Woman accused of having unnatural sex with a dog

Mississippi woman arrested for having ‘unnatural’ sex with a dog

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A 43-year-old woman in Mississippi was arrested this week for allegations that she engaged in “unnatural” intercourse with a dog. According to Tuesday’s publication of the Clarion-Ledger, the woman accused of bestiality is identified as Amy Nicole Graves of Hattiesburg.

Graves’ offensive acts were discovered after Lamar County Sheriff’s officials received a tip about a video circulating on social media showing the alleged behavior. Sheriff Danny Rigel is quoted in the Daily Mail about the evidence received, “We got some visual documentation off social media that led to a search warrant and arrest warrant.”

Graves has been booked into the Lamar County Jail – if she is found guilty, she could have to register as a sex offender and might spend up to ten years behind bars.

While acts of bestiality are somewhat rare, they happen more often than one might imagine. In January, a sheriff’s deputy in Texas was fired after it was discovered that he had “sex with a small dog.” And not long ago, a Florida man was arrested after an investigation revealed that he had been sexually abusing a family dog for “years.”

(Photo via Lamar County Sheriff)

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  1. Carol Schoenberger says:

    What the fu-k is wrong with you, bitch? You are disgusting as hell! You violated that poor animal! You deserve to get beat so bad! May you rot in hell you ugly pig!

  2. Darla says:

    What a sick POS – doesn’t even look like a woman. BTW, “unnatural” intercourse? As if there’s a “natural” intercourse with humans and dogs??? Ugh. Sorry to be so picky about the terminology.

  3. Kathleen Drude says:

    Actually bestiality is on the rise and alive and well in Mexico and South America! The fact that this thing violated an animal is beyond disgusting! Animals are the only truly innocent creatures walking this earth! Humans defile themselves in deviant ways everyday to involve an animal takes it to a new level! That is animal cruelty and abuse in the truest sense of the word! Those who engage in this kind of activity need to be locked away!

  4. pennysdachshund says:

    Well there I believe THERE are actually 14 or 17 states (Wyoming included) that it is not illegal to violate an animal… I attempted to talk to on of our representatives about drafting a bill and they didn’t even want to hear . it… This act is BEYOND The Comprehension of ANY NORMAL HUMAN BEING ::: These PREVERTED SCUM BAGS are BEYOND REDEMPTION : TO LIVE IN A NORMAL SOCIETY!!!

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    Amy Nicole Graves – I do hope you get the full 10 year sentence but w/the poor justice system in this country for animal abuse, you probably will skate on little to nothing – SO, you are a despicable piece of horse shit and should be hogtied and dumped in the nearest landfill with the rest of the trash.

  6. Marsha says:

    What is going on with these A-holes in Mississippi?????They need to stop breeding with their mothers, brothers,etc!!!!Screw a human for C-sakes there’s plenty who’d love kinky sex!!!!!!!!!!

    • pennysdachshund says:

      YOUR comment Made my 68th birthday complete!!! My mom always lectured me on not just having sex for the sake of sex during my early teen’s !! Then in college she would say sex is a very special thing and should not be taken as a past time activity as that’s not different than ‘dogs in heat”!!! God she has been dead for thirty years. Reading something like this would have put her over the Top!!! I laughed and cried at the same time because I still miss her , and can’t imagine how Sick and Demented our society has become… I hope the poor dog doesn’t get and STD!!!

  7. Queen of Darkness says:

    Well we know we’re the fuck this bitch lives. Let’s make an example of her, her picture is there and some information she won’t be hard to find. Dirty bitch you deserve to die not live for another second…. DIE BITCH, DIE BITCH, HANG YOURSELF UP YOU POOR EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING…


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