Mexican bullfighter gored in his testicles as blood stains his white pants

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On Saturday night, at the Mexico tournament at the plaza Santa Maria de Queretaro in Queretaro, video footage showed a bullfighter flung into the air after he was gored in his testicles by the bull. The bullfighter landed on his head, but when onlookers saw the man grab his testicles with his hands as blood began to stain his Trajede luces (suit of lights), the incident looked serious. 

The bullfighter, Luis David Adams, later described what happened:

“Fighting a bull, relaxed and focused in Queretaro when suddenly comes that betrayal that sends you flying and turns your whole world upside down.”

According to the Sun, Adams had just started to taunt the bull with his red cape,  when the bull quite adeptly ducked, turned direction and gored Adam’s groin before tossing the man into the air. Men hurried to his side and carried him to the side of the bullring  before being rushed to the hospital.  Workers at the event managed to distract the bull.


Obviously it didn’t lessen Adams’ quest to get back into the ring and kill a bull:

“Still nothing compares to the feeling when the fans cry out for the “Torero!” (bullfighter). I will see you soon.”

As for Luis David Adams, the hospital reports he is healing and doing fine. As for the bull, no reports have been shared, but he clearly won the fight and should be freed and sent to a sanctuary as the winner state animal advocates.

Bullfighting remains a legal sport in Mexico. Some Mexican states have animal protection laws, but the laws do not apply to the protection of bulls. In Mexico, bullfighting has been deemed illegal twice in history, but for now it’s legal. Even children are allowed to witness the bloody and painful spectacles as long as they are accompanied by their parents.

Fortunately bullfighting is decreasing in popularity, and similar to the citizens of Spain, bullfighting is an outdated tradition which has no place in a progressive society.

(Photos of bullfighter gored via Twitter)

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18 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Hooray! Bull won and should be retired to a sanctuary as government states.Disgusting tradition that has no value in any society.

  2. Helen says:

    Bull fighting is a barbaric sport and must be banned. Adams is lucky to be still alive. I’m more concerned for the bull’s safety.

  3. ellen cottone says:

    now he will never be able
    to make little bull fighters.
    life is a funny thing.
    too short for some,
    too long for others

  4. susan froman says:

    All I can do is laugh knowing that this bull was even able to find the small set of balls these bullfighters have.
    How can you call it a sport when one the them have zero say in the about being in the ring.

  5. Sheri says:

    Hooray for the BULL!!????????
    Hope POS bullfighter was mamed enough to prevent any future cruel fighters from being born by his nasty sperm!!????
    Still sad because those idiots will still KILL the TRUE WINNER, THE BULL????

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    This vile despicable act is no sport – this is no fight – the bull gets blinded, abused and made unable to protect itself from the subhuman skank with the cape – too bad Adams survived the goring – maybe next time.

  7. pamela bolton says:

    Hooray for the bull !!! It is about time that the animals start taking a toll on these abusers. This should have been stopped LONG AGO. This is murder, torture and abuse of these animals. There is nothing SPORT about it.


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