Missouri women spotted forcing puppy to drag weights during walk

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In St. Louis, two Missouri women were spotted forcing a small puppy to drag heavy weights during its walk. Animal advocate, Kathy Venegoni posted a photo she took of the incident and believes it is an act of animal cruelty. According to Fox News, Kathy wants to identify the women and report them to the police.

The Humane Society of Missouri, however states what is being shown here is not illegal, and unless the dog is underweight or injured, this kind of action is not against the law. Police and animal control officers can only intervene if the weights are causing the dog to be in distress. St. Louis Metropolitan Police stated this is a “sport” and not illegal.

The photo was taken in the Bevo neighborhood in South City; Kathy took the picture when she saw the two women in front of her home on Ulena Avenue.

“I just cried and cried,” Kathy told news media Kmov. “My stomach felt like a pit was in it. He’s just a puppy. It was the worst thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen cruelty before, but that was absolutely horrifying.”

In her description, Kathy thought the puppy, who weighed no more than 30 pounds, had been forced to drag 25 pounds of weights and described how the puppy would get stuck in the uneven sidewalk. She was so upset, she confronted the women who told her they were training the dog.

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35 replies
  1. Liz B says:

    I feeling crying for this poor baby. For what legitimate activity could they be training this puppy??? Dog fighting perhaps? This poor dog. Why don’t they drag almost 100% of their body weight and see how it feels. It is a shame that nothing is being done. I guess when the pup is found battered and bruised these horrible people will get a slap on the wrist and a new pup to torture. I hate people.

  2. anna says:

    are you sure, that is a so-called sport???? that is terrible!!!!!!!!! what kind of sport is that??? so stupid!!!!!!!!! lets do that to these women and let us see if they like it?????????????? ANIMAL CRUELTY, THAT IS WHAT IT SEEMS LIKE TO ME!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kathleen Drude says:

    Training the puppy for what? Yes that is considered cruelty, puppies bones are still growing and there can be permanent damage inflicted! They can suffer anything from a stress fracture to dislocation of vertebra, to malformation of joints!

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    What are they doing, training the dog to pull something? I would think this kind of weight would hurt his/her joints at such a young age not to mention what is it doing to his/her back? Maybe it’s legal, but that doesn’t make it the right thing to do!

  5. Sherry says:

    Humane society of Missouri; I am truly afraid that you are supposed to be an authority and you are saying it’s not illegal if the dog isn’t injured. Certainly a puppy being forced to drag their own body weight is cruel and unusual punishment, and IS in the PROCESS of being injured by this torture! Are you seriously gonna tell me you guys are doing your job by sitting back and waiting until such a time that this dog is “visibly injured” ENOUGH to intervene??? Well What kind of fucked up bullshit nonsense is this?? I thought you were in the business of protecting animals, not getting out of responsibility on some lame technicality. Are you LAZY or NOT actually on the animals side here? What the hell is wrong with you. I will make a note to never ever donate to your PRETEND “Humane” society….I’m in Louisiana but give to causes nationwide and even outside of the country. I can assure you, you won’t be getting a red cent from me and I have a big mouth. I like to make noise when I see cruelty and injustice to animals. You are part of the problem; as you are COMPOUNDING the animal cruelty escalation rather than trying to act or find solutions. This is nuts to me. What a cop out/ bail out excuse. DISGUSTED with the INHUMANE society of Missouri (pretend charity )

    • Cheryl Gehrke says:

      I agree with everything you said. That humane society is always writing me on the Internet wanting mone too and that makes one more so called humane shelter I will not give to. I bet those horrible women are training him for pit bull fighting.

  6. ellen cottone says:

    Training the dog for what!?
    She’s training him to be sold as a fighter. it’s too bad don’t give a crapp missouri isn’t curious about the puppy owners home gym/ torcher chambers

    It’s sad that don’t give a crapp missori isn’t interested in how the puppie is tied to a treadmill mill and forced to try and run with 25 lbs tied to him.

    It’s sad that the lady is crying and Missouri turns a blind eye to what is clearly wrecking a newly developing young dogs body and system.

    If it was a sport, that lady would have said so. But no she was pretty hostile about the confrontation
    So what else could it be,

    Animal abuse.

  7. SLV says:

    I live in the St Louis area and this doesn’t surprise me at all. The ignorance of people here and of the police doing nothing isn’t unusal . I pray that somehow, someway that puppy and the others are saved.

  8. Francene Kilichowski says:

    Guess what they’re training this pup to be ! This brain dead state should be following/investigating these women to locate THE SOURCE. Guaranteed they’ll find a dog fighting operation. Or is that legal there too?

  9. Linda Szymoniak says:

    Sport? Yeah, right. This is how dog fighters build strength in the dogs they fight. Have them pull weights, work out on treadmills. If authorities won’t do anything about this, we need to plaster the internet with the photo and find who these monsters are. Not illegal? Well, it’s immoral at the very least and SHOULD be illegal. Maybe someone will find the dog and it will “escape” his yard. Likely this puppy is tethered in a yard when not being trained as a fighting dog. Easy enough for the dog to get loose and “wander off”.

