‘Midwife’ kitty massages pregnant goat before delivery

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In West Virginia, cats seem to be in the “know.” A fluffy, orange bundle of masculine feline cuteness named Pretty Boy has been described as the “new age goat midwife/masseur” on the Facebook page Pretty Boy and Copper where the goat and cat live together.cat-helps-pregnant-goat-2

“Who says kitties can’t be multifaceted?”, read the first post as Pretty Boy was seen kneading the swollen pregnant belly of her friend Copper in fancy cat style – as only cats seem to be able to do. “Copper the goat is due to deliver babies any time now. Pretty Boy thinks he’s a midwife and is massaging Copper through her contractions trying to help Copper have her babies. Lol. Pretty Boy has been sleeping with, sitting on and massaging Copper since Copper was confined to a stall to prepare for her deliveries.”

Checking out the organization’s Facebook page, Pretty Boy seemed quite happy by all of the extra attention. And when the three babies were born – (one girl and two boys) one week later on January 10, the delivery required some human intervention, but everyone has been reported as doing fine. The curious little ones are being closely supervised since goats can be “unpredictable” when Copper sometimes goes into her protective “mom” mode. Pretty Boy’s safety is always one of friendly concern. cat-helps-pregnant-goat-3

However Pretty Boy wants to call this experience, he’s definitely one “cool cat.”

(Photos and video of midwife kitty from Operation Fancy Free)







Check out the video – guaranteed to make you smile:

This is one of my favorites!! –Kat

Posted by Pretty Boy & Copper on Thursday, January 12, 2017


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