Ohio man arrested for leaving his dog in hot truck asks police car windows opened because he’s hot

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In Warren, Ohio, a man faces multiple charges for chaining his dog up in the bed of his hot truck in the direct sunlight. When witnesses approached the dog owner, questioning him about leaving the dog in a cage, the man identified as James Corbett, 61, became verbally abusive. After Corbett had been arrested however and had been sitting in the back seat of the police vehicle, he asked the officers to open the windows because he was hot.

According to Cleveland 19 News, the dog had been left in the direct sunlight for 30 minutes with no shelter or water. The outdoor temperature registered at 93 degrees. When police arrived, Corbett continued yelling at witnesses and then directed his wrath towards Sgt. Emanuel Nites,  whose report stated the dog had been chained up with an 18 inch leash and had limited mobility. Corbett was arrested when he stepped towards the officer in a confrontational manner.

Corbett surrendered the dog at the scene and stated he would not pick the dog up from the shelter. While sitting in the police cruiser, Corbett complained it was too hot and asked the officers to open the windows. He now faces animal cruelty and disorderly conduct charges. He was released on $2,500 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on July 6.

On Wednesday, Corbett pleaded not guilty. The dog is currently being held at the Trumbull County Dog Kennel and will be available for adoption if Corbett does not claim his dog. So far, Corbett has not call nor inquired.

(Photos of man leaving his dog in a hot truck courtesy of Trumbull County Dog Warden and Warren County Court)

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  1. What a piece of work! The police should have rolled the windows up and let him sit in the hot car so he could see how his dog felt! Hopefully this monster will not want his dog back, in any case he should NOT get the dog back!

    • Actually, he had his dog chained in the bed of his pick up truck in direct sunlight. HE was the one in the police car with the windows up, good enough for him if you ask me!

  2. I hope the cops refused to open the windows. They should have told him to go to hell when he did. It’s obvious he didn’t care about his dog at all- what a vile POS.

    • Cops should have left the windows up and turned the heater on full blast stepped out of the vehicle for a 15 minute BREAK!!!

  3. “The dog … will be available for adoption if Corbett does not claim his dog.” WTF?!
    He’d actually be ALLOWED to continue abusing this sweet soul?
    I cry BULLSHIT!
    Put that MK in an OVEN and let him feel TRUE heat!
    As for that precious companion – send ‘im to ME: My forever home residents would LOVE his company!
    KUDOS to that courageous citizen who stepped forward to protect that dog, despite facing this miscreant’s wrath… and for the officer for arresting him!

  4. James Corbett was hot in a cop car – well too damn bad you dumb jerk – it was OK for you to leave your dog in a truck chained in a friggin’ cage BUT not OK for your dumb butt to be hot in a cop car???? Mister, I’d LOVE to put your loser ass in a cage in my car, lock the doors and shut the garage door and forget you exist.


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