Ocoee police shoots family’s 11-year-old beloved hound dog in the head

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Charlie Brooks doesn’t know why an Ocoee police officer had to shoot his 11-year-old hound dog; an old pooch described by his family as playful and friendly. Tragically, the police had a different opinion, and Sgt. Mark Bousquet said the family’s beloved dog, named Duke approached one of the officers, and they shot him.

Charlie witnessed the entire tragedy. According to Fox News, officers arrived at the Brooks’ home one week ago to ask about a boat authorities had seen floating across the street from his property, The boat belonged to the family, but in a moment everything changed, and as Charlie came out of the house, he said he couldn’t react soon enough.

“Our dogs came out through the dog door, came out toward the officer. The officer backed up, took a few steps, pulled his firearm and shot my dog in the head.,” Charlie stated.

Four years ago, the family had moved into their new home in Ocoee, Florida with a lakefront lot across the street where they could dock their boat on the water. Because their home was on a busy street, the entire yard had been fenced and gated. When an officer arrived at their home, he opened and walked through the front gate and began walking up the driveway towards their front door explained Lisa Brooks.

“Hearing a noise, our sweet 11-year-old dog, Duke ran out of his doggy door to greet his new ‘friend,'” Lisa wrote on her Facebook page. “The police officer pulled out his gun and shot him (Duke) in the head.”

Animal Control didn’t arrive for hours after a crime scene investigation had been carried out at the family’s home because a shot had been fired.

“They asked some questions. ‘Did it bite anybody?’ No…HE was just at HIS home in HIS fenced yard where he was supposed to be safe. We watched as they picked Duke up by the legs, put him in a plastic bag and loaded him into their truck.”

Originally, Lisa said she was told the officer would be placed on administrative duty until an investigation was completed. By the end of the week, the family had received no news and had allegedly been misinformed.

“On Friday when we called again, 96 hours after Duke was killed, we were told the police report was still not ‘complete.'” Lisa wrote. “However, we managed to get a preliminary copy. The offense identified in the report was “Suspicious Vehicle.” The officer had come to our house in the first place to inquire about our boat which was covered, anchored and properly registered on our lakefront. There was no mention of the officer firing his weapon or that he killed our dog. The fact that this preliminary report completely omits the actual crime does not leave us with much hope that the report will be factual or tell the complete truth.”

To the family’s one-year-old son Davin, calling his dog by name, (Duu) was one of the two words he knew. How does one explain to a one-year-old he will never see or touch his dog again? Their sweet dog was never a threat to anyone and according to his family, Duke’s biggest offense was giving too many kisses. He would lie patiently as Davin was taught to “pet gently,” and even when Duke’s tail got an arbitrary baby pull, Duke responded only with sloppy dog kisses.

“We are scared and we are worried. We are scared that a police man walked through the gate of our home and inflicted this violence at our front door for no good reason. We are scared that pulling his gun and using deadly force was his first course of action when many others could have and should have been used. We are scared because he showed no remorse. We are worried because this officer was back at work right after the incident. We are worried because it doesn’t appear that he will receive any repercussions from his actions or additional/corrective training. We are worried because the next time this officer feels ‘threatened’ he may very well take the same action and it may not be a dog that suffers,” wrote Lisa as her heart broke into a million tiny pieces.

This isn’t the end of the story, and the family hopes they can make a difference for another dog who might face the same cruel fate.

Rest in peace Duke.

(Photo of Duke and Davin in Ocoee screenshot via Facebook)

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45 replies
  1. Elaine Briden says:

    Extreme Anger is all i feel about this situation. Once again it continues to happen to a sweet dog. Owners need to start taking matters into their own hands.. it’s obviously clear this is going to continue to happen because police are getting away with it. Start posting signs on your doors and fenced that states. ” I own a gun legally. You enter my yard or my house without authorization you will see it!!!!, that includes police!!!”

      • Lin says:

        Mike, there was no reason for that idiot cop to be on their property. The boat was theirs, legally registered. This was a stupid, trigger-happy cop who murdered this dog in cold blood and I hope the book gets thrown at him…better yet, I hope karma gets him and the other murderous fools big time. They shouldn’t be cops and should not be allowed to carry a gun. This shouldn’t happen to these dogs and it shouldn’t have happened to that woman in Minnesota who was also murdered by a trigger-happy nut.

      • Dave says:

        But not shoot your dog‼️‼️ Unless that animal was going to attack the coward cop and had no other option. This is just wrong. I am sorry to say that if a cop shot any of my pets they would have a problem. Well 6 of them to be exact, seeing as I would empty my protection in his sorry ass????????????

