Nasty drunk receives slap on wrist for beating his elderly dog in ‘fit of anger’

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A nasty drunk received a slap on the wrist for beating his elderly dog in a “fit of anger” even though witnesses begged him to stop. On Tuesday, Carl Gillimore was banned from owning any pets for a year, after causing unnecessary pain and suffering to his 12-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier named Kiya.

According to the Echo, the animal abuse was caught on closed circuit television video on a street corner in Moreton, United Kingdom. Gillimore had been beating Kiva so hard she fell to the ground. Although he first denied any wrongdoing, two videos showed him punching the frightened dog in the back of her head. And why was he so angry? Apparently Kiya had slipped out of her leash. First the drunken man punched her, and then bent over and continued pummeling her. Witnesses begged him to stop.

Even then he wasn’t finished striking the dog, and as he walked away, he continued hitting her. The disturbed witnesses contacted the RSPCA, who launched an investigation after receiving the videos. One week later, the organization with the assistance of the police, executed a warrant at Gillimore’s home and removed  two dogs. Kiya didn’t suffer any lasting injuries, and she was such a sweet dog, that in spite of her owner beating her up so badly, she never even tried to defend herself; the loyal dog just took the brutal beating her owner dished out to her.

The dogs Kiya and Kane have been turned over the RSPCA. In addition to the ban on owning any pets, Gillimore has to serve a year of community service and was hit with several fines.

We hope Kiya and Kane find happy new homes to live out the rest of their lives.

(Photos of nasty drunk beating up elderly dog via screenshots of video via the Echo)

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  1. Sick bastards evil people creeps I pray he is beaten to death & killed poor doggie I pray he is going to be healed & pray god will help saved him & new family forever bg

  2. SO MUCH for justice for his broken animals!!! Our elected officials quite frankly are only INTERESTED in the pay check and the Perks and NOT the actual duties that go along with the job they are provided.

  3. Will they even try to find homes for these abused dogs? Will we see them on an urgent page in the near future? I hope to heaven they will be in loving homes and we will know they are safe.

  4. This punishment wasn’t worth doling out! What no “anger management”? (sarcasm). Big deal one year not owning a dog and this POS drunk will go back to his drunken ways, and I’m sure “community service” and “fines” will make a big difference in his actions (again sarcasm). At lease Kiya and Kane are away from that monster and hopefully will find wonderful new families.

  5. WTF!!!! Really???? I cannot believe that he only got a slap on the wrist!!! He needs to go to Prison!!!! This is HORRIBLE!!!

  6. These witnesses who observed this drunken ahole beating Kiya did nothing but beg him to stop? What the hell is the matter with people? No one intervened to stop him and as usual the RSPCA did little to nothing – a 12 year old dog suffered and this drunken idiot got no punishment – a 12 year old dog was taken away to languish in a shelter that will probably put her down – I hope Carl Gilmore gets so damn drunk he falls in the gutter and dies there – THAT is the only justice Kiya will get.

  7. This drunken bastard should be banned from having pets forever, not just for one year. Beating his senior dog is inexcusable and I’m just sorry Kiya didn’t rip out this worthless drunk’s throat. He doesn’t deserve to have such a loyal dog.

  8. How do you stand there and take a video and let this monster continue to hit this poor dog? I would find a brick, log, something and HE WOULD STOP…..even if I had to put THE MONSTER down….. it would stop.


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