Ollie: Dog stabbed and locked in blue suitcase final resting place is landfill

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It had been an outpouring of love in October when Ollie the pit bull was discovered in a suitcase behind an abandoned building in Hollywood, Florida on October 10 along Lee Street. Police spotted a dog’s paw sticking out of a blue hard textured suitcase. Ollie, the young pup had been left for dead. When discovered he was rushed to the VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital. Tragically he died a few days later. The devastating news had been posted on the hospital’s Facebook page:

“All of the staff at VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital are sad to confirm that Ollie the pit-bull, passed away last night at 8:30pm due to the trauma of his injuries. Our team of specialists, emergency doctors and staff worked for over an hour to keep Ollie with us. His body simply could not overcome the inflammation and damage to his body caused by his horrific ordeal.”

Ollie had been stabbed 50 times, beaten and stuffed inside a suitcase. He had severe lacerations to the top of his head as well as his body and had been wearing a red collar. The cruelty inflicted upon this dog sent shivers through the country. A reward had been offered just shy of $60,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for such a heinous deed. More than $100,000 in donations had been raised for the dog; Grateful Paws collected $40,000 to help pay the dog’s medical bills.

After Ollie’s death, a Miami pet cemetery offered to give Ollie a proper burial, however the rescue group, Grateful Paws rejected the offer stating the location was outside of Broward County. According to the Miami Herald, after a necropsy of the dog’s body was performed at a state laboratory in Kissimmee, Ollie’s remains were cremated and his ashes were taken to a landfill in Osceola County as part of  standard practice.

VCA Hospital spokesperson Linda Ream said the veterinarians knew they would not get Ollie’s remains back and stated it had been up to Grateful Paws as to the disposition of the ashes. Meanwhile, Nadia Barkett, the spokesperson for the Pet Haven Cemetery in Miami was heartbroken when she heard about Ollie’s “final resting place.”

“I don’t fee that any animal should end up in a landfill. All animals deserve respect and dignity when it comes to end of life.”

Jan Milbyer, founder of Grateful Paws, stated in her 18 years of doing animal rescue, this was one of the most horrific cases of abuse she had ever experienced. The Sun Sentinel reports that Milbyer did not realize the dog’s ashes would end up in a landfill.

Pet Heaven officials have stated they are working with Grateful Paws to present a memorial service for Ollie which will include blessings from the clergy.

According to the group’s Facebook page, Ollie’s remains were not disposed of in a landfill. No specific information, however has been posted.

“We NEVER refused anything with regard to Ollie — We were NOT consulted about his cremains – and we knew we had a resting place for him here in South Florida with the Pet Loss Center. WHO SAID his remains went to a landfill? WHERE are you getting your information?,” Jan posted on Monday.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Hollywood Police at 954.967.4411 or Crimestoppers at 954.493.8477. The case is still unsolved and an animal abuser still walks free.

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  1. Grateful Paws should be ashamed of themselves. They did not know where the ashes would go? ASK! This shows tremendous disregard on your part since you knew the whole country was following this story. Next time take an interest!

  2. He was STILL thrown away like trash !! Damn county lines. Shame on you. Sometimes you just have to look past rules and do what’s right.

  3. His ashes ended up in a F**KING landfill???? Yes, I know his soul has gone to the Bridge and these are only his physical remains but I don’t care. There’s no way I would have allowed that. I’m so sorry, Ollie. Even after death, you weren’t given the respect you deserved.

  4. Grateful Paws collects $40,000 and in the end dumps Ollie’s ashes in the landfill. Really? How sick is that? Now exposed, Lets see what we can do about that. We all loved Ollie and this is a complete slam to those of us that cared. We want answers from Grateful Paws. Retrieve Ollie’s ashes and put them in the hands of someone who gives a shit.

  5. I am FERVENTLY HOPING that the “sadistic piece of crap, the lowlife, the vermin, the degenerate, the scum of the earth” (this is my polite vocabulary) that did this to Ollie suffers the most debilitating, painful disease known to mankind. May this person be struck down “sooner rather than later”……

  6. It’s sad Ollie’s ashes wound up in the land fill, but his soul has crossed the rainbow bridge the day he left this world, and he’s safe and happy now.

  7. FUCKING DESPICABLE!!!! Didn’t Ollie suffer enough at the hands of cruel humans and now to treat his remains like trash is just another act of cruelty inflicted on him by Grateful Paws (LOL) – he was offered a nice resting place by a pet cemetery and instead his ashes were dumped in a friggin’ landfill like trash – I don’t want to hear any excuse by this so called ‘director’ Jan Milbyer – she had to know what was happening to Ollie’s ashes. This is so infuriating – they had plenty of money to give him a proper and sentimental burial – but instead they treated him as badly as the scumsuck people who murdered him.


  8. Oh come on! They couldn’t do better than this for this poor dog! What difference did it make that the pet cemetery was outside “Broward County”, the ashes were disposed of in a landfill in Osceola County anyway! A Miami pet cemetery had graciously offered to take care of the sweet boy’s remains, someone dropped the ball on this one!

  9. In a landfill??? WTF??? Who or whatever organization is responsible for this should be ashamed. Ashamed, embarrassed and disgusted with this action.

  10. This story of Ollie breaks my heart…..is anyone even looking for who killed him? There isn’t anything a dog could do to warrant him being stabbed 50 times……and then for his ashes to be tossed away as though he was garbage…..there had to be fingerprints on that suitcase and what about the knife that was used to kill him. Please be sure to let those of us who loved Ollie know when & where his memorial service will be. This world is getting worse & worse everyday….the laws have got to change….animal abusers will not stop until they receive harsher sentences……I truly believe that animal abusers turn in to people abusers…..the laws have got to change in favor of the animals.

  11. So, will we ever know where Ollie’s remains are? As someone who has read this from the beginning, I would like to feel besides being rescued and all attempts to save him were done, I also feel he should be in a place that any of us would put the remains of our pets. RIP Ollie. At least he saw and realized that people were trying to help him even though he didn’t pull through. He looked so sad with his head bandaged and arm in a cast. Run free with the God’s other creatures.

  12. They all should be ashamed of themselves for treating this poor Baby this way!!! He deserved better from all involved!!!! SHAME ON THEM ALL!!!

  13. I’ve had to euthanize many of my pets over the years and I never take the remains home with me. I know the state picks them up from the animal hospital and they do a group cremation. After that I don’t know what happens. It doesn’t really matter. This story is ridiculous. This may go on everyday in every state but no one makes a a big deal over it. It’s more important to me that I give my pets the best possible life and I know when to let them go.


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