Mystery illness sickening dogs across one state

Mystery illness sickening dogs
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A mystery illness, causing upper respiratory problems in dogs, is spreading across the state of Montana. According to Friday’s publication of the Missoulian, though the symptoms are similar to severe kennel cough, many of the dogs who have been sickened by the virus were already vaccinated against that particular disease.

An estimated 250 dogs have fallen ill from the disease – it is not known how many have died. Dogs with the mystery disease have shown symptoms including fever, cough and difficulty breathing – some dogs have developed deadly pneumonia. Young dogs, between the ages of two and three years, appear to be impacted the most.

Officials in the state are encouraging owners to keep their dogs away from boarding facilities and other public, dog-friendly areas as the disease appears to be highly contagious.

Dogs who have died are being examined and samples are being collected from sick dogs – experts hope to get to the bottom of what is sickening the pets.

If your dog gets sick with symptoms consistent with this mystery illness, call a veterinarian – be sure to warn them about your dog’s symptoms in order to prevent bringing a dog into a clinic and exposing other pets.

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  1. OMG; I hope that Montana does some medical research quickly to find out what this mystery illness AND it’s CURE is! This is urgent! So many dogs are affected.


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