Never give up hope: Street dog paralyzed after hit by car

When a concerned villager called into Animal Aid Unlimited in Unaopur, India about a street dog who had just been struck by a vehicle and couldn’t walk, volunteers rushed to the village to help. And there they found him; a shy, little paralyzed dog named Georgie who couldn’t understand why his back legs wouldn’t work. For a long  time, he just sat dazed in the middle of the street completely confused and barely able to cope with the paralysis.

As the rescuers moved closer and tried to make friends with him, Georgie was scared. He dragged himself away and growled defensively when anyone tried to pick him up. One could almost see tears well up in the eyes of the dog’s rescuers as he scooted away each time anyone approached.  When the men were finally able to make  a sling and securely pick Georgie up, he was rushed back to the Animal Aid hospital where emergency help would be available.

“It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes, when nerve damage is caught early and intensive treatment and physical therapy is started right away, there can be reason to hope, and that’s what Georgie did. He hoped,” posted the organization’s moderator on their Facebook page. “He had suffered damage to his spine and urgently needed treatment and most of all rest to stabilize his spine.”

And for weeks, Georgie underwent lots of rest to help heal the nerve damage and physical therapy to help him stand. There were daily massages while his medical staff helped him to stand. Eventually his toes stopped curling in, but he still seemed not able to walk… but he tried and he hoped.

(Photo and video of paralyzed dog Georgie courtesy of Animal Aid Unlimited)

Watch Georgie’s video here. To help Animal Aid Unlimited save more dogs, donations can be made by clicking here.

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  1. Red says:

    IF I EVER WIN ANY MONEY…… I AM SENDING IT ALL TO ANIMAL AID!!. I absolutely LOVE the work they do and the love and care they give these poor sweet street animals.
    THANK YOU Animal Aid!!

  2. Julie Lightfoot says:

    What can I say you are truly amazing in all you do for these animals I wish I had money sincerely I would help you the care and love you show these animals goes above and beyond thankyou so much

  3. Bunny Peters says:

    The look in his eyes and the way he sits reminds me of my precious quadriplegic furbaby (injured by a large dog before I could intervene)……

    I support this group because they perform amazing miracles…….. I know that they can’t save all of the animals who need help, but what they accomplish is miraculous!!!!!!

  4. Diana Bradshaw says:


  5. Cynthia Como says:

    GOD BLESS ALL THE ANGELS AT ANIMAL AID UNLIMITED❤️ I have been following them for awhile now and am in awe of the wonderful work they do!

  6. Darla says:

    I’ve seen a lot of videos of Animal Aid’s work. I think it’s time I changed my Will to add this rescue to my long list that will receive all of my estate when I die.


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