Orphaned baby rhino serenaded to sleep by ‘rhino whisperer’

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The baby rhino calf was only one day old when her mother sadly rejected her after she had been born at a game reserve. The Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary in Sonpark, South Africa received the calf last month.

“The people observing her quickly noted that the mother was not allowing the calf to drink any milk. By morning, it was clear that she had rejected the newborn, so it was decided that human intervention was urgently needed if the calf was to have a chance for survival,” the sanctuary reported.

And in an emergency rescue plan, a helicopter was flown in; the mother rhino was sedated and her milk expressed. The calf was then taken and arrived at the sanctuary on June 19 according to the organization’s Facebook page. The sanctuary says

“she has a strong will to survive and continues to improve as each day goes by.”

But there’s more to raising a healthy baby rhino than meets the eye. After two weeks at the sanctuary, officials brought in Mark Mills – the “baby rhino sleep whisperer.” Mills, who is a senior animal keeper member of the Monarto Zoo in Australia has been brought to the rhino orphanage for six-months brought his guitar into the baby’s pen and the calming music lull the little (alright not so little) baby rhinoceros to sleep. As you can see in the YouTube video below, the baby listens intently to the music and then snuggles up to Mills and “falls into a deep sleep.”

Although some good humor teasing has been told to Mills that the baby quickly falls asleep hoping the serenade will stop, how cute is this baby?

For more information and to help, donations can be made by clicking here.

Photos of the baby rhino being serenaded via Facebook.

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Check out the video:



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