    • madeline zacek says:

      I agree, I think these things are happening because the police are afraid. well if fear is a factor they should change their jobs. cops are supposed to be brave. if you can’t handle it…get out. what next, you get scared and accidently shoot a child?

  2. maxiemom says:

    I’d be scared, too, since this is the first FULL version of the story I’ve read anywhere. The local news has only printed the POLICE version of events, even noting that the family’s boat was NOT properly tied, but was apparently untied and moving in one story!!!! In other words, local news is LYING because the cops are lying to CTA!!!

  3. Adrienne says:

    More on this story needs to come out. Did the dog bark go into attack mode or growl? These shoot happy cops are not trained to deal with friendly dogs. All dogs to them are dangerous and should be shot first and ask questions later. The police need to wear some type of body armor that an animals teeth marks don’t go through. Would they still shoot the dog if they were physically protected?This officer needs to answer questions from this family and others who have a pet that could easily be killed by this thing.

    • Lin says:

      This was an OLD dog who did NOT go into attack mode or growl. He was greeting what he thought was a new friend. If they think all dogs are dangerous, they are nuts and THEY are the dangerous ones. Some of these idiots have shot dogs that were chained and dogs that were running AWAY from them. One cop got caught in his lie because the dog he said was attacking him had been shot in the back of her neck. She was lucky and survived.

  4. Kristine Gray says:

    They can’t back down!! See a lawyer!! What this POS so called Cop did is so wrong & to not report the inucident either!! Sue their asses & don’t back down!! ????????????R.I.P Duke????

  5. Barbara Garabedian says:

    Horrible evil creeps why do evil ugly devils do this poor doggie god bless him Rest In Peace I pray someone kills these ugly devils & shoots them & kills them they do not deserve to live on this earth ???? bg

    • Roselyne CORNETTE says:

      Entièrement d’accord avec vous. Police ou pas, ils ne méritent pas de vivre. Pas de pitié pour les assassins d’animaux.

  6. Kathleen Drude says:

    Another case of an idiot cop shooting a families pet! This is not acceptable! The dog came out and walked towards this idiot? Are you for real? In what world does this give this moron the right to shoot the dog! This cop must be prosecuted for this murder of a family pet! The law enforcement community must cease and stop the killing of dogs for no reason!

    • Lee Caldwell-Owens says:

      It is sop for cops and until they are sued every time they will continue to use this procedure (it makes me dislike them and fear them) There is an organization out there that will even help you sue….maybe there needs to be marches protesting…it breaks my heart

  7. Bunny Peters says:

    RIP Duke. My condolences to your family.

    I suggest that they hire a good attorney and sue the POS cop and the department. Shooting a dog in his own yard simply for being there is absolutely wrong……….

    And cops wonder why most people despise them…….. duh……. asswipes like this POS do nothing to change the public perception of “trigger happy bullies with badges”, “best to avoid ANY contact with unless absolutely necessary”……….

    Absolutely disgusting that this POS shot first without thinking……… hope he gets killed ASAP and goes straight to Hell to burn forever for his cruelty……

  8. Pamela Bolton says:

    I would sue their asses to the moon and back THEN I would sue the officer for murder. Life would be miserable for all the law enforcement around that area. This has to stop. Unless a dog has their arm in the officers mouth, the gun should NEVER be drawn.

  9. Barkley's Mom says:

    So why is there no police body cam footage of this “vicious” dog “attacking” this POS police officer? I thought all officers were going to these cameras so they could prove their actions against these dangerous situations, that they weren’t shooting innocent people or animals! I’d be hiring an attorney, they want to make up stories, I would be making them prove their allegations and making them prove they were justified killing my 11 year old hound dog. I am just so sick of this BS!!!!!!!

  10. Tim says:

    rip duke, sue the city and cop who killed your pet on your property which is considered private, and get the piece of shit cop removed from force for he has definite mental problems

  11. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    That stupid bastard needs to be charged with this!!!! He cannot get away with this. So Sorry for your loss!!!

  12. Cynthia Como says:

    OMG!! Could of used a taser,which I think was probably not needed. I BELIEVE THESE PET OWNERS ACCOUNT OF WHAT HAPPENED %1,000! Just another form of dog abuse by humanity! If a dog is in its own fenced and gated yard this shooting should NEVER be acceptable! It should be police policy to use a taser. This whole incident is criminal,unacceptable and immoral! Prayers to this poor family RIP DUKE

  13. Pamela Garlisch says:

    I wonder if there is a bigger TV network around that is NOT tied in with the cops that would be willing to investigate this? In Chicago we have NBC5 Responds. They have to go out of the town.

