Needed: Kind heart to give senior slated to die just one more chance

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Meet Shelly; an eight-year-old German shepherd who needs a kind heart to give this senior slated to die just one more chance. Just by her appearance, it’s clear she hasn’t had much luck at kindness and care for a long time. And if her story of neglect isn’t bad enough, somehow Shelly found herself at the high kill San Antonio Animal Care Services. She is scheduled to be euthanized on Thursday; time is of the essence to find an approved rescue organization, an adopter or a foster home situation.

A Facebook page for Shelly can be found here. According to the shelter, this senior has received all of her vaccinations. Her medical evaluation indicates she has severe chronic dermatitis and skin tumors. She will need to see a veterinarian and be properly assessed for her physical issues. As of now, the shelter is administering the following medications to help her feel more comfortable. Her eyes have been cleaned, and her skin scrape proved negative:

“1.00 BNP 2 times a day for 10 days; 1.00 Predisone 5m once a day for 7 days; 1.00 Semplicef  100 once a day for 10 days”

Click here for Shelly’s Pet Harbor listing.

“I am a female, brown and black German Shepherd Dog blend. The shelter staff think I am about 8 years old. I am currently available for foster, rescue, or adoption. For more information about this animal, call San Antonio Animal Care Services at (210) 207-4PET. Ask for information about animal ID number A455251.”

To adopt me, call (210) 207-6666 or email

To foster me, call (210) 207-6669 or email

If you are with a rescue group, call (210) 207-8173 or email

Share Shelly’s plight with rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Shelly is scheduled to die on Thursday. Animal advocates have pledged more than $400 to help a reputable rescue organization with her medical expenses. This is Shelly’s last chance. Be the voice for those who cannot speak.

New today: Reward offered after family’s dog beaten to death with a bat

Photos and video of senior slated to die via San Antonio Animal Care Services and Patricia Arredondo.


11.23.17 Update JUST found out this Shelly was RESCUED by Animal Defense League of Texas Updated pictures will be posted soon. HAPPY THANKSGIVING SHELLY♥️♥️♥️♥️Update RESCUEDPLEASE do not honor pledges to anyone until we find out who the rescue is. Thank YOU all10.25.17 1:40 pm revised UPDATE:**CODE RED URGENT**STILL ALIVE BUT ONLY HAS 1 DAY TO BE SAVED**PLEASE HELP SHELLEY**SOS RELEASED TO BE KILLED PLEASE HELP NOW SAN ANTONIO TX KILL SHELTER PLEASE HELP SHELLY*pledges on this post for 501c3 reputable rescue approved by acs only*This DOG – ID#A455251*I am a female, brown and black German Shepherd Dog blend.*The shelter staff think I am about 8 years old.*I am currently available for foster, rescue, or adoption.*To adopt me, call (210) 207-6666 or email *To foster me, call (210) 207-6669 or email *If you are with a rescue group, call (210) 207-8173 or email*For more information about this animal, call:San Antonio Animal Care Services at (210) 207-4PET.Ask for information about animal ID number A455251

Posted by Osanna Carrasco on Wednesday, October 25, 2017



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28 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    A very sad ending for this Poor Girl!!! The Mexican Race are very unfeeling and many treat their children in the same fashion as their poor mistreated animals…. I have often wonder if they even consider this a sin and confess to the Priest !!! Doubt it!!!

    • ellen cottone says:

      what about your sins penny as a white supremist are you aware of your sins.
      like the true evil in the world.
      is it a mystery to you why your presents turn decent people’s stomach.
      nope not you.
      you are the perfect example of a sinner who just doesn’t get that You are the true evil in the world.and it dies with you.
      so what’s taking it so long.
      here’s ya hat what’s ya hurry

      • Diana Roby says:

        Ellen, you go, girl You are my new hero. According to the shelter, Shelly has been rescued by a “no-kill” rescue group but none has come forward as of a few minutes ago.

    • ellen cottone says:

      Ann, agreeed!!
      she took one look and she did more then just hope and pray.
      she provided the bridge between rescue and in need of rescue.
      no small thing. she found away. as for us,
      hope and prayer are also the nessary ingrediance here and we did not give up hope. we humans who share would not rite her off as

      “A very sad ending for this poor girl!!!”

      Not with the kind and loving people here who put positive invisable forces of prayer and positive pictures that Change the coarse of time and event.

      But miss debbie,
      miss boots on ground. she never stopped picturing shelly being lifted by loving arms and being carried away from a kill shelter out into a bright sunlite and into an suv that smells like a happy family with kids.
      tonite shelly eats has a warm bed and love. when she wakes up she will not believe the turn of events.
      Heres to you all and your wonderful powerful thoughts actions and prayers.
      to nite we celebrate!! what next team !?

      • ellen cottone says:

        Diana Roby,
        Your killing me.

        I have my moments.
        Im working on mitzvah, as well as my eagle scout badge.
        thank you,
        its you who are kind and thoughtful and especially sharing the good news
        about miss Shelly. I can picture so happy you ran out the frount door waving your arms over your head untill a kind neighbor came out and asked you if you are alright.

        And Thank you Miss Charyl Hanna.
        for being the spirital editor and knowing
        just when,
        to throw a bucket of ice water, on this hot head.
        Iv never stoped to thank you and penny,
        for all your hard work and the many sad souls you have provided a second chance at a good life for.
        with all my heart,
        Thank You,
        Ellen Cottone

  2. Adrienne says:

    The state of Texas needs to step up and take care of all the homeless and unwanted dogs they have roaming their streets. Rescues can’t do it all by themselves and need help from local and state government officials to fix this serious problem. Most of them have no idea what happens to animals in their own states and it is up to the “regular” people to make them informed and get their help with the animal situation in Texas. Hope a rescue can pull this senior. She will make a wonderful companion.

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      Well said Adrienne – it is pretty obvious that the state of Texas falls short on helping these poor animals who are abandoned, mistreated, dumped and left to die at the hands of these shelters who seems way to eager to kill them instead of stepping up to make an effort to find them homes. Shelly is not a criminal – she is a sweet dog who needs the safe loving home she never had – PLEASE some kind goodhearted Samaritan give her a safe loving home.

  3. Ann Radband says:

    I really, really hope some individual or some organisations steps in and saves this poor lady, this is haunting me from the UK

  4. Debbie says:

    I reached our to Blue Angel German Shepherd Rescue in San Antonio around midnight last night…..I’m really hoping they have her…..

  5. Ann Radband says:

    Was this poor lady put to sleep or was she rescued at the last moment? I really would like to know as I feel so terribly sad about her sweet little face.

  6. Ann Radband says:

    I have just seen a 100% reliable post advising Shelly has been rescued! How wonderful is that, I know we will all have big relieved smiles on all our faces having been told that.

  7. Debbie says:

    Shelley was saved this morning……they couldn’t say the name f the rescue who saved her because it had just happened …… I was on the computer last night until after midnight with Blue Angel German Shepherd Rescue…..I could not lay down to sleep without trying to do something….Blue Angel is there in San Antonio so I felt they might be able to get to her first….I don’t know if they have her yet… I pray so.


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