New York couple arrested for having sexual contact with their dog

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A New York man and his teenage girlfriend have been arrested and charged with having sexual contact with their dog. Police first arrested Shane Ogden, 38, more than a week ago for endangering the welfare of his young daughter after Ogden had been caught sending a sexual video of himself to Karlee Jordan, 18, where his daughter appeared in the background.

According to the WayneTimes, the Macedon man’s home came under surveillance, after the video showed the child looking at her father from the playpen. There was no contact with the child in the video. As authorities examined the sexting video more carefully, it has since been alleged Jordan is shown with a dog including graphic descriptions of what the couple had done and planned to do with the animal.

Jordan has since admitted the contact with the dog which has since incriminated Ogden. Both face charges of sexual misconduct. If convicted the pair will have to register as sex offenders and could face up to one year in jail. There have been no updates on the condition of the dog and whether he has been removed from the home. Let’s hope so!

(Photos of Shane Odgen and Karlee Jordan screenshots via the New York Post)

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17 replies
  1. Linda Novak says:

    One year in jail?!?!?!?
    THAT’S ALL!!!!!??!
    That’s not a justice worthy of the crime committed to this poor dog!
    We need to have stiffer penalties for animal cruelty and abuse as well as harsher penalties. Hope this dog was removed and was/is being treated for the abuse. And, the child removed!
    If those 2 sick, twisted assholes can sexually abuse a dog, what’s stopping them from doing the same thing to.a child????

  2. pamela bolton says:

    it should START with 5 years. The penalties are not stiff enough for these POS to think twice about doing something like this. They get out with only a year and they will just do it again only be more careful about being caught next time.

    • Sheri says:

      Exactly what I was thinking!! FXXKING CREEP PSYCHOPATHS????
      Wonder if they removed the baby? No telling what sick acts have been to done to her????

  3. Adrienne says:

    More jail time for these two abusers. The punishment for many of these types of people does not go far enough. Criminal justice system is becoming a joke when it involves animals.

  4. Animal Advocate says:

    I hope the dog is removed and rehomed to a loving home. The child needs to be removed as well before she is abused or raped. The laws need to be enforced with much longer sentences. I personally would like to see the death penalty for animal abusers, child sbusers, senior abusers, rapists and pedophiles. These felons will probably get out in 6 months and continue to a career of violent crimes . Looking at perspective serial rapists, possibly serial killers. One year give me a break!

  5. Cynthia Como says:

    It’s so distressing to me to not know about the well being of this poor dog! What they did is cruel TORTURE! OMG! I hope they have removed this dog! These two psychos need to be kept away from all children and all animals! If they charged these two depraved maniacs and not removed the dog then that’s a problem! I WANT TO KNOW THE WHEREABOUTS OF THIS INNOCENT DOG!!!!!!

  6. Mary Ann Clark says:

    Finding and getting that poor dog to safety should be the priority and I do not understand why this was not done ASAP,


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