Missouri teens arrested after posting video of dragging kitten behind vehicle

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Two Branson, Missouri teens faces animal abuse charges after posting a disturbing video on Facebook of a kitten tied to the the back of a moving vehicle. Kyle Williams, 18, and Jordan Michael Derek Hall, 18, were arrested on Saturday night according to a press release by police. The video showed people “laughing as the kitten tossed and turned” while being dragged to his excruciatingly painful death.

Hall, 18, has been accused of driving the vehicle that dragged the cat until it was dead. According to the report, Hall drove the 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the cat tied to the back of the bumper. The report states the cat tried to run behind the vehicle until it was exhausted and couldn’t not run any more.  Prior photos of the cat in the beginning of the video, showed the animal looked “healthy and scared” before being brutally dragged to his death.

According to Facebook readers, who viewed the disturbing video which was removed a short time later, Williams posed with the dead cat and beneath the picture, he captioned:

“Try to guess how I killed my cat, but you can’t.”

The cat had been dragged for five minutes, and individuals were heard laughing; even when the SUV stopped and it started again dragging the cat, one sick individual could be heard yelling:

“Keep going. Don’t stop. He’s almost dead.”

In a report from the Branson Trilakes News, Hall admitted it wasn’t right what was done to the cat, but nevertheless he continued torturing the defenseless animal.Both men have been charged with a class E felony of animal abuse and armed criminal action. Williams appeared in court on Monday to be arraigned, however he displayed disruptive behavior and was removed. His next court appearance is scheduled to June 12. Both men were being held in jail in lieu of $15,000 bond, It is not known if they have since bailed out of jail.

Rest in peace poor cat. We hope you get some justice.

(Photos of Missouri teens accused of dragging kitten via booking photos)

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  1. What is wrong with everyone posting on this profile? I understand that you are all dissapointed, disgusted, and infuriated at Kyle, but what gives you the right as normal individuals to condemn and pass judgement on him…?

    Everyone on here expressing how they want to see him “burn”, or how, “they’ll take take of him when they see him” all are just as bad, if not worse than him. Read your own comments, and take a dive into your own mind. Analyze yourself. It is not about showing that you give damn or how you have to assert your dominance, and rule upon an individual, but how disgusting and ignorant you all sound. I do not support nor do I agree with Kyle’s action, and to be honest, I thought it was some disgusting joke; honestly, I am glad that the authorities have found him. I am glad that he is now seeking the help that he may need, and that he is now being condemned for his actions.

    For those who feel like they need to express how they want him to die, and how they hope to see him burn or whatever the case already shows that you have the same lingering mindset. You are all part of a society that follows and acts on instincts. Being mad, upset, restless and etc are all normal, but before you all dive into a post saying how disgusted you are… Then keep it at that.

    Keep it civil.
    Keep it clean.
    Keep it legal.

    The last thing you’ll ever want is your own ass in court for a charge that you made because of vengance. The law does not care about your emotions. It just cares about the facts.

      • I agree!!! The bastard is just mean and has no regard of life in any form. He makes me sick to my stomach but I will let GOD take care of him. Karma is a bitch! Trust me you will see. People like you sicken me and one day when you are really in a bad way this situation will eat at you like a cancer.

    • i’ll telll you what’s wrong…..we are sick to death of animal abuse and torture. It’s all day everyday!!
      I have no compassion for these evil humans as they certainly showed no compassion for a baby animal. That poor kitty died an excruiating painful death.
      There is a special place in hell for those two.

    • YOU actually think those two can be helped!!! HA! To display behavior AS Cruel, Evil, Brutal , as this , it is pretty certain THIS is not the First time something like this has happened THEY ONLY “GOT self Important Filming Their Stupid Selves” These two thrive on torture, pain, suffering, and will NOT stop. They are Ted Bundy and Jeffery Dahmer in the Making!!! I bet they have been killing small animals for years, in this horrific fashion….. Wait a few year’s it may be you or your child these Psychopaths decapitate and hang you head on a spike…

    • The fact is they were caught in the act and should be punished!!! I’m pretty sure killing humans maybe next.

    • One difference here, this disgusting and ignorant, might WANT to see these POS’s dragged behind a SUV but I wouldn’t go out and do it and then laugh about it! You really think there is ANY help at this stage for “Kyle”? His mug shot tells he is a smug punk that thinks what he did was funny and the fact he was “removed from the courtroom due to behavior and being disruptive,” at his hearing tells me much about his character. If I were you, I would be watching my back if I knew this POS! You or one of your might be next.

    • OH REALLY? We shouldn’t condemn or judge a couple of evil little punks? “WE” are ignorant for wanting to see them pay for what they did? Who gives us the right to judge? Well lemme think … the legal system!!! A jury gets to judge you. Oh for the record .. there’s also free speech and if you don’t like it .. too damn bad. There’s far too much of this crap going on nowadays. You know what’s disgusting & ignorant .. some tosser yapping off about what others would like to see done to these monsters. Not to mention the fact that in most cases .. NOTHING gets done to these pricks. A slap on the wrist or nothing at all. So .. the thing I’d like is: For these A-Holes to get tied to a car and dragged along the highway until they cease to breath. Or better yet … see them go to jail and make sure other prisoners know what they did. FYI .. in prison they don’t much care for animal abusers And if they are REALLY lucky they’ll make some new friends there. Better give them both a GREAT BIG JAR of Vasoline. They most certainly will need it. And NOT ONE PERSON .. will feel pity or compassion for them ether!!! Oh .. except for you maybe.

      • Rock on!!! I couldn’t have said it any better. I hope the scumbags get raped every day 5 times a day

    • Get off your high horse and don’t tell us what to do. They did it and they deserve to be judged severely. Do you see any shame or remorse on their faces?!!!! We are all angry and it’s fine to express anyway we want to……be a dear and FUCK OFF!!!!!

    • Considering you were the first to post here before anyone else tells me you were quite prepared and expected us to write comments about these assholes. Hmmmmmm are you friends with Kyle? You failed to mention Michael.

    • See you “I”..this isn’t the site for you!!! People vent their anger, frustration and helplessness in the face of horrendous animal abuse and neglect. If you don’t like a post skip it or just leave. thank you.

    • Maybe it is because they killed an innocent animal. A kitten. Animals are not put on this earth for people to torture to death. If two stupid boys put up a video of killing a kitten and can be heard laughing about it, then they are sick. Mentally not there. You might as well drag a baby or an elderly person behind a vehicle because it is like the same thing. What do you think people would say or do? People are sick and tired of hearing about people like these two stupid ass kids doing something like this! Who are you to tell anyone posting on here to keep it civil, keep it clean and keep it legal? Are you a family member because you sound like it. I so hope they get the book thrown at them – I really do. Those two idiots deserve just punishment – especially that ass that’s on the right- he doesn’t look like he’s remorseful at all.

    • I have read and reread your post and i don’t know which pisses me off the most…..the opening of, “what is wrong with people posting on this profile” or you acting like you are the flippin internet police telling people what to post and not to post. Do you really have to ask what is wrong with people posting about this? Seriously? Are you that dumb to even have to ask that question? If you can’t figure that out then you are mentally retarded. You can’t tell anyone how to post or what to post. This is all public information now- anyone that does a crime like this doesn’t care about anything or anyone.

      • My thoughts exactly OR the SQUEEZE that one of them is currently probably using and abusing too!!!

    • These are worthless POS. Why give them any doubt. If they are back out on the streets, I guarantee you they will be out harming another animal or even a human. Humans have a thinking consciousness, they should have known better. They don’t deserve any sympathy. That’s just thinking in a dumb manner.

    • “I” you need to step back rethink and regroup before you EVER tell ANIMAL LOVERS that we should feel sorry for these 2 POS!!!! Kyle smarmy grin make me want to smack it off it’s face….so you think what they did was boys being boys think again!!! They are really fucked up in the head to think there’s nothing wrong with what they did!!!!
      So “I” you need to open your eyes an look at the big picture and realize that when they go to jail(hopefully prison) they become someones bitch!!!!!

    • I truly hope they rot in jail but before they do, may they suffer at the hands of an animal lover in jail. These two are a freak of nature and don’t deserve to breathe. These two are possibly two of Missouri’s future serial killers.

    • Vous jugez les gens qui font des commentaires en disant qu’ils ne valent pas mieux que ces deux barbares, mais, un animal sans défenses est mort, et c’est une vie, cela aurait pu être votre enfant, mais voilà, se n’était qu’un animal. Moi, si j’avais ces deux pourritures devant moi, je leurs ferai subir au centuple les souffrances qu’il ont fait subir à cette âme innocente, pourquoi ces sous merde auraient le droit de vie.
      Maintenant, pensez se que vous voulez, je resterai toujours plus proche des animaux que de l’espèce ÉCOEURANTE qui est (l’humain) .

    • YOU are truly under educated on this matter. It is NOT POSSIBLE for Williams to “GET HELP”. He is a lost cause. He is already progressing to the piece of shit that is nothing but a threat and burden to society. I wish I was wrong, but I am not.
      Watch what the freak does next, it is just a matter of time…………..documented fact!

    • He deserves to die in prison he’s as bad as a child abuser in my opinion some of the most notorious serial killers started this exact way with animal cruelty its a feeling of power in his eyes and just a matter of tine until he takes it to another level

      • Latest statistics from Eugene, Oregon is 88% of animal abusers are child abusers. Thought you’d like to know just how correct you are! FYI: Oregon is extremely progressive and proactive where animal cruelty is concerned.

    • Why do we?!??!! We have always been keeping it CIVIL, meanwhile losers like this smirk & slaughter & live with no conscience. Someone like you is such a “middle man” “suck up”, I think if you had bared witness to this happening you would have been like of the many who would have stayed quiet even. You apologize for the wicked, you want always to tolerate the intolerant, protect the abusers, cover up the EVIL. Get over yourself, end of the day if you were the one tied to a back of a truck, killed for amusement, bled out on pavement as others laughed, would you want some LOSER PROTECTING THE ABUSERS ONLINE?!? You are literally why abusers continue, so many people like you have no real strength or guts.

      • Working with YOUTH for over 20 years in drug alcohol oppositional and defiant behavior , I can guarantee YOU that the WORST and UNTREATABLE aaaaare the “BRATS” from broken and wealthy home settings… Mommy and Daddy give ! give! and Give more as they are making up for NOT being Responsible parents…. I would venture the family of at least ONE of the Worthless pukes has gotten the best defense possible in the region!!! They will walk NO DOUBT!!! Sadly they do MUCH WORSE NEXT ROUND!!!!!!

  2. THESE TWO ARE NOTHING short of DEMONIC!!! they need a case of incurable LEAD POISIONING or BETTER SUITED a ROPE like they used to MURDER this helpless frightened cat, tied to the tallest OAK TREE in the County !!! It apparent that one of these TOTAL BASTARDS shows absolutely NO REMORSE from the LOOK of HIS MUG SHOT!!! Must have a Rich DADDY who he knows will GREASE the Hands of the AUTHORITIES and he can go out and kill larger Prey!!!

  3. You know I was really thinking as I read this the proper punishment and o think that all pos who abuse animals in any matter should be treated just like the workers in the diamond mines in South Africa when they are caught trying to smuggle an extra gen out for themselves the offending hand is severed up to the elbow joint no painkillers no sanitary hospital no medication I think we also ought to flat certain potions of their body for these two like their backs and asses

  4. I would love to tie these two assholes together and drag them down twenty miles of gravel road behind their own Jeep Cherokee. Is this what we are going to have running our country? A bunch of stupid, animal abusing, irresponsible cretins like these two? Cruelly killing a small defenceless animal is nothing to laugh about. It shows that these people are totally disconnected from reality. You could say that they are just a bunch of hillbillies but there is no excuse for what they did. If it was up to me, animal abusers would receive the same treatment that they gave their victims. I can morph believe that no one stepped forward on behalf of the kitten. What a bunch of worthless losers. I hope they get fined, go to jail and are forbidden to ever go near any animal ever again. Karma will even the score for those two and their laughing friends and I hope it is a very ugly payback. Rest in peace, poor little kitten.

  5. These two need to be removed from society after such a horrific act and as horrifing and unacceptable this behavior is I’d bet that neither one will be punished!! U can just bet that this won’t be their last torturous killing of a helpless animal!!! I’m sick to my stomach after reading this!!!!!!

  6. Those boys should have had their asses whooped and taught some respect.I blame the parents. They failed at their one job. And yes these two are the vilest and deserve the maximum punishment required by law.

    • Good point- but these are BRAT SPAWN OF SATAN and there fore desperately need- NEED!!!- the one sure and final punishment that fits the crime. l have 0-compassion for these and others like them, including their pos audience. People need to wake the f up.& and see these” people” cannot be helped. They are simply evil. The understatement of the millennium, yes, and one can be sure murderers evolve ; w/ the murder of animals. ALL of God’s creatures have the right to be free of abuse of ANY kind. These evil people deserve what’s in store for them, D.T.

      • I agree 100% with your statement but, being raised by your own devices as most kids are these days, just leads to trouble. It does take a truly evil person to think that it’s okay and normal to kill a baby kitten. So yes I would like for karma to be swift and just, even if we did the world of these two, then there are two more waiting in the wings and sadly always will be. So again parents needs to be more active in their kids lives,instead of giving them freedom to do whatever. And some people are just born that way and there is zero hope for them.

  7. The best thing to do .. whenever these vile individuals come up in the news. What ever sick thing they did .. just DO IT TO THEM (FYI, I don’t give a rat’s ass that they are young)!!!!! If they die, .. so be it. It’s what they deserve. Morons like this .. that like to do this type of thing to a defenseless animal should get no sympathy or compassion from anyone. How do you think serial killers get started in life? There are some (rather dense people in the world) that think we are being too harsh and mean for wanting to see these evil shits get what’s coming to them. Either do the same thing to them or toss their worthless asses in a jail and let the other prisoners deal out some justice on them on a daily basis!!!

    • I am so with YOU these Bastards already have NO souls!!why let them continue on the course Killing more and more!!!

  8. Kyle: Watchoo up to tonight man?
    Jordan: Not much. Got any ideas?
    Kyle: Hey I know! How about we torture a
    kitten to death and post it for the world
    to see!
    Jordan:Awesome! Let’s call the guys so they
    can watch and laugh!
    Kyle: And next weekend we can do a gang
    Jordan: You’re my best friend! You always
    include me in your activities.

    What a great pair of buddies!!

    • HOW very right you are :::: IF only YOU COULD go to COURT and Attest to this VER”Y FACT!!! THE DADDY of the JEEP owner WILL higher a GO GET THEM DEFENSE ATTORNEY GET them BORTH OFF or HAVE THE ATTORNEY TOAST THE BLACK KID AS THE INSTIGATOR!!!

  9. This sort of thing is swept under the rug by those who say we shouldn’t “lower” ourselves to their level by a severe and fitting punishment. Yet it’s obvious to me we’ll hear about and see more and more of this as these creeps are allowed to continue to go their merry way. Really horrifying.
    I just don’t believe that burying one’s head in the sand has done any good. Just saying.

  10. Omg this sickens me rip you poor kitten. These sick freaks are the next serial killers throw them in a psych ward and throw away the key, how about bringing back shock therapy to these sick creeps. I hope they are judged harshly in there afterlife.. he’ll awaits them and a fiery fate.

  11. Stephanie wants a swift justice for these snickering killers…Noooooooo they need to experience the very same treatment they gave to that kitten. And we can all laugh at them getting their just deserts

  12. I agree with everyone’s comment on here except for “I” whoever the fuck you are. Keep your preaching bullshit to yourself, nobody who loves animals wants to hear it. For you to not want to see justice for any poor animal who has suffered cruelty makes you as bad as the assholes committing it.

  13. I agree with all the above. They should be punished just as if they killed a human being — rest assured that will be next. All the other people who cheered them on should be punished as well. Have these people??? have no heart..
    I hope this haunts them forever. Believe me there is so much more I would like to say but can’t let’s just say an eye for an eye.

  14. Mary is right….eye for an eye..tooth for a tooth and in the jackasses case. Dragged behind a car ,each one of them . If they think that what they did to the kitten was so much fun, let them experience the hilarity for themselves

  15. It makes me sick how here in America people get buy with a slap on the hand for horrible animal abuse . But let someone do half of these things to a child . It makes the news and they are for sure to get jail or prison time . I guess america doesn’t care about animals . In Germany these little bastards would of gotten 1-2 yrs jail time . We care about our animals and they have rights -. You dont see dogs chained and pinned up in back yards either like here in Ameica , These are pets not backyard ornaments .

  16. Oh Boy! You know what? Cons don’t like child molesters and they don’t like people that torture innocent animals! You little faggots are going to be in for the midnight special! Get ready queerboys! Get ready!


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