No charges for student who posed holding dog by the tail on social media

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In Ottawa County, Michigan, a college student from Grand Valley State University, will not be charged with animal cruelty after a photo appeared on social media of the 18-year-old holding a small dog by the tail. The photo quickly went viral on Facebook  as it was shared widely; with many people accusing the young woman of animal cruelty.

According to the MliveNews, the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department instituted an investigation and located the home where the early Monday morning incident occurred at the West Campus Apartments in Allendale Township. The dog involved, a five-year-old Dachshund, was examined and didn’t appear to have suffered any injuries. A veterinarian was consulted, and the dog’s tail was not injured.

Police have determined there was no animal cruelty crime. The woman has since released an apology admitting she used poor judgment, and she would never have lifted him by his tail if she thought he could be injured. She does plan to have the dog examined by her own veterinarian to make sure.

What do you think? Should the woman have been charged with animal cruelty?

(Photo of college student holding dog by the tail Facebook)

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26 replies
  1. maxiemom says:

    YES, the bitch should be charged!!!

    Considering how Dachshunds are built, with their spines as they are, she could have done some real damage! I hope when and if she takes the dog to her vet they include some x-rays, and REGULAR ONES, to be certain no real and lasting damage was done!

    This is the kind of thing where the damage could show up later. A veterinarian should know that.

  2. Stephen Phillips says:

    18-year-old college student “didn’t think”: Who the HELL ever admitted HER, and how low must their entrance exam bar BE???

    Of COURSE she should be charged and prosecuted!

    Probably drinks and texts while driving, too, ’cause she”doesn’t think” anyone could get hurt…

  3. Susan Brummett says:

    That makes no sense. They will act if the NEXT time she injures or kills the sweet dog? People, meaning LEOs need to take this behavior seriously.

  4. Cynthia Como says:

    Hmmm,what do I think? I think she doesn’t have the brains to own any living creature! I think it was mean and cruel and she also seems to think it’s funny! At her age she should have enough maturity to have some level of kindness and compassion. If she has even a sliver of love for her dog she would never of done this! She is an idiot!!!!

  5. Adrienne says:

    Who decided she shouldn’t be prosecuted for endangering an animal? Do her parents have any connection with the court system? Ridiculous! Maybe the next time damage will occur (and you know she will do something again with this dog). The youth of this country getting dumber and dumber. Absolutely no responsibility until it is too late. Good job parents.

  6. Nadya Wall-Rossi says:

    Her parents never taught her to be responsible, kind, compassionate and gentle with little ones? “There is no failure more profound than failure in the home.”

  7. Mikki says:

    this might be just the tip of the iceburg! what u see publicly is only a fraction of what might occur behind closed doors. everybody at that “gathering” is guilty of animal abuse & cruelty if they did nothing to stop her! also, the dog should be placed in a more consciencious, caring home.

  8. Mary Ann Clark says:

    Of course this is animal cruelty and I want to know why this dog was not put into protective custody at a no-kill shelter!

  9. pennysdachshunds says:

    IF this YOUNG WOMAN is ACTUALLY that DAMN STUPID : whom ever is “footing’ the bill for her schoolings needs to take a long -long trip because there is NO NEED to waste the MONEY!!!

  10. Ilona Brost says:

    What about the guy that is standing behind her and taking a picture of it?
    Well, I suppose since she didn’t do anything wrong then he didn’t either.
    Would love to pick them both up by the ear and hold for a while, since they like this kind of fun. There should be fun for everyone, right?

  11. Nancy Raymond says:

    No charges – of course not, why would some idiot punk broad be charged with animal cruelty when it is considered a joke to hurt animals by most authorities? She can apologize and make all the excuses she wants, she treated this little dog like garbage – maybe someone should pick her up by her tits – see how it feels.

  12. pamela bolton says:

    I think this broad needs taken out behind the barn and whipped. She knew it was wrong when she grabbed the dog. She thought it was funny, we should show her now funny IT IS NOT. Disgusting. Her IQ was definitely showing here.

  13. Barkley's Mom says:

    “She would never have lifted him by his tail if she thought he could be injured”. And what kind of reasoning is there that ANYONE would think that lifting a dog by it’s tail would NOT hurt it? It’s appalling that this is the caliber of student attending college these days!

  14. Red says:

    She is a freaking idiot, bimbo, trying to be funny and impress her drunk friends. She does not care about animals or she WOULD NOT HAVE DONE THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! She needs to be fined for this at least. Any person with an ounce of a brain knows you do not pick up animals by their tails.

  15. ellen cottone says:

    let the dog decide if he was abused or not.
    if the dog wags his tail when he sees her then hes ok.
    if he growls and tries to hide and cower. then she must be punished. she must be taken to the river and dunked on a dunking board . the freekin idiot. i hope it followers her everywhere and i hope shes turned down from her first 10 collage choices.

  16. ellen cottone says:

    a dogs tail is his life.
    shes perfected this parlor trick and has been doing it for a while. getting a hoot out of it untill now.
    lets see what kind of sickos she has launched onto her life.
    well look out for you ,
    little miss jack ass. your “Cautionary Tail” cosmic punishment story is getting ready to blow your mind.
    I hope we get a picture so we can see that self satisfied shit grin wiped off your face by just deserts.


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