  14. Linda Szymoniak says:

    This is it! Let THIS be the straw that breaks the camel’s proverbial back. One dog shot and killed (or even just shot) by a police officer is one too many. Too many times, a family mourns the loss of their four-legged family member and it’s all business as usual for the officer and the entire police force. NO MORE! If anyone sees any petitions for this, please share them here. We need to start calling this police department and demand that they amend the police report to include this crime. We need to demand a full investigation and that this coward masquerading as a officer of the law gets the punishment he deserves. Nothing will bring Duke back, but we need to stop this from happening to any other dogs.

  15. Sherry says:

    I hope the family keeps nagging the department until they are forced to take action against him. This is happening entirely too often and not just with regular citizens, but lots of cops as well.

  16. Wanda ILami says:

    This, yet ANOTHER police officer murdering a family member, has GOT to be stopped!! A public outcry from all parts of the country needs to be raised and KEPT in the media until justice is meted out to that sorry excuse of a police officer! How many more innocent pets have to die before something is done?? I will sign any and all petitions related to this and any incidents of militant cops shooting innocent dogs and bereaving families of their loved ones. If I were in that area, I would be more than happy to march in any protests and demonstrations against this unwarranted, viscous attack. Please keep this in the public eye, raise a stink against this police department, and leave no stone unturned to get justice for that poor baby.

  17. Betty says:

    This have to stop.Shame on the cops In city where they shot the family pet and one of the bullet killed a teenager
    Dont let them get away with this

  18. Joy Pedersen says:

    This seems to be a common occurrence now. Get a lawyer and go after this asshole! RIP Duke – this has to stop! If someone goes after my dog/cat on my property, I will go after them with everything in my power!

  19. Darla says:

    My sincere sympathy to Duke’s family including little Davin, who will never know the love of his best friend. I’m so angry that I can barely see straight – too many damn POS cops who shoot first and then try to justify it. If you’re scared of a dog, why the F are you a cop???

  20. Red says:

    It sure is a good thing the U.S. postal workers aren’t as petrified of dogs as the freaking police!! All animals would be shot! This is ridiculous….. these people who are supposed to SERVE and PRTOECT ….. are killing pets right and left. I believe it is because they just want to shoot something, and they know there are no repercussions for killing pets. This has got to change…… when an animal is in ITS own yard, and it’s owners are with them there is NOT ONE BLASTED REASON a cop should fire their weapon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Carrie Ainsley says:

    The armed cop vs. dog situation is out of control nowadays. I keep TWO doors between the inside and the outside to keep the dogs safe from situations like this. The front door is not opened until all of the dogs are behind another door. And believe it or not, that’s not even a guarantee because some cops have even shot dogs behind closed doors, that had been locked in bathrooms or basements or closets. They have also been shot while inside crates and tied or chained in the yard. When is it going to stop? These weren’t hardened criminals or violent gang related drug offenders, this was just a family.

  22. Deborah Rothermal says:

    Just because the police wear those gold damn badges on them… doesn’t give them the right to kill the sweet hound dog…I’m so furious and disgusted with the Ocoee Police Department…he should of been fired from his job for animal cruelty and murder ????????????????????

  23. Dianne says:

    The shooter will be protected by his superiors…they simply don’t care…they just don’t…he shot Duke not because he felt threatened but because he just wanted to. Sadly, Duke will not be his last victim.

  24. Ruth Petrauskas Delacerda says:

    I have a padlock on both my gates. No one can enter unless I unlock them and that goes for the police too. ,If they shoot the lock off it will give me time to get my fur babies inside away from harm, then I will stand there with MY gun and ask-“May I help YOU? You are trespassing on private property.”

  25. Karl Hungus says:

    Give some hyper-aggressive halfwit a costume, a gun, and a taste of official power, hijinks will ensue.

    I follow these stories pretty closely, and this is something that happens far more frequently than most people realize. I think it’s going to come down to cops getting blown away by enraged dog owners who are then acquitted of all charges. In a decent society, the man who did this to your dog would’ve been dealt with like any other violent intruder, whether it was on the spot by an armed homeowner or through the full wrath of the justice system.

  26. Jamie says:

    I only wish that officer could experience the same fate as duke. Duke was more worthy of continuing to live than the scum that shot him.


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