red says:

    This is sickening and I HOPE everyone of this monsters are made to pay. If they thought this was fun and funny? THEY ARE SICK PERVERTED MONSTERS who need to be locked away.

  7. nlbt says:

    Why aren’t all these inhumane animal abusers and murderers tortured and starved and abused in the ways they have treated these defenseless animals?? They deserve nothing less!! Maybe if their punishment was posted on social media these sickos might become a bit fearful


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