Michigan governor signs ‘Logan’s Law’ protecting shelter pets from abusers

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Late last week, Lt. Governor Brian Calley signed a law stepping up to protect animals from the hands of abusers. Logan’s Law now requires animal shelters to search the Michigan State Police Internet Criminal History Access Tool database before handing over a shelter pet to a would-be adopter. The new law exempts shelters and non profit animal welfare organizations  from paying the $10 fee to use the database. The bills passed the Legislature with strong bipartisan support earlier in December.

According to the Times Herald, if a person’s name is on the list, they would be ineligible to adopt an animal for five years, however they could still buy a pet at a pet store.  Section 8c(1) of House Bill 4353 says animal shelters “may consider an individual’s criminal history when deciding whether to allow that individual to adopt an animal.”  House Bill 4355 gives shelters the right to check the database.

Logan’s Law was named after an Alaskan Husky named Logan owned by Matt Falk of Wales Township. In March 2012, someone intentionally doused the dog’s face with battery acid. The senior dog died a few months later despite the best efforts to save him.

Two related Senate bills did not pass, and according to advocates will give more teeth to the law when people are found guilty of animal abuse or neglect, including killing, torturing, mutilating, maiming, disfiguring, poisoning or involvement in bestiality with an animal. The court could then order a defendant not to own or possess an animal for any period of time, which could include a lifelong ban. It would prohibit anyone from being involved with animal fighting, baiting or target shooting of a domestic pet, and as part of the sentence, the court must order the abuser not to own or possess any animal for the next five years.

Both bills are expected to be reintroduced in 2017. For more information and how you can help, click here.

Rest in peace Logan. Your life mattered.

(Photos of Logan’s Law via Facebook)

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15 replies
  1. Mary O says:

    While the bill is a start, it still is no where close to being strong enough. Anyone who abuses an animal should be banned from owning another animal for life. Period.

  2. ellen cottone says:

    And, he created jobs.
    I wonder how he feels about medicare covering pet care?
    I will write him a personal letter expressing my graditude.
    He is The Champion of Shelter Friends.

    • Lauren Vincent Montes says:

      Very interesting indeed!! You reminded me of the many ways a community can tackle having enough medical coverage for pets! Nice job woman!! I’ll be glad to mention it in my new petition I’ll be writing up tonight! Thanks to your comment I remember I had noted that down. If you like you can write a petition specifically on this matter as well as addressing it to your man in office! Let’s team up! Here’s my animal law write up petition, pretty scattered and random but seriously functional as far as targeting existing pet dog cat animal industry issues n problems to be adhered to!!
      Lauren Montes
      Los Angeles California
      Please network with me on social media. Its people like u and people in these comments who help make the difference and change happen!
      Cat lover!

  3. ellen cottone says:

    I am so inspired by this world changing attitude. this good old yankee ” can do” , “get it done ” and put someone on it.
    slyly creating a data base to log all horror abusers and potential serial killers in the same identifiable easy acess data base. he wants to end all curealty for animals and elders, children and people.
    Im going to get my coat and march to albany and present this to my Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo.
    Ill back in the spring

  4. Anita Santiago says:

    OMG!! I never thought I would ACTUALLY see the day when someone with the power to do this ACTUALLY DOES IT!!! The folks we put in office SAY they care and will do what they can to make sure things change but they never do. They usually have no BACKBONE to stand and fight against the people pressuring them. ABSOLUTE KUDOS TO THE LT. GOVERNOR!!! We need more people like this!!!

  5. Lauren Vincent Montes says:

    I’m hoping to find someone in office with great animal pet cat dog intentions such as your man in office putting it down for Michigan state animal affairs. I’m from California LA I posted my new animal law write ups petition in the previous comment for your pet cat dog loving consideration. For now my petition and future cat law write up petitions will address this fine strong man in office. Thanks Michigan state!!
    You can contact me on social media Fb Twitter Google Profile Tumble WordPress LinkedIn & I also have a Historic Theatre Restoration FB page & a Lost Cat Dogs FB page for my hometown where I reside Huntington Park Can 90255.
    You can find my social media accounts under Lauren Montes, Lauren V Montes & Lauren Vincent Montes
    I’m pleased to read this article!!!
    God bless cats you and your familys


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