OOPS! French President Macron’s rescue dog peed on Elysee Palace fireplace

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French television LCI in Paris on Sunday caught French President Macron’s rescue dog picking up his leg and urinating on a fireplace in the Elysee Palace. The Labrador retriever and Griffon mixed breed came into the President’s home last year and had been adopted from a nearby animal shelter.

The one-year-old friendly pooch who often follows President Macron or his wife Brigitte wherever they go was named after Captain Nemo from the Jules Verne book Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea – a favorite of the President.

After Macron realized Nemo had urinated on the edge of the fireplace in the palatial room adorned with gilded moldings and crystal chandeliers, he told the ministers he had been meeting with that his dog “was doing something quite exceptional.” According to Nemo’s dad, this was an unusual behavior for his dog. According to BBCNews, Brune Poirson, the junior minister for ecology had “wondered what the noise was.”

(Photo of Macron’s rescue dog Nemo via freezeshots from LCI video)

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Everyone did laugh! There’s nothing like a “first dog” to make anyplace a home. Check out the video:






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