Ailing dog left to die in forest

Miraculously still alive – ailing dog abandoned in the forest

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A throw-away dog’s miraculous story of survival has been playing out on social media this week. The dog, dubbed “Ursu,” was found discarded with trash in the forest – he appeared to be near death when he was first discovered.

On October 24, a post by Facebook user Andrei Sanda, an apparent resident of Romania, states:

How cruel people can be? Very sick dog thrown in the forest and left to die…I am on the way to the vet now. Please, a prayer for him…

Posted by Andrei Sanda on Tuesday, October 24, 2017

After being taken to a veterinarian, another update on the same day:

Poor boy has Dirophilaria…with abdominal cavity liquid. Hipotermic also. Extremely skinny. He is under intensive care and hope the temperature will rise.

Despite the dog’s dismal condition…he is hanging on. An October 24 update indicates promise of his survival:

UPDATE on poor Ursu. The temperature raised up to almost normal and we had to make him a bath after the bad diareea over night. Blood analysis reveled high dehydration, heart problems…For the moment he has not enough power to stand up. He will be under intensive teraphy till good results will come…we hope. Thank you all for your good thoughts! 

Multumesc din tot sufletul colectivului minunat VETERINARIUM BUFTEA !

The most recent update (11 hours ago) includes more promising news, and a heartwarming video clip:

UPDATE on Ursu. This morning he wanted to eat a bit from me! Good sign but still to weak to stand up.

UPDATE on Ursu. This morning he wanted to eat a bit from me! Good sign but still to weak to stand up.

Posted by Andrei Sanda on Thursday, October 26, 2017

Paws crossed that Ursu continues on his miraculous road to recovery.

(Images/video via Andrei Sanda Facebook page)

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7 replies
  1. Darla says:

    I am so sick of these effing POS who dump sick dogs, especially where they think no one else is going to find them. They don’t give a damn if the dog suffers, all they care about is themselves. Right now, I’m spending tons of money on two geriatric Yellow Labs with significant health problems. I’m even having acupuncture and chiropractic done on my 14 year old girl. I will do ANYTHING to keep her quality of life good; when that can no longer happen, I will have a vet come to the house and send my baby girl to the Bridge – and I’ll be right beside her, letting her know that I will love her forever.

  2. Star Shelley says:

    Poor little soul, I hope who ever did this has no peace in his heart, soul and mine for the rest of their phathic life. Sending prayers for a good recovery and a loving home.

  3. Jill says:

    Good god…this little angel is left to die in the forest!!?? How could u do this! Look at this baby’s face…… beautiful and some vicious.sick.evil pervert leaves her deserted in the forest! So help me if i had been there when u did this…you would never leave there and i would walk out carrying this baby……..!
    Prayers for her to gain strength and find a loving home…and more chicken please….just slowly ok…….ha.

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another example of a subhuman hunk of trash who, as far as I am concerned should be eliminated from this world – Ursu is just another innocent defenseless animal made to suffer because some hunk of maggot shit decided he was not worth the time or money – I truly hope Ursu fully recovers and gets the loving home he never had.


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