Officer charged with animal cruelty after K9 died in patrol car

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After a four-month long investigation, a Sebastian, Florida police officer has been charged with animal cruelty of his police K9, who died when left unattended in a police car parked in front of the Melbourne courthouse on April 28. On Wednesday, the Brevard-Seminole State Attorney’s office filed the charge first degree misdemeanor charge against Officer Eric Antosia, the dog’s handler.

The K9 officer named Diesel was “left unattended” stated the press release. According to the Sebastian Daily, Melbourne Police completed their investigation and turned all evidence over to the State Attorney’s Office who decided to prosecute Antosia. Authorities have not released information as to how long Diesel had been left in the car, but the National Weather Service reported temperatures in the afternoon that day at 88 degrees. One can only imagine how hot the car’s interior temperature had climbed. Detectives suspect  the officer, who is known to leave his K-9 at home when going to court, forgot that the dog was in the SUV. The officer arrived at the courthouse on Friday at 11:00 a.m. It wasn’t until that evening that Antosia called 911 about the death of Diesel.

The police vehicle Diesel was left in, is equipped with alarms and safety equipment to protect the dogs from heat. An investigation continues as to whether any of the equipment malfunctioned. The officer is currently on administrative leave without pay pending the outcome of the criminal case.

Rest in peace Diesel.

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  1. victory!
    Florida, I salute you!
    the first state in the union consider this the crime that it is.
    Every other state in the union you better get on board.
    Start full responsibility for your investment , in canine police.
    establish the task force. get the videos ready the extra special training and more important. the backup log in checks.
    I dont care if you have your police keep his house keys on the dogs collar .
    this has happens way too much and now its a punishable law.
    things are changing for our animal friends. Because people shouted in the streets at the top of there lungs!
    Thats inspiring.
    Thank you .


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