Dogs perished in fire at rescue facility

Nearly 2 dozen dogs die in fire at Washington rescue facility

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Nearly two dozen dogs died after a fire broke out this week at a rescue facility in Tumwater, Washington. KIRO 7 News reported that 18 dogs perished from smoke inhalation at a facility run by Furever Home Rescue. The rescue agency stated that 19 dogs died in the fire, which is believed to have started from a dryer.

The Facebook page for the rescue group addressed the devastating blaze on Thursday:

I just landed in Washington after receiving a call from animal control and the fire department about a fire that spread in my facility. This is a very sad day, a horrible day. For some ppl this is just another reason to trash me and my rescue. 19 dogs lost their lives today at the fire. My heart is broken, my soul and my body are hurting.

The rescue, run by Sharon Gold, has been in business for seven years in Washington. Gold and her rescue agency have been investigated in the past after complaints were filed with Thurston County Animal Service; the agency has stated that no evidence of neglect or abuse has been uncovered during past investigations.

Animal Services has stated that the operation required a kennel license for the number of dogs who are held at the facility – Gold admitted that she did not yet have the license, but cited her recent move to the location as the reason.

(Photo screenshot via KIRO)





7 replies
  1. Rosemary says:

    You know I think from now on that all ANIMAL SHELTER’S should look at DRYERS that might have problems later so that our beloved pets don’t get hurt again. Last year here in Monterey Ca that happen the same way how SAD for this to happen I love DOGS/CATS HOW DESVESTING.

  2. pennysdachshund says:

    I have to question as to WHY the license and full inspection and license DIDN”T HAPPEN BEFORE THE MOVE TO THE “NEW” facility!!! Then Likely the electrical inspection would have caught the PROBLEM with wiring or braker’s and 24 dogs would STILL BE ALIVE!!!! Not having suffered horrific Death’s /while Ms. Gold was “out traveling” by plane !

    • susispot says:

      dirty lint traps are a huge danger. And with dog hair from towels, blankets, etc…they should be checked after every load. I wonder if this was a contributing factor?

      • pennysdachshund says:

        Good Point!!! I didn’t STOP to Think some in our society have become that shiftless and lazy: to something that is second nature to many of us who grew up with parental supervision . and have work ethics!!!

  3. Star Shelley says:

    OMG, so sorry for the loss of this precious souls. RIP my sweetie. To think they were rescue from kill shelters only to lose their life’s to a fire.


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