Homeless dog adopted after out of the blue email

‘Out of the blue’ email leads to adoption of dog homeless for over 6 years

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An email, received out of the blue, has led to the adoption of a dog who has been homeless for over six years. Laura Oesterhaus, Director of Kansas Second Time Around Animal Rescue (KSTARR), emailed the Pet Rescue Report on Sunday to share the remarkable adoption story for the homeless dog, whose name is Clipper.

Oesterhaus explained how the Labrador retriever mix arrived to the non-profit rescue group,

“Clipper came to our rescue (KSTAAR, Inc) on Dec. 23rd 2010. He was found as a stray in the KC area and went to a shelter there. He was on the Euth list when we got him. He was HW positive and the KC Humane Society gave him his treatments. He has always been a fantastic boy that got along with dogs and cats. He went to many adoption events and everyone loved him specially children. Even though he had a lot of praise no one put in an application for him.”

In 2012, while still homeless, Clipper developed a tumor which had to be treated through multiple rounds of chemotherapy. Oesterhaus stated, “Clipper went through 7 rounds of chemo and was always his happy self. Still went to adoption events but no applications. I suppose it’s because of the “black dog syndrome.”

Then, out of the blue, last week, an email arrived with an inquiry about the dog who nobody had ever expressed interest in. After an application was completed, Jim and Marianne Jensen made a meet and greet appointment with Clipper and it turns out that Oesterhaus knew Jim Jensen – before retiring, he had been the sheriff in her county. The couple had recently lost their elderly chocolate Labrador retriever and were looking for a new companion.

The meet and greet was a resounding success – Oesterhaus wrote, “They fell in love with Clipper and adopted him!!!”

Though she is sad to see Clipper go, she is thrilled that he now has a family of his home, after so many years without…


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  1. Deborah J. says:

    What is this with the Black Dog Syndrome? Some low educated fool decided out of the blue that Black colored animals were some how the sign of the Devil or some kind of VOODO omen. I have lived coast to coast and I have never heard of such nonsense in my life. I have owned two Black Labs and I have never had anyone tell me about having a Black Dog for a pet was evil.

  2. pennysdachshund says:

    Isn’t it awesome and powerful that Clipper was given a chance to have such caring people inquire about him after so long… This was a “True Blessing” for all involved… May they share many years of happiness!!!

  3. Linda Patton says:

    Praise God! He’s been through hell and so deserves happiness and love. Bless the family who saw through all his hardships and made him a family member. He now has family, someone to love him, someone he can love back, a soft comfy bed (I’m sure), toys, his own bowls, compassion, and family. I’m just elated! I hope they provide updates on his progress, photos, and comments…

  4. Carole says:

    I love a story with a happy ending. Thank you to the wonderful people who adopted this sweet boy. Enjoy each other and have a beautiful life together.

  5. Marsha Squibb says:

    So wonderful to hear of a nice ending for a change!Thank you Jim and Marianne for giving Clipper his forever home….Happy life Clipper!!!!! Finally!!!!

  6. Cathy Rolley says:

    So glad to hear that Clipper got adopted.What a sweet face.Thank you to Jim and Marianne for adopting him.It put a smile on my face.After all the horrible things we hear about what some cruel evil people do to animals, it is so good to hear about happy stories like this and kind people who adopt these homeless animals and give them the love they deserve.So Happy for Clipper and Jim and Marianne.THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  7. Laura Oesterhaus says:

    Just wanted to let you all know that Clipper is doing well. He was pretty depressed at his new home which is understandable after being with me for 6 yrs but he has been improving every day. When I get some pics I will send to Penny so that she can write a small follow up. Thank you all for reading his story and for the kind comments.

    • pennysdachshund says:

      The Poor Guy THOUGHT HE WAS AT HOME!!!! WHY wouldn’t he after 6 years he had adjusted himself to that life!!! WoW! he was content to continue to live and be happy ..with what had been given him!!! Doesn’t that just make a person want to cry… the new owners will bring him out of his shell!!

    • linda says:

      Thank you Laura. I would have thought after being confined even with your love and care for him he would have been less depressed with finding a home.. Again thank you for your ultimate care and concern. He has found a forever home.

      • Laura Oesterhaus says:

        Just wanted to let you all know that Clipper is doing fantastic. He’s back to his old self, loves going on walks with Jim and has a new friend, Arnie (the family cat)!! He’s not crated anymore and has all the love he can handle and then some!!!

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