No jail time: San Francisco man seen abusing puppy pleads no contest

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A San Francisco man, caught on video abusing his puppy, pleaded no contest to two misdemeanor violations of animal cruelty on Wednesday. According to San Francisco Animal Care and Control, Zixuan Liu pleaded no contest after having been caught on camera allegedly hitting and kicking his ten-month-old Shiba Inu puppy named Aniki.  Liu will not serve any jail time; instead he has been sentenced to three years probation,

In addition, the statement issued by Animal Control stated:

“Conditions on his three-year-probation state that Mr. Liu is not allowed to possess animals and that he must forfeit Aniki to Animal Care & Control. Mr. Liu is required to perform community service, attend counseling and pay all costs associated with Aniki’s care.”

According to CbsLocal, Liu, 26, was filmed by the elevator security camera dragging the puppy along the grounds outside before pulling him back and then kicking the pup in the head. Once inside the elevator, Liu stomped on the puppy three times. And as if that wasn’t enough, Liu then picked the dog up by his snout, carried him to the door of the elevator and dropped him to the floor; as the elevator door opened he delivered another hard kick with his boot – sending the frightened dog flying out into the hallway.

Liu was arrested on May 13. Veterinarians treated Aniki for cuts and bruises. 

The puppy will be available for adoption. For more information, contact Northern Nevada Shiba Rescue, where the staff will work to find a permanent home for him.

(Photos and video of San Francisco man beating up puppy via San Francisco Animal Care and Control)

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29 replies
  1. maxiemom says:

    SENSELESS!!! The conditions (except for relinquishing Aniki for adoption) should have been placed upon this POS AFTER he served jail time, and not before!!!! Whenever a judge allows an animal abuser to get away with such cruelty, especially when the puppy is lucky to have escaped with his life (being stomped on qualifies), and doesn’t impose jail time, it’s giving these monsters open season on their pets. Shame on the judge and every other one like him or her who fails our pets.

    • Sherry says:

      Agree totally. The authorities are part of the problem for sure. and why oh why is kicking, stomping, abusing a puppy a misdemeanor??? Get real. This should be a felony in all states, CALIFORNIA ! You are allowing some of the most vile creeps get away with this and the cruelty continues.

      • Mary Ann Clark says:

        I totally agree and think this should at least be prison time with no parole and on an abuser list permanently, at the very least and put judges in prison when they do not do their sworn duty!

  2. John says:

    I wonder how He would like it if Some kind Man would do the same to this POS. that don’t care about Animals. Karma works in ways that would get him in the Hospital.

  3. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Just another indication of our fabulous judges in this country. The people there need to keep track of his name and vote him out of office the next time he comes up for reelection but probably nobody will do that human beings memories are notoriously short. I’m glad they are going to find the pup another home though.

  4. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    La justice ne fait pas son travail. Au peuple de le faire, et sans pitié. Tout crimes doit être condamnable.

  5. Cynthia Como says:

    This is an excellent example of society accepting the brutal abuse of companion animals! And the NON PUNISHMENT handed doen is a prime example of why the cruel mistreatment of animals is so so rampant! I thought San Francisco had better protection laws that this…..NO ACT OF ANIMAL CRUELTY SHOULD EVER BE CLASSIFIED AS A MISDEMENOR…EVER! SMH

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    Someone should kick this bastard’s ass right back to whatever third world country he came from. MISDOMEANOR – HARDLY! This so called ‘human’ should be sitting in jail awaiting any REAL punishment some predatory inmates could give him. This is why animal abusers get off scot free – judges with the backbones of overcooked spaghetti. DISGUSTING!


    The law needs to change! This is why the evil people continue to do what they do because they think they can get away with it. Please share millions for cases of this kind of abuse, and together we can help speak for the voiceless. So many losers in this planet it’s disgusting!

  8. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    WTF!!!! Do you mean he wont spend any time in Prison??? That’s Bullshit!!!! He will just do it again!!!!

  9. (FlamingWolf)Beth C. says:

    Oh yeah like “not allowed to possess animals” now who’s going to check in on him to make sure he does not?
    I’ll tell you no one, he will have another in time as the stories go that we’ve heard ugh well they were banned from having animals prior to this murder of this animal here…
    Such a stupid stupid sentence ! No care whatsoever for the victims

  10. Marissa says:

    I’d love to get my hand’s on that little piece of shit and kick the living crap out of him and make him beg for mercy.

  11. Dexter Morgan says:

    This is a real hoot .. this jerk’s linkedin page says that one of his concerns is “Animal Welfare”. I guess Hitler’s page would say that he was concerned about the welfare of the Jews. How about John Wayne Gacy’s page saying that he wants to help sexually abused young boys ….
    The way he treated that poor little puppy was disgusting to say the least. It shows exactly what the inner core of this individual is.

    Causes Zixuan cares about:

    Animal Welfare
    Civil Rights and Social Action
    Economic Empowerment
    Science and Technology
    Social Services

  12. Joann Haskins says:

    Are you kidding me?? He should go to JAIL!!! He will do the same thing to a small defenseless child given the oppoortunity!! I hope he rots in hell

  13. Spacecowboy says:

    Very surprised a so called “progressive” city like SF would not take animal cruelty more seriously. I have lost all hope in our judicial system.

  14. Louise says:

    this makes me so angry and even more so when the judicial system does nothing to assholes like that…I would love to kick him in the head and jerk him around…just to give him a taste of his own medicine..who knows…maybe his parents treat him that way, but that is still no excuse to do that to the poor dog…

  15. Barkley's Mom says:

    Like this sentence will accomplish anything or do anything to stop this POS from doing it again! The only good thing is the puppy was taken away from him! He will move on to human’s sooner or later, if you can abuse a sweet little pup, you are a psycho just plain and simple! When is our judicial system going to take animal abuse seriously?

  16. vicki hood says:

    Who was the judge? Is anyone in the area keeping track of the judges decisions? Is there favoritism? Why this sentence ? Is the abuser a citizen? Are their rules of the apartment house? Was abuser made to pay for vet bill checking on injury? Who is going to check on this creep to make sure he doesn’t get another pet?

  17. Dee pruitt says:

    The POS needs to have the hell beat out of him in a dark alley ! Then throw his ass in a sewer where he belongs !!!!

  18. Cheyenne says:

    Fine!…this bastard doesn’t get any jailtime for torturing this poor puppy? Then let us bring him his kharma and punishment! I will gladly jack his world up and make him wish he was never born. And this goes for the justice system too! If the courts let this barbaric asslord get away with this cruelty, then they are just as guilty as the bastard that did it, and they deserve major kharma too! Sooo ashamed of some of the human race. I hope I run into this jerk somewhere….EYE FOR AN EYE, SO….BATTER UP, ASSHOLE!


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