Otis: Texas dog carrying his bag of dog food explained

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Otis was frightened shortly before Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas southeast coast, and although he had been left in the family’s screened in porch with food and water, the quickly changing barometric pressure prompted Salvador Segovia’s grandson’s dog to break through the screen and run away.

It was Friday night when Otis disappeared, and just moments later Segovia called for the dog to return, but there was not a trace of him anywhere. The next morning Segovia circled his neighborhood, but still couldn’t locate the little boy’s dog. At the same time, Segovia was searching for his dog, a neighbor, Tiele Dockens had been checking on some homes where her family and friends had evacuated due to the storm, and spotted the dog carrying a bag of dog food.

Tiele thought the spirited dog just looked so determined and cute, she popped his photo carrying the huge bag of dog food and posted it on her Facebook page. And – it went viral! A German shepherd mix  from Sinton, Texas soon became a celebrity. According to Twin Cities, Tiele thought the dog looked familiar -after all it is a small town of no more than 5,000 people, and she followed the dog until he closed in on his own home. Otis was home with his bag of dog food. And with that, the dog walked up to his home, set down his bag and flopped down on the floor.

Segovia had been watching Otis for his five-year-year-old grandson, Carter, who had already left Sinton with his parents to escape the storm. Segovia had taken the dog in six-years-ago when a man driving around offered to give him the puppy or he was planning just to leave him somewhere – Segovia said “leave him here.” From then on, Otis had become a special part of the family.



Through the years, Otis has become quite the celebrity – he roams around the town and has made friends with the local Dairy Queen – hence ice cream when he shows his saddest face, and often frequented a local building supply store where employees always feeds him when he stops by. Segovia thinks Otis may have picked up the Ol’ Roy dog food bag at the store since no one was there to feed him.

“Hey, you guys forgot to feed me, so no worries, I’ll just take what I want,” as if Otis had responded.

Still for anyone who just had to make comments about feeding a dog inexpensive dog food, be nice. Otis is a special dog with a special place in life for a little boy – and Otis is one smart pooch. Live long and happy Otis.

(Photo via Salvador Segovia)

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8 replies
  1. ellen cottone says:

    Otis has a tab!? at the local piggly wiggly market ?when his owners are away!?
    if old roy dog food company doesnt jump on this talent they are a bunch of bone heads.

  2. susispot says:

    Smart as he may be, this is not a safe world. His family would be wise to keep him behind a good fence. Do it for your son and do it for Otis.

  3. Susan Brummett says:

    People actually made comments on how cheap the dog food was? How condescending of them. Maybe they will buy his food for the next year or so.

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    Otis proved he is more intelligent than a lot of humans by preparing for Harvey – I hope his humans appreciate him and kept him safe during the storm.


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