Oman activists outraged after camel thrown out of truck

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Animal activists in the Sultanate of Oman, a country located in the southeastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, are outraged after a video emerged showing a camel with its legs tied together thrown out of a pickup truck apparently on purpose. The video went viral on social media and continues to be shared, reflecting the torture and abuse of animals revered as a breed inherited from herders’ ancestors.

According to the Times of Oman, the brief video shows a pickup truck with a camel on the open flatbed in the rear while driving along a beach in the sand. Suddenly the driver of the truck slams on his brakes, and the camel is flung from the rear of the truck onto the sand. Its legs are tied together with a rope; a common practice in Oman to keep the camels from wandering off. And as the camel flies off the truck, he hits his head hard into the sand. 

“This was not an accident, but instead an incident of someone reversing the vehicle too quickly,” stated Jaison Mathai, founder of an animal welfare group in Oman called Tiger by the Tail. “Unfortunately, it looks like this was done on purpose, and it is very sad to see that there are some people who would do such things. Firstly, the tailgate of the pickup truck was left open, and the animal’s legs were tied so it could not save itself.”

Camel owner Al Malki explained how the animals are kept, explaining they like to roam. In the mornings they are released from the barns to walk around the pastures; in the evenings the camels come back.  When the animals need to be moved to another location, they are trained to come to a specific place where a truck waits. The camels are then placed inside the back of the vehicle with their feet linked together for safety so they do not fall out while traveling. Teaching the camels to ride in trucks can be difficult, and in these instances, Malki says another camel is put in the vehicle to make the ride more comfortable and less stressful.

Check out the video here. Sadly, the video is disturbing and not suitable for all viewing audiences.

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  1. Helen says:

    What was the purpose of throwing a camel off a moving truck? Do the same to the SOB driver and then turn around and run this POS over! It doesn’t say whether the camel survived from the fall.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    The maltreatment of animals in every country in this world is so disturbing – ANYONE who could be so callous and cruel needs to be tied to a tree and used as target practice – their actions prove exactly what they are – useless sacks of trash.

  3. Red says:

    This is horrible…… KARMA………..FIND THE useless, waste of skin disguised as a monster and SHOW him how the camel felt being tossed from a moving vehicle!!!


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