Nightmare continues for Kato and Kleo and their owner in Hamden, Connecticut

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One of the greatest travesties of justice has been occurring in Hamden, Connecticut for the past 5 years. Two Rottweilers; Kato and Kleo have been incarcerated there since October 2012. Pleas for their lives have been widespread via a petition to Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy, pleas to the Mayor of Hamden, Connecticut as well as appeals filed in the appellate court on their behalf. The outcome; Kato and Kleo still sit in a cage 23 hour a day, 7 days a week.

Their owner, Kim Miller has spent upwards of $50, 000 in court fees and attorneys fighting to bring her dogs home.

The case against Kato and Kleo started in October of 2012. According to Kim Miller, she was working in her yard when an unknown person whose description she did not get, opened the gate and let the two dogs out.

What happened next remains sketchy with differing opinions and statements by those present.  Cynthia Reed, a neighbor reported hearing her granddaughter screaming and ran outside to see the two dogs barking at the child. She began kicking and hitting the dogs and was joined by other neighbors who struck the dogs with baseball bats.

According to Kim Miller, the dogs attacked only because they were being attacked and until then have never bitten or attacked anyone.  She further claims her side of the story was never taken.

Kato and Kleo were seized by the Hamden County Animal Control and quarantined for 14 days which has since turned into almost five years.

Unfortunately, the Connecticut Department of Agriculture wants the dogs killed.

On a June 23, 2017, a posting on the Save Kato and Kleo Facebook page, the Connecticut Department of Agriculture and the Town of Camden continue to file motions to delay court. No consideration has been given to the fact that the dogs have been incarcerated for over four years, an act of extreme cruelty in itself.

According to vets and kennel assistants who have spent time with the two dogs, all agree that both dogs are absolutely wonderful. Although they have been incarcerated for almost five years in a high stress environment, they are still as sweet and responsive as the day they first arrived.

Since the incident first occurred in October of 2012, the story of Kato and Kleo has been told and retold multiple times via newspaper, television news reporting, pleas to governors, presidents, senators, humane societies and television personalities who claim to be advocates for animals. Yet, the cry goes unheard and Kato and Kleo get another year older in their prison. Why won’t someone in authority take a stand for these two dogs?

Please speak for Kato and Kleo and beg Governor Dannel Malloy to intervene and show compassion for Kato and Kleo by pardoning them and grant their release. He can be contacted here. 

It is the humane thing to do.

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  1. dianaroby02 says:

    The Facebook for Kato and Kleo is no longer valid. I tried the above link than did a search. Hopefully it:s just temporary. Emailing Governor.

    • Wennie says:

      They are still there with the latest post.
      Free Kato & Kleo
      I find this so disturbing and inhuman.
      If those dogs did what they said they did then 5 years should be enough, they are dogs in dog years and Kato have cancer now….please let them go home for God sake !

  2. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Is the plan to let them die in jail? Hopefully not otherwise I think the owner would have a lawsuit.

    • pamela bolton says:

      I think she has a lawsuit now, just hasn’t found the right person to make it happen. I am furious right now and I don’t live in Hamden, Connecticut .

  3. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Depuis tout ce temps, ces loulous n’ont jamais montrés d’agressivité et pourtant ils vivent une situation inhumaine. Il est monstrueux de s’obstiner a les garder enfermé. Rendez les a leurs maîtres s’en attendre.

  4. Jan duch says:

    The dogs deserve to be home with the can u people do this to these dogs..A unknown person did this purposely to get rid of the dogs..please..The dogs are suffering where they are now..that is not a dog’s life. My heart goes out to the dogs and owner. My gosh. People are cruel.

  5. Adrienne says:

    Contact all the TV stations,Entertainment Shows, as well as Ellen DeGeneres to get this out.Almost 5 years and for what? The owner has spent far too much for this to linger on especially when all the facts aren’t known. The most important facts are that these dogs didn’t get out on their own and were corner and responded like any animal would, even the most friendliest. This governor can do something about this now and for some reason won’t. Even criminals can eventually get out of jail within a certain number of years, yet these dogs aren’t even given any option other than killing them.

    • Wennie says:

      They contacted almost everyone but nobody come forward to investigate, now we really know who is fake or just helping animals just for tabloid.