  10. Dana says:

    What a perverse system Missourians have in the welfare of animals but somehow I’m not surprised. What kind of Humane conscious person would agree with this type of torture to a animal but especially a young pup? This is shameful and frankly, I’m disgusted with these excuses coming from this ignorant state.
    Let’s just allow cruel folks like these women that raise puppies to be fighting aggressive killers run a operation like this, why the hell else would you take a puppy for a walk pulling weights that bear any kind of weight? Come on, open your eyes and heart you lazy ignorant bunch of animal abusers, you and your state policies are disgraceful and in my opinion are no better then China who by the way has no animal protection laws period…

  11. Flamingfeather(Beth) C. says:

    Can we say training for dog fighting?!
    The Humane Society of Missouri, however states what is being shown here is not illegal, and unless the dog is underweight or injured, this kind of action is not against the law. Police and animal control officers can only intervene if the weights are causing the dog to be in distress. St. Louis Metropolitan Police stated this is a “SPORT” and not illegal.
    Everyone’s comments I 100+% agree with

  12. Mary Ann Clark says:

    Put these women and police in jail for torturing this puppy! I hope someone saves the puppy and has the ethical imperative to find and arrest them!

  13. Tim Brady says:

    someone needs to find these 2 pieces of shit and tie some weights to them ,then find a nice lake to dispose of them,, cops don’t know the difference between dog fight training I guess

  14. linda says:

    Wtf?! SMH never heard of this being done to a puppy/dog. Training for what? Should have been given an explanation for what kind of training!

  15. Theresa says:

    It looks like a pitbull they’re probably training it to be in a dogfight two fucking cunts I like to put a weight around there fucking necks

  16. Tracy Whitcomb says:


  17. Michelle Ruscito says:

    Seen it before and I think it’s ridiculous. Some black guy trying to get his pit bull to drag weights. How fucking stupid. I can just imagine what he was traini his poor dog to do. Fighting most likely. Status sign for these guys. A puppy??? Ignorant, stupid girls. I’d lie to drag them someplace…..

  18. Randall Shaddock says:

    It seems clear the intended purpose is strengthening the puppy to be a fighter, anyone connected to animal welfare would recognize this to be a fact. There is a website for Humane society of Missouri, and a face book page, I intend to ask them why this isn’t being investigated. It doesn’t seem unreasonable to check on the puppy to confirm it hasn’t ‘been injured as a result of pulling the weights. If there should be other red flags to suggest dog fighting, maybe the police would be interested.

  19. Ilona Brost says:

    So reporting to The Humane Society of Missouri and to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police brought no result. Apparently crime in the making is not a crime yet. Why would anyone want to interfere with sporty training of a future fight dog (sure those organizations have a clue “sport” relation of that “training”) if we can wait for couple years for this dog or his “sportmates” attack somebody outside the “sport” like multiple reports of fight dogs attacking people and ending up being euthanized. It will be a crime then. Why try crime prevention if we can successfully punish it. Make sense, right?
    Next step – whom to report about The Humane Society of Missouri and the St. Louis Metropolitan Police ?

  20. Animal Advocate says:

    These overweight idiots should be working out themselves. I’d like to see them chained to their body weights trying to drag it barefoot probably in 99
    degree weather. They most likely are training for fighting. Wouldn’t be surprised if the poor pup has a big chain and stays outside most of the time. This needs to be investigated!

  21. pamela bolton says:

    Training the dog to do what?? Be a bulldozer?? This is sick and the cops could, or wouldn’t, do nothing to help the dog? This puppy will pay for their stupidity later in life. I guess preventing a crime before it is one, is not worth them putting their coffee down and doing something about it. Add another SICK STATE to the list.

  22. Leslie Lauersdorf says:

    Does that mean that in the name of sport we can tie weights equaling 95% of their fat ass body weight around their neck? Police and animal rights need to be on these people watching them.

  23. Nancy Raymond says:

    If anyone thinks this is a training method for other than dogfighting they need another think coming – that is ALL it is done for and apparently the Humane Society of Missouri condones this treatment – unreal. This poor little dog is being tortured so it can be dumped in a ring to get its guts torn out – good going Humane Society – you have again proved what a useless waste you are.
    These two broads need those weights tied around their necks and then dump their useless ghetto butts in the nearest body of water.

  24. audrey says:

    Since this is a possible way training for dog fighting. The authorities and the HSM should keep their eyes peeled on these women and their activities. I’m sure they’re aware of the techniques (or I would hope so) for future dog fighters.

  25. Samantha Campbell says:

    This is disgusting&& it would of course be in my homicide ridden neighborhood..my mom lives a couple blocks away..smh ????


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