He was ‘no one’s dog’ until rescuers stepped up to help

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Check him out! He was “no one’s dog,” yet he tried to make believe he had a home – a place where he belonged. In South Texas, this poor pooch lived on the street for months, although every night he returned to the same backyard. He slept on the hard pavement night after night. No one ever petted him, nor did he ever hear the familiar, “you’re a good dog” words anymore. Still he returned to the same yard every evening; in his mind this was where he belonged. Al He still wore the collar from his past when someone surely must have loved him; why is it he couldn’t find his family?

After awhile, the loneliness, the scavenging for food and his declining health, caused from neglect and malnutrition began to take its toll. By now his immune system had been so taxed, he was unable to fight the infections ravaging his raw skin – nor relieve his constant pain and discomfort. Again and again, he scratched at the open wounds; his skin unmercifully hardening from mange.

And when rescue volunteers sent out their social media plea for help and networked the dog’s tragic plight, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped up. Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the non-profit organization, posted on the group’s Facebook page introducing Canelo to the animal advocates who continuously work, volunteer and donate to help the neediest of dogs:

“South Texas – foster confirmed, rescue confirmed. We will be taking this deserving dog into our rescue. His name is now Canelo. Funds desperately needed. Canelo will need emergency medical treatment and rehabilitation. He is being rushed to the emergency veterinarian hospital. It is a $1,000 to walk into the door of an emergency room veterinarian hospitals.”

Updates to follow. Get well soon Canelo; everyone is praying for you.

To help:

PO Box 101
NY NY 10028

Photos and video of “no one’s dog” via Leslie Ysuhuaylas and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC


Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Thursday, August 3, 2017

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9 replies
    • BA says:

      the this human race just gets worse..poor Angel was out there and NOT 1 person stepped up…Texas should be ashamed. ….not the first time I saw storys on how they treat there animals….sharing this baby praying he heals and gets the love he deserves

  1. Star Shelley says:

    Why are people in that neigbood or community ever do anything to help him. Why I ask. We’re these people that heartless and cold ! Sending prayers for him for a good recovery and a loving caring home.

    • linda says:

      I wondered the same, but, these people are not like you and me. I couldn’t and wouldn’t ignore any animal in need.

  2. Vicki Hood says:

    He will be beautiful and well and loved and have a great family soon. Blessings for the people that are responsible enough to care. Those are the real people not the so called owners now that donations are coming in.


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