NC shelter director works to improve the lives of animals in his care

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It is very disheartening and disturbing hearing about or reading about animals suffering extreme abuse and neglect while housed in county animal shelters. The many stories of shelter directors being arrested for cruel acts, and the numerous county shelters that kill animals as soon as they arrive have reached epidemic proportions.  The most recent horror being the story of Shayla, a puppy who was wrongfully euthanized at the Anson County shelter in North Carolina.

On the other hand, it is refreshing and inspirational to hear about county animal shelters that work diligently to improve the quality of life for the animals in their care and increase the survival rate. Joey Prince, the director of the Columbus County Animal Shelter, is one such person who works very hard to keep the kill rate down in his rural shelter located in Whiteville, North Carolina. This is achieved by working in tandem with local rescue groups such as Dog4you among others. Joey Prince is also one of the few shelter directors who will not only help a rescue raise funds to save a dog but will donate as well.

Unfortunately, county funding is often cut for animal shelters. Columbus County has cut the budget twice this year – making it nearly impossible to adequately house the animals in the shelter. At this time, Joey is trying to upgrade the puppy kennel area by expanding it, adding new cages as well as a quarantine area. Because the county can’t be counted on to supply funding for the upgrade, a fundraiser has been set up.

Currently, the puppies are kept in cages that are old, cramped and dark. Not only is this environment unhealthy for a puppy to be in for any length of time but also not good for showing the puppies off to potential adopters. The new cages will give the puppies more room to move around in as well as more visibility to adopters.  They will also be easier to clean resulting in a more hygienic living space for the pups. The best part about the expansion/new cages is; it will allow more space for the puppies giving them more time to be adopted and allow those that are sickly to be quarantined.

Donations can be made here . 

To learn more about Columbus County Animal Shelter visit their website.

There is also a Facebook page run solely by volunteers to help find homes for the dogs of Columbus County.

It’s an amazing thing when a shelter director takes the initiative to make the shelter a better place and improve the quality of life for the animals who end up there through no fault of their own.

(Photo of shelter director helping dogs via Facebook)

Kudos to Joey Prince and the volunteers of Columbus County Animal Shelter.

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9 replies
  1. Star Shelley says:

    Well its,about time some ,of this high kill shelter diectors,decided to make their shelters, a better environment for their animals in their community. Bless, you Mr. JOEY PRINCE. Sending prayers,for a successful fundraiser to help you find the money to help you improve the life s of those innocent anmals.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Quality shelter directors are few and far between. It’s good to read about one that actually takes their job to heart and know they are there to help the animals, not just earn a pay check. Bless you Joey Prince, you are a true hero!

  3. Helen says:

    Thank you for caring. More shelters should make the effort to improve the living quarters for the homeless dogs and pups,, including cats and other animals.

  4. pamela bolton says:

    Thank you, Joey, for having a heart that SO MANY HUMANS LACK. Other shelter staff should take lessons from you.

  5. Elaine Briden says:

    Thank you Mr. Joey you are a Prince. Maybe now other shelters will follow suit, or at least get someone in there that wants to help and cares to make a difference in the lives of these poor animals who were let down by humans.

  6. Dana Ufkes says:

    This is the way all shelters should operate, it’s unbelievable the lack of basic care, protection, and help most shelters receive from their very own communities. Why is it when budgets are cut the vulnerable are always the most that suffer? And when will we, (the public) learn that murdering innocent animals do to lack of funds in hopes of controlling the population is not effective? WE NEED BETTER EDUCATION, better support, change laws for breeders, stricter laws on animal abusers, OUTLAW PUPPY MILLS and STOP MURDERING innocent animals that find themselves in these murdererous shelters to no fault of their own!

    Blessings to this shelter director, may he be made an example of to all the dreaded shelters across this country, he deserves the recognition, support and an AWARD!! ????


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