Maybe he wasn’t pretty? Dog struck by a car left on side of road alone for hours

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Saturday had been a long day for an abandoned dog in North Houston; it was a miracle he survived. There it was – a dog struck by a car, and instead of stopping, the driver sped away; leaving the dog for dead. Covered in cuts and wounds, dragging his leg while helplessly crying for someone to rescue him from the excruciating pain, he made it to the side of the busy roadway, curled up into a tight ball, and for hours he tried to sleep away the agony. No one stopped, people walked around him, yet no one came to help.

“It was two hours and no one helped him,”  stated animal advocate Leslie Ysuhuaylas until a Good Samaritan  arrived at the scene where the dog dubbed Pinto had been found. “He is not an adorable breed, but he still deserves help. He could be half dead and people would still not care because he’s a pit bull. He’s in horrific pain and deserves help.”

When Leslie notified Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, Stacy Silverstein, co-founder of the organization, immediately stepped up to help. Pinto was transported to an emergency veterinary hospital in Spring, Texas Saturday night. Radiographs taken at the hospital showed the dog sustained a shattered pelvis and left broken leg. An orthopedic surgeon will review his diagnostics and formulate a plan for surgery. For the last 12 hours, Pinto has been receiving intravenous medication and fluids for hydration. He has cuts and abrasions, including a cut on his lip which is dangerously infected. Tragically some of the injuries Pinto suffers from are old and most likely from his past of living on the streets and having been abused.


Follow Pinto’s story on Facebook. Ironically, despite the animal abuse and cruelty Pinto must have suffered in his past, all he wanted to do was kiss, hug and be cuddled by the humans who offered their help. 

Updates will follow, but for now his recovery is estimated to cost thousands of dollars. Please help Pinto get well. Donate here: Http:// or Paypal: [email protected].

(Photos and video of dog struck by a car courtesy of Leslie Ysuhuaylas and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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Video of Pinto after dog struck by a car:





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  1. OMG! He’s not an adorable breed??? This poor,poor dog!! Once again THANK YOU RESCUE DOGS ROCK NYC!!! One amazing rescue organization!! GET WELL SOON PINTO!

  2. Poor baby. Looks like he’s been suffering for a long time. He has so many scars & scratches on his face alone. Looks like maybe he was a bait dog. I think he’s beautiful. I hope he finds someone worthy of him. He deserves love & devotion too. Prayers of healing & love sent to this sweet baby.

  3. Why do people act like pit bulls don’t deserve love and kindness because they are a pit bull like they are incapable of feeling pain and love don’t need to be treated kindly.

  4. how heartless can you be??? Can’t even stop to help the pup after you hit him with your car. Disgusting…….a real piece of work. Pinto is beautiful and deserves a home when he recovers. Many thanks to Rescue Dogs Rock.

  5. What do you mean by not an ‘adorable breed’?? Pit Bulls are beautiful dogs, it is the HUMAN breed that have used and abused them – promoted them to be vicious and dangerous – and once again, if it weren’t for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC Pinto would be lying dead on a street or in some lousy shelter in Texas where no one bothers to help an animal – I swear, it is no wonder that I prefer animals over the human race any day of the week.

  6. We have a GOD ORDAINED responsibility to care for every living creature and if we don’t we bring a severe judgement down on ourselves. To hit a dog and/or drive by without helping the dog is a crime before God.


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