Missing husky found beaten and drowned

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In Randolph County, North Carolina, a family is grieving over the tragic news of their missing husky found dead. On Saturday night, the dog’s owner received the devastating news from the person who found their beloved Siberian husky named Toby.

“She just said that he had drowned in the pond and that they had pulled him out and she had taken his collar off and she described what the collar looked like,” stated Shannon Rice to Fox8News.

Toby had been missing since last Wednesday, and the family did all they could do to find him.  The last time they had seen the playful pooch he had been romping happily in the snow. They put up signs all over, offered a reward, notified local shelters and posted Toby’s photo and information on social media groups hoping someone had seen their dog. When Shannon’s sons recovered Toby’s body, the dog’s face was unrecognizable. His head had been bashed in as if he had been beaten to death.

Shannon plans to file a police report as to her one year-old dog’s tragic fate, but for now she is frightened just living in the neighborhood, and really who can blame her? Anyone with information about Toby is asked to contact authorities in Randolph County.

Rest in peace Toby.

(Photo of missing husky via family)




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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    I hope they find the disgusting pos that did this to this beautiful dog. I pray for this family, I wouldn’t feel safe there either.

  2. LESLIE says:

    People are horrific creatures. I’m sorry Toby that your life ended so tragically and away from your family at such a young age. No one deserves what you have endured. Be free and know you are loved by people that have never met you. Prayers and love foe your family angel.

  3. Angela Corso says:

    The person who did this needs to be found! History has proven that violent people abuse animals first before they become dangerous to society!! This was a viscous and cruel act that goes beyond understanding!

  4. Catherine Staffy says:

    Poor love this is very distressing. R.i.p. Toby. I hope the killer is found identified and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Oh and beat that person on the head…hard.

    • Shannon says:

      I’m the dogs owner and he wasn’t left unattended. He was an indoor dog and we live off the road. He was out with the kids on a runner in the front yard. He was stolen in seconds.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        It’s so easy for people to judge when they weren’t there. We do the best we can and bad things still can happen to our precious pups. I’m so sorry you lost your Toby like this. Whoever did this needs to be brought to justice! The evil that exists anymore is heartbreaking. My condolences for your loss, nobody should be blaming you, the monster’s that did this are the ones responsible!

  5. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Il faut absolument retrouver cet assassin et le condamné à la même peine que s’il avait tué un humain et une fois en prison, qu’il subit chaque jour les mêmes souffrances qu’il a infligées à se pauvre loulou. Et là, justice sera faite. Pas de pitié pour les barbares.

  6. linda says:

    RIP Toby. I couldn’t imagine the pain he went through. POS needs to be found. There are so many sick and demented people who take pleasure in hurting ANY animal.

  7. bill morgan says:

    i am so sorry for your loss rip sweet Toby and prayers the people that did this are caught quickly and serve a long time in jail op prison

  8. Marlene Pangrac says:

    So sorry sweet Toby was taken and brutally
    beaten!! I hope someone saw something and
    will call the authorities!! No animal should be
    harmed like this!!! I understand your concern
    about staying in your community! There is a
    very sick and mentally ill person living near
    you!! Please don’t let you girls outside without
    supervision especially your grandaughter!!!
    Keeping your family in my prayers!!! Toby, you
    are at peace now. So sorry for all the pain you
    had to endure????

  9. lilsdad73 says:

    How could anyone do something like this? Pure and utter evil. I feel so sorry for this family having to bear such a loss and a loss that happened in such a horrific manner too. Prayers and love to you ❤️

  10. Diana Rowell says:

    Not sure WHY anyone feels bad for this family. This is the DIRECT RESULT of these lazy people who do NOTHING to change the laws in one of the WORST states for animal welfare. Get mad if you want, but the TRUTH is the TRUTH. This happens because they have TWISTED FREAKS in ALL their law enforcement who do not give a crap about: women, children or animals; ALL they care about are the men. If you happen to have a penis then you can get away with the following in N.C. EVERY DAY ALL DAY long and nothing will be done: their MEN can rape their wives, daughters, cousins, etc., their MEN can rape ALL animals, their MEN can rape, sell for rape, beat and sodomize their OWN children, ALL with impunity. YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE! So, quit dramatizing this crap and gather your neighbors to ACTUALLY do something instead of always asking for MONEY, BAILING out viciously beaten dogs on deaths door, or asking for support to help YOU OWN child in a coma who was BEATEN to a PULP by YOUR husband, or a child who needs vaginal reconstructive surgery because YOUR HUSBAND sadistically pulverized her during a violent rape. Too bad the last hurricane didn’t wipe out the entire state of sick inbred freaks!


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