Mystery of Bengal tiger roaming near Atlanta shot and killed solved

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Authorities have solved the mystery of a Bengal tiger found roaming in metro Atlanta on Wednesday. The animal had quietly slipped out of her enclosure while he was being transported – sadly police shot her dead after she attacked a dog.

According to Nola, area residents had made multiple 911 calls to police after spotting the wild animal. Captain Joey Smith of the Henry County police, wondered how the tiger wandered onto Interstate 75 in the metro area. Field Entertainment, which had been contracted to move the tiger, stated it had no idea how Suzy escaped as she was being transported from Tampa, Florida to Memphis, Tennessee.

Six-year-old Suzy had been in transport when the driver made a stop in Georgia overnight. The company didn’t realize the tiger was missing until the truck arrived in Tennessee and Suzy was not in her enclosure. Personnel notified the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. The cat was to be flown to Germany to be part of another circus.

As Suzy jumped over a fence and attacked a dog, authorities shot her:

“When the tiger became aggressive toward pets in the area, it was deemed necessary for public safety to put it down, and it was done quickly and humanely,” Department of Natural Resources spokesman Mark McKinnon stated.

The dog attacked by Suzy is fine except for a few minor scratches. Tragically, the tiger had been raised from by her owner since a cub; the owner from Feld Entertainment was devastated. Surely someone could have considered tranquilizing her instead of killing this magnificent animal.

(Photo of Bengal tiger via Henry County Police Department)

Rest in peace Suzy.

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    • Daniel Clarkson says:

      Forget about using a taser on tigers. They are more likely to increase the chances of an attack. Tranquilizer darts are the best and safest way of stopping any of the world’s big cats, not just tigers.

  1. Betty says:

    considered tranquilizing her instead of killing this magnificent animal.
    And you should of never own the wild animal
    It just a much your fault as the person that kill it
    They should be keep it the wild where they were born
    Rest in peace sweetheart

  2. Duree Douglas says:

    She was on her way to a circus? Owner selling her to a circus causes me to question genuine devastation(?). Lost a LOT of money. I don’t know which ending would have been more tragic. So sad for the tiger.

  3. Bob Newman says:

    She was giving her tiger to a circus….and it states “another” circus. Then how is it she had concern for the well being of the tiger. It wasn’t okay to kill the tiger, but okay to be abused in a circus? Does she believe tigers perform in circuses because they wish to, or because they are abused until they do. RIP beauty. You no longer have to be beaten into performing.

  4. linda says:

    RIP Suzy. People failed you. Btw how can you not notice a tiger missing?!!!!! I know some states don’t allow tranquilizers being used by police officers. Maybe that should change.

  5. Adrienne says:

    This tiger was going to be transported to a zoo in Germany, so may be a blessing for this animal that has been caged his whole life. Feld is the owners of Ringling Brothers Circuses, and rather than transporting this tiger to another circus in Germany, should have been a sanctuary and been closely watched during transport. Sad for this tiger but we did this to him.

  6. ellen cottone says:

    im not amused.
    the poor thing was running for his life , starving and thirsty.
    another rotten stinking circus tragedy.
    whats so funny about the frikin circus? i forgot.

    • linda says:

      Nothing funny about circuses. Hell the clowns weren’t even fucking funny. No wonder people are afraid of clowns. Up for a Stephen King movie?

  7. Francene Kilichowski says:

    Know what? Tragically, this tiger got the easy way out of captivity/slavery.She had no quality of life and it wasn’t going to improve.
    Until this practice is outlawed worldwide, there will be no happy ending for these cats

  8. Barkley's Mom says:

    So how does it happen that nobody realized a tiger was missing until they got all the way to Tennessee the next day? Wasn’t someone feeding the animals that were being transported? This is totally inexcusable that the animal got loose and lost!

  9. ellen cottone says:

    Friends, Romans and Country men ,
    Lend me your heart !
    Please , lets help the long suffering,

    This is the real situation at hand and it is diabolical.
    These slimes of the recently deceased Ringling bros and others!!
    Are doing the ultimate sight of hand.
    Instead of retiring these animals to a sanctuary so they can live out their lives in company , comfort and safety,
    They are being re-slaved!!

    They are being shanghai-ed off to even LESS regulated zoos and circuses. away from the protected screams of circus captive, protest and advocacy.
    time to make a stand. its signage and commentary that this petition needs rite now,
    Speak your earth transformation words and alert your friends to the currant happs.

    Today we shout it for circus animals being re-slaved.
    Its terrible. Lets not Put up with it.,

    Don’t Allow Feld Entertainment to Send their Tigers to a German Circus

    Sign Now


    While the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey’s “Greatest Show on Earth” may have ended, much to the relief of animal lovers like myself, it isn’t the end of the pain and suffering for Feld Entertainment’s animals.

    Recently, one of the former circus tigers was shot dead in Georgia after escaping from a truck bound for Tennessee. Now, the parent company of the circus, Feld Entertainment, wants to export its tigers to Germany.

    Urge the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to deny the export permit.

    Feld Entertainment has submitted an application to send 14 tigers to Germany. This permit process is required when transporting any endangered species across borders. The journey will negatively impact the animals’ welfare and once they arrive in Germany, they will face many more years of torture at the German circus. The company’s track record of animal abuse should be sufficient to deny this permit but the USFWS needs to hear from us.

    Feld Entertainment should not be allowed to continue to profit from these animals’ suffering. Sign this petition urging the USFWS to deny the permit application from Feld Entertainment and force them to retire their animals to an accredited sanctuary instead.

    Thank you,

    Sharanya P.
    The Care2 Petitions Team


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