Matador gored to death by a bull in France

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A French matador died after having been gored to death by a bull during a southwestern France bullfight on Saturday. The renowned Spanish bullfighter, Ivan Fandino, died shortly after being caught in the bullring and stumbling over his cloak after it became entangled under his feet. The bull’s horn pierced Fandino’s lung.

According to the Local, Fandino, 36, had been performing at the Aire-sur-l’Adour bullfighting festival in France with fellow matadors Juan Del Alamo and Thomas Dufau when the accident occurred. Ironically, in an earlier fight, he had cut off a bull’s ear as a symbol of his victory. Later that day however, Fandino was seen being carried off to a waiting ambulance with blood seeping through his costume. Medical personnel have since stated Fandino had suffered multiple heart attacks on route to the hospital in the nearby town of Mont-de-Marsan.

Juan del Alamo, another matador killed the bull which gored Fandiño; he told cameras at the scene: “I have no words; I can’t believe it.”

The bullfighting tradition has remained strong in Spain, although younger people have been working on tamping down on the sport still deeply ingrained with years of Spanish culture. Activists continue to call for a total ban of bullfighting, stating the tradition is nothing more than overt animal cruelty. A year ago, the government of Castilla y Leon banned the killing of bulls at town festivals. The ban has since been overturned. Maybe Fandino’s death will remind officials of the need to finally stop this brutal tradition?

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Check out the video here: Video and photos of matador gored to death via You Tube


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      • Eudora Bradley says:

        sorry they killed the bull- he was only defending himself- after all his brother had just had his ear cut off by the same guy- I know he had a mother, sibling and maybe a wife who loved him and I am sorry for them but he got what he was asking for-

  1. Sherry says:

    Celebrate bullfighting, crudely cut off a bulls’ ear and now look at you. I wouldn’t wan to be going where you are. POETIC JUSTICE. Reminds me of that other case where poachers wera shooting and killing elephants for their trunks. Bam, one of the hunters shoots another elephant, and down goes ellie, her dead weight crushing the hunter’s friend. You gotta love it when guy ties it up in a neat little bow like that.

  2. Heulwen says:

    I fail to sympathise with the death of someone who calls himself a “sportsman” – since when has repeatedly stabbing an animal become a sport? … karma’s a 2 horned bitch my friend and she found you!!!!

  3. Linda Novak says:

    Its a shame to kill the bull. I always root for the bull. An ear for a life I guess. All those bulls he’s killed in his life as a Matador came back as karma. I’m only sorry for the bull..
    This tradition is antiquated and barbaric and needs to go the way of the dinosaurs…….. EXTINCT!

  4. ellen cottone says:

    You cut his ear off and waved it in his face.
    All while he was trapped and out numbered.

    Then you tripped over your own dress.
    And fate caught up with you.

    You have taught the children of France
    That you are an embarrassing cautionary tail.


  5. Christine Brown says:

    haha revenge is so sweet one to the bull serve the matador right. Karma is a bitch like this in getting her revenge especially to people who are cruel to the animal.

  6. Pamela Bolton says:

    Sorry but no sympathy here. They have been torturing these bulls for years. Glad to finally see a little payback. There is nothing traditional about this ONLY animal cruelty. Shame on all of you.


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