  6. Cynthia Como says:

    This is the most RIDICULOUS,ASSININE,STUPID THING THAT I HAVE HEARD IN A VERY,VERY LONG TIME!!! Every single official involved in this case are committing LEGAL ANIMAL CRUELITY!!! And I thought it was against the law to torture and abuse dogs!!! This woman should file a law suit agaist the state and every single idiot involved in this despicable unreasonable situation! Sounds like these officials are making up new rules as they go along! This is BEYOND unconstitutional!! Honestly I can’t believe what I’m reading! OF COURSE THE STATE WANTS TO KILL THESE DOGS,ITS WHAT THEY DO BEST,ITS ONE OF THEIR MOST FAVORITE THINGS TO DO AND THEY KILL THEM BY THE MILLIONS EVERY SINGLE YEAR! THEY HAVE THE SICKO THINKING THAT ALL DOGS ARE DISPOSABLE LIKE TRASH! NOY ONLY SHOULD THEY RETURN THESE DOGS THEY SHOULD HAVE TO REIMBURSE THIS WOMEN HER MONEY,HOW CAN THIS BE LEGAL? SMH

    • ellen cottone says:

      Your wrong,
      This is Connecticut.
      Every dog lives Indoors.
      This state is not indifferant to animal welfare.
      This state is on no animal shit list.
      This is Connecticut.
      This ain’t Alabama

  7. Barkley's Mom says:

    What kind of justice is this? It has dragged on too long, these dogs did nothing wrong, had Cynthia Reed’s granddaughter not been screaming like an idiot, I am willing to be they would have never barked at her, the she started kicking at them, add the baseball bats and these poor dogs could do nothing more than fight back!. i see nothing here that states the dogs even harmed anyone! Let them go home, at their age they haven’t that much time left, let them go HOME!

  8. Linda Novak says:

    Sent my “illustrious” Governor Malloy an email just now. I’ve also included the message I’m going to share this on ALL social media and National News. Also mentioned I’ll be watching the outcome& if he does or doesn’t do anything. I’ll be voting my conscience based on HIS actions or no actions.

  9. Sheena Hymes says:

    Give them back. Even the shelter says they are peaceful dogs. Stupid ass judges and everyone else fighting to kill them.

  10. Roxann says:

    This is so rediculous. These dogs need to go home. What you are doing keeping them looked up is animal cruelty. We put you people in office. It is high time someone pardons them and sends them home!!!!!

  11. ellen cottone says:

    Oh my god,
    If you fall for this crock of shit I will have no respect for any of you.
    Was someone bit!?
    The dogs blew it they went into attack!
    Off their property!
    So no defending them.
    50000 blown!
    While thousands of good animals linger and die in euthanasia in impoverished animal shelters.
    Animals who would never harm a human.
    What is the matter with you people!?

  12. ellen cottone says:

    I’m going to bottom line it for you people.
    The dogs will never be euthanized.
    They can’t, political figures in Connecticut
    Have their names connected to this.
    No one will make a move.
    The owner knew she had dangerous animals.
    That’s why she lied about how they got out.
    She blew it for them.
    She knew what would happen.
    the dog’s will spend the rest of their lives in jail.
    Suck in up funds and space.
    That could be used to save good animals.
    Save your breath, your time and your petition
    For the creatchers who deserve it

    • maxiemom says:

      They were PUPPIES. Puppies NIP. People are also scared of Rottweilers because they ARE Rottweilers. This wasn’t the dogs’ fault: even the people in charge of them ADMIT they’re great dogs! They were OBVIOUSLY PROVOKED.

      If they were my dog, or anyone else’s dog here, I (and they) would fight to keep them alive. It’s called LOVE.

    • maxiemom says:

      And BTW, LOVE for her dog is the bottom line here, alone with understanding what PROVOKED her dogs in the first place!

  13. Solveig Pettersson says:

    Let them go Home ro theres owner! !! Its a very cruel behaving of them ???????????????????? AND LET THEM GO HOME NOW !!!!

  14. John says:

    These 2 Dogs belong with their Owner. It wasn’t the Dogs fault that they got out of the Yard when some Jerk opened the Gate.


    I just emailed the governor, and will call them tomorrow. I strongly suggest you guys do the same, and what a protest outside his office?

  16. Johnny Facts says:

    Has anyone actually read, reviewed or looked at the actual evidence, testimony, photos, etc. about this incident? The owner’s testimony is very different than what she claims in articles/on facebook. No evidence dogs were hit prior to attacking women. Look for yourself.


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