Mother grieves for son electrocuted as he tried to rescue family cat in floodwaters

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A mother is heartbroken after her son was electrocuted in  the Texas floodwaters trying to save his sister’s cat. Andrew Pasek, 25, had been with his friend on Tuesday afternoon in Bear Creek Village on their way to feed his sister’s cat. As the men waded through the knee-deep water, they came close to a light pole – they were not aware it was electrified.

According to Inside Edition, as Pasek felt the electrical current surge through his body, he told his friend not to touch him:

“He told Sean, ‘Don’t touch me, go away! I’m dying,'” stated his devastated mother, Jodell Pasek. “Sean ran across the street as much as he could to get out of that water.”

No one could rescue Andrew for more than an hour until the power had been switched off in the neighborhood.

“They could not save him or try and resuscitate him because of the electricity in the water,” Jodell explained.

Tragically Andrew wasn’t the only life lost due to live electric waters carrying their deadly powers. Five men and two journalists died during a rescue mission when their boat lost power. As they drifted towards downed wires sparking in the water, they jumped out thinking they could save themselves. Two of the men were electrocuted and two other men are still listed as missing. The survivor held on to a tree for hours until he was lucky enough to have been rescued.

Jodell hopes to warn others about the dangers – hoping to save other lives. Warning signs that there is a live current in the water include a buzzing noise or feeling a slight tingling while in the water. Experts warn everyone to get out of the water!

Rest in peace Andrew.

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Elderly man wades through deep water to save stranded dog!

Moments before abandoned house is set to be demolished, cries from puppies are heard inside!

10 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    How Very tragic…. a classic case of a Wonderful young man and his friend …. who have love of family…and dedicated to helping his sister and their family cat …. while the psychopaths that maim, torture, butcher animals on an hourly basis are out there running around to continue the EVIL ACTS THEY TRHIVE ON … This was so blessed to have been able to share the happiness and kindness of this BRAVE YOUNG HERO!!! my prayers and sympathy are EXTENDED across THE MILES TO THEM..

    • Nadya Wall-Rossi says:

      Her son died a hero! God bless all of The Rescuers who put their own lives on the line to rescue human and furry victims.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    My condolences to Andrew’s family – he died a hero by saving his friend and by his attempt to feed a stranded cat –
    his kindness and compassion will never be forgotten.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    Oh bless these poor people, How sad to lose a good man trying to save his sister’s cat. My condolences to the family for the loss of their hero.

  4. ellen cottone says:

    He went into uncharted and dangerous territory because he loved his sister and he also loved this cat. And with his last words saved his friend. He thought about his cat friend all night. I’m sorry for his family


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