Please love me - Cooper, homeless for 4 years

Nobody wants Cooper – homeless for over four years

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Please love me…one simple request from a dog who has been homeless over four years. Cooper, a mixed breed dog, is being cared for by a no-kill rescue agency in Florida – though he is provided with what he needs to survive, he is not living his life as a companion.

Cooper is a loving boy, but he has multiple “strikes” against him which make finding the right home difficult. Cooper has a high prey drive and he is an alpha male – his rescuers require that he join a household with no other pets and no children.

Posted by 4yrs Nobody Has Come 4 Cooper on Saturday, April 22, 2017

The following information is listed in Cooper’s biography:

Cooper was found in Ft Lauderdale. He seems to be “hand shy” & probably was abused. He needs a very experienced dog owner. He does well on leash/harness. Cooper has a lot of energy & loves to jog. Cooper does need training. He needs a strong-willed but loving parent. You would have to be willing to spend weeks/months getting to know Cooper, working with him at the shelter, gaining his trust & love but letting him know he can accept your love. He needs to feel safe & secure. Cooper needs a home with adults only and be the only animal because he is a very “alpha” male dog.

The perfect home for Cooper may be hard to find – but somewhere out there, it does exist. Four years outside of a home, without a family, is far too long. Please help Cooper find his family by sharing his adoption information.

Facebook thread here.

Biography here.

Located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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  1. Star Shelley says:

    Sharing with love and prayers for a good loving home. Sharing thru Facebook and Twitter. Please Lord sent a miracle to this precious soul. Do not forsake,him.


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