Missouri teens arrested after posting video of dragging kitten behind vehicle

Two Branson, Missouri teens faces animal abuse charges after posting a disturbing video on Facebook of a kitten tied to the the back of a moving vehicle. Kyle Williams, 18, and Jordan Michael Derek Hall, 18, were arrested on Saturday night according to a press release by police. The video showed people “laughing as the kitten tossed and turned” while being dragged to his excruciatingly painful death.

Hall, 18, has been accused of driving the vehicle that dragged the cat until it was dead. According to the report, Hall drove the 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the cat tied to the back of the bumper. The report states the cat tried to run behind the vehicle until it was exhausted and couldn’t not run any more.  Prior photos of the cat in the beginning of the video, showed the animal looked “healthy and scared” before being brutally dragged to his death.

According to Facebook readers, who viewed the disturbing video which was removed a short time later, Williams posed with the dead cat and beneath the picture, he captioned:

“Try to guess how I killed my cat, but you can’t.”

The cat had been dragged for five minutes, and individuals were heard laughing; even when the SUV stopped and it started again dragging the cat, one sick individual could be heard yelling:

“Keep going. Don’t stop. He’s almost dead.”

In a report from the Branson Trilakes News, Hall admitted it wasn’t right what was done to the cat, but nevertheless he continued torturing the defenseless animal.Both men have been charged with a class E felony of animal abuse and armed criminal action. Williams appeared in court on Monday to be arraigned, however he displayed disruptive behavior and was removed. His next court appearance is scheduled to June 12. Both men were being held in jail in lieu of $15,000 bond, It is not known if they have since bailed out of jail.

Rest in peace poor cat. We hope you get some justice.

(Photos of Missouri teens accused of dragging kitten via booking photos